• Koyo solo exhibition: Me Myself!

    2012. 3. 14 Wed. - 2012. 3. 27 Tue.

    March 14 (Wed) - 27 (Tue) at DMO ARTS

    Opening Reception:March 17 (Sat) 6-8pmEveryone is welcome.
    I am myself as an artist.I am myself in artwork.I am myself as an audience.
    I have made artowrk that keeps me myself. - Koyo

    We will hold a solo exhibition of Koyo who is a hair stylist and illustrator based in Osaka and Tokyo.
    Since Koyo started making illustrations in 1992, he has been depicting models, kids and animals in unique style with a sense of humor.
    As he has enthusiastic fans, his My First ART giclee prints released at DMO ARTS have been drawing viewers' attention.
    In this exhibition, Koyo goes back to the basics and show the works on the theme that he truly wanted to work on.
    Please enjoy the world of Koyo that is stylish and somewhat lovely.

    2011: Resumption - My First ART series are on sale at DMO ARTS
    2009: Sick leave (-2010)
    2008: Participated in FM802 T-shirt Collection
    2007: Featuresd in CREAM 5 Anniversary edition (Hong Kong)
    2007: Created illustrations for Japan Organ Transplant Network
    2006: Featured in CREAM Summer edition STAR WARS SPECIAL (Hong Kong)
    2006: Received Lily Franky Award at UNIQLO CREATIVE AWARD
    2005: Received Tadanori Yokoo Award at UNIQLO CREATIVE AWARD
    2004: Participated in Compound Gallery Exhibition (Portland, OR)
    2002: Collaborated with Itokin Tokyo Collection
    2001: Created illustrations for FM802 (Poster / T-shirts design)
    1992: Received Japan Illustration Award
  • Nakamura Mucho Yoshiteru exhibition: Pen Friend

    2012. 2. 22 Wed. - 2012. 3. 13 Tue.

    February 22 (Wed) - March 13 (Tue), 2012
    Opening Reception:February 25 (Sat) 6-8pm at DMO ARTSEveryone is welcome.

    Hello Pen Friend! airmails, stamps and postmarks that he has collected as if he was a curious child.
    He has created many characters and animals with eloquent facial expressions.
    He has named them Pen Friend and display them in the gallery space at DMO ARTS.
    It must be the first time for you to see them but you would somehow feel nostalgic.
    You may want to hang one of them in your room or to give it to someone you love.
    Please come see the Pen Friends.
    At this exhibition, his original artwork is on sale, as well as My First ART giclee prints and GUNZE BODYWILD pants. There will be an opening reception and a workshop.
    Don't miss it!

    Nakamura Mucho Yoshiteru
    Born in 1978, Nakamura has created artwork for CD jacket of Chikuzen Sato, NISSAN WINGROAD x digmeout JAPAN TOUR, Hong Kong APM calendar, KIRIN Hyoketsu nylon bag, MSPC messenger bag, GUNZE BODY WILD.
    He has held many solo exhibitins at cafes and galleries.
    His collages, consisting of commodities that people are familiar with, are as if illustrating interest of a little boy who loves collecting toys.
  • riya solo exhibition: 11

    2012. 2. 01 Wed. - 2012. 2. 21 Tue.

    February 1 (Wed) - 21 (Tue), 2012The number 11 means a loop or infinity.
    Something repeatedly comes apart, change their form, meet again, touch, and fall apart.
    This is something like a story or a song in the world of 11 layers.
    Through depicting animals and invisible ones, I wished to portray the things that cannot be expressed in words.
    - riya

    We will hold a solo exhibition of the artist Riya.Born in Chicago in 1985.
    Riya graduated from Tama Art University, concentration on textile design.
    With cut out technique, she arranges icons like animals, humans, waves, clouds, fire, and skull.
    Her works indicates ecology and ethnicity.
    In 2009, she was selected for the art project of digmeout and SONY Canvas@Sony and created a mural of 38 meters high at SONY building, Ginza, Tokyo.
    Besides having exhibitions, she has created illustrations and designed various kinds of products.
    The theme of this solo exhibition is 11.
    To indicate transmigration and the universe, Riya has cut out the lives of many creatures in the circle with 11 layers.
    At this exhibition, her original artwork is on sale, as well as My First ART giclee prints, BARCOS tote bags, and GUNZE BODYWILD pants.

    Opening Reception:Saturday, February 4 (Sat) 6-8pm.Everyone is welcome.
  • Makiko Kishino solo exhibition: [R-15]

    2012. 1. 18 Wed. - 2012. 1. 31 Tue.

    January 18 (Wed) - 31 (Tue), 2012Getting excited, depressed, or lost for small things.
    Being able to do anything but actually doing nothing.
    Immortal 3 years that are so bright but unstable.
    I portrayed the days of ordinary high school studentswho are no longer children but not quite adults.- Makiko

    KishinoWe hold a solo exhibition of the artist Makiko Kishino who depicts the drama-like but ordinary days of teenagers with elaborate lines and the delicate use of pens.
    She recently created an illustration for the first issue of THE FUTURE TIMES published by Masahumi Goto (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION) which has been getting a lot of attention from the public.
    Please enjoy the works of Kishino that portray high school days of ordinary students that are fragile and sensitive.

    Makiko KishinoBorn in 1986, living in Tokyo.
    Graduated from the Bunka Gakuen University in 2008.
    Since she was selected at FM802 dimeout Audition 2007, Kishino has created artwork for Hideo Furukawa's novel Haru Haru Haru, FM802 MINAMI WHEEL 2007, Fuji TV Koi-shigure and Abe Reiji, Resona Bank's RESONART ATM card and so on.
    Kishino participated in a group exhibition at COMPOUND GALLERY in Portland, Oregon and held solo exhibitions in Kanazawa and Osaka as a member of NISSAN WINGROAD x digmeout JAPAN TOUR.
    She has also held solo exhibitions at Gaienmae OFFICE, Tokyo.
    Artist Website:http://www.geocities.jp/makk_2/top

    Opening Reception:January 21 (Sat