• Chikako Toya Solo Exhibition – Floating Reality

    2017. 7. 07 Fri. - 2017. 7. 20 Thu.

    2017.7.7 fri. - 7.20 thu.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to present “Floating Reality” the 1st solo exhibition by Chikako Toya. Toya’s inspiration comes from a moment of ordinal people’s life, animals, flowers and nature. She draws these adding pattern like motives colorfully. In this exhibition, she will introduce “arcadia” like vision of harmony with nature alternating between reality and unreality.

    Chikako Toya
    Illustrator based in Tokyo, born in Kyoto. Mainly working for illustrations of adverts and editorials. She has expanded her works as an artist since this year.
    Winner of Yoshihiro Taniguchi Award at UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE OSAKA 2016

    Friday, July 7 – Thursday, July 20 at DMOARTS
    10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)
    ** Reception party on Saturday, July 8, 18:00- (no reservation)

    2017. 6. 16 Fri. - 2017. 7. 06 Thu.

    digmeout artist, YUGO. releases new pieces “Girls” at his solo exhibition held in Osaka, Tokyo and the first time in Fukuoka.
    In this series, he draws the world of depressed and sometimes dirty daily life of youth that he was inspired from lyrics of his favorite band, San Francisco based “GIRLS” (2007-2012).
    In addition to original drawings, goods especially for produced for this solo exhibition will be sold at each venue.
    Each venue will present different pieces. Come and enjoy his new inspiration!

    YUGO. (digmeout artist)
    Illustrator, design works and art direction to rock bands, musicians, apparel companies, music events and fashion magazines. All-around artist especially for music and fashion fields.

    Osaka / DMO ARTS

    7/28-8/16 *Opening party 6pm-8pm 7/28

    Fukuoka / TAGSTA
    9/2-9/30 *Opening party 6pm-8pm 9/2

  • Koji Shiroshita & TACO Exhibition _act_Draws

    2017. 6. 02 Fri. - 2017. 6. 15 Thu.

    2017.6.2 Fri.-6.15 Thu.

    DMO ARTS is pleased present Koji Shiroshita & TACO Exhibition “_act_Draws”.

    Drawing alone, and drawing together.
    These two artists run brushes alone and together, and it emerges something new expression.

    Drawings by Shiroshita and TACO alone and together emit a power that many contributors such as designers, translators and photographers identified with. Then, “act” was formed to connect performers from different fields. “act” keeps performing in many places since a series of exhibition held in Osaka, 2014. Now, “act” gives new world at DMO ARTS this time.

    Date and Venue:
    Friday, June 2 – Thursday, June 15 at DMO ARTS
    10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)
    ** Reception party on Saturday, June 3, 18:00- (no reservation)
  • Yuma Yamashiro solo exhibition “color separation”

    2017. 5. 19 Fri. - 2017. 6. 01 Thu.

    2017.5.19 Fri.-6.1 Thu.

    DMO ARTS is pleased present the solo exhibition of Yuma Yamashiro from Friday May 19.
    The Kansai based artist, Yuma Yamashiro creates composition and three dimensional works. Architectural buildings and urban plans are sources of her inspiration and she filtered these into her own creations. She sees real and unreal things from a panoramic viewpoints to portray.

    Date and Location:
    Friday, May 19 – Thursday, June 1
    10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)
    ** Reception party on Saturday, May 20, 18:00- (no reservation)

    “When I work, I look for a relation nature between a sense of panoramic ‘playful’ eye-tracking that is like when I see a map, and a sense of presence in a diagram with picturesque color configurations. The relationship I found counteract, opposing by practical visualization emerged from lives. My aim is to express this balance to something neutral trusting the state of surface.”

    Born in Ibaraki city, Osaka in 1987.
    Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, faculty of Art

    Solo Exhibitions at:
    2016 STREET GALLERY, Kyoto
    2015 KUN ST ARZT, Kyoto
    2014 GLAN FABRIQUE la galerie, Osaka

    Group Exhibitions at:
    2016 2kw GALLERY, Osaka
    2014 Gallery PARC, Osaka
    2013 KYOTO SEIKA UNIV., Kyoto
    2013 gallery ARTISLONG, Kyoto
    2012 KYOTO SEIKA UNIV., Kyoto
    2012 JOKAISO, Aichi
    2012 GALLERY FLEUR, Kyoto
  • chiaki kohara solo exhibition “Dice and Key”

    2017. 4. 26 Wed. - 2017. 5. 18 Thu.


    DMO ARTS Relaunching Anniversary Exhibition
    chiaki kohara SAIKORO TO KAGI (Dice and Key)

    DMO ARTS is pleased to present the solo exhibition of chiaki kohara, as the 1st opening event to celebrate our relocation n April 26.
    During her exhibition in 2 years at DMO ARTS this time, new aggressive and bold approach spreading works to the wall will be coming. Original drawings and goods are sold.
    Date and Location:
    April 26, Wednesday – May 18, Thursday
    10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 on the last day)
    **Reception party on April 28, 18:00 – (no reservation)

    The world Chiaki Kohara, aka “art idol” creates is beyond the canvas. She creates girls and animals with acrylic gauche, buttons, laces, package of snacks… they are full of fantasy and the world is a “wonderland” that attracts people. She received the “Yayoi Kusama Prize” at the UNIQLO creative awards in 2007. Kusama praised her as “There is a brightness of the youth in your artwork”. Born in 7th of July, 1986
    Awards and Participations:
    2015 3331αART HACK DAY – Best Artist Award
    2015 CD jacket artwork “Music Train Haru No Majyutushi”, FM 802 “Access” Campaign song
    2014 ART TOKYO, Exhibited “Kakumei Hug Chan”, a giant object created by support of a crowd-funding attracted big attention.
    2013 ART TAIPEI, 4 days live painting remarkably attracted people.
    2013 ART OSAKA (HOTEL GRANVIA, Osaka/Japan) 
2013 ART FAIR TOKYO (Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo/Japan)
2012 BODAIJU EXPO 2012 (NEW OSAKA HOTEL Shinsaibashi, Osaka/Japan)
    2012 CANVAS@SONY 2012 – GRAND PRIZE, built 40m wall in Ginza, Tokyo.

    2012 ART FAIR: ULTRA 005 (SPIRAL, Tokyo/Japan)

    2012 RED BULL IGNITION - Live Painting of public streetlight (Osaka/Japan) / Redbull Ignition
2012 Solo Exhibition "Mammy!" (DMO ARTS, Osaka/Japan)

    2012 ART FAIR TOKYO (Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo/Japan)

    2011 GINZA Sony BUILDING Commission Work - overall length 38m large-scale mural painting
2011 DAEGU ART FAIR (Daegu/Korea)
2011 Solo Exhibition "Gimme a Hug" (DMO ARTS, Osaka/Japan)

    2011 GIRLS POWER (TAG Gallery, Takamatasu/Japan)
2011 a girl spice! SHAKE ART Exhibition (e-ma, Osaka/Japan)

    2010 Art Fair "Bodaiju Festa"(Ramada Hotel, Osaka/Japan)

    2010 FM802 digmeout Exhibition (e-ma, Osaka/Japan)
    2010 ILLUSTRAION CHOICE – Akira Uno Prize
    2007 UNIQLO CREATIVE AWARD 2007 - Yayoi Kusama Prize

  • Koji Shiroshita & TACO Exhibition _act_Draws

    2017. 6. 02 Fri. - 2017. 6. 15 Thu.

    2017.6/2 fri. - 6/15 thu.
    OPEN 10:00-21:00/Last day closed at 18 PM
    Reception:6月3日 sat. 18:00~

    The solo and collaborative art works of Koji Shiroshita and TACO have a power that resonates with and gathers creators, such as a designer, translator and photographer in support.
    With those supporters, "act" was born with the two artists at its center.
    Starting with a series of exhibitions in 2014 held at three venues in Osaka, "act" has expanded their audience with exhibitions in Fukuoka and various art fairs.
    And now we will take on a new world at "DMO ARTS" in Osaka.

    act_Draws --
    Draw alone, and draw together.
    The two brushes are led as if they create a new artist.
    Don't miss their evolving artworks.

    Koji Shiroshita
    Born in Kyoto in 1974. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Faculty of Design.
    After 10 years of drawing without publishing his artworks, he started to release them prolifically in April of 2013 with his debut solo exhibition at iTohen, a gallery in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka.
    The fifth prize winner out of 4,180 artworks from 52 countries in an international competition, “Art Olympia 2015”.

    Born in Osaka in 1982. Graduated from Osaka Academy of Integrated Design.
    Started to draw under the pseudonym TACO in 2002.
    I think to draw is a miracle. It is also vitality or life itself.And I'm drawing it.
    One of the finalists of “the 1st Foil Award in Kyoto (2013-14).


    2017. 1. 06 Fri. - 2017. 1. 29 Sun.

    [Term 1]
    1/6 fri. -1 / 17 tue.
    ※ Closed on the last day only at 18:00
    Opening Reception 1/7 (Sat) 18: 00-21: 00
    Exhibitor Author: Mami Ono, Wei Hua Lin, Nonomi Miyahara, Ayami Yokoyama, Tetsuya Yanagi

    [Term 2]
    1/18 wed. -1 / 29 sun.
    Closing reception 1/28 (Sat) 17: 00-19: 00
    Exhibitor: Terada Tomoya, Fang Yen Wen, Goto Yoshitaka

    In this exhibition, DMOARTS will move from the current space to go to the next step.
    Thank you for your long-term business.
    We will hold a closing party whisperingly, so please come and join us.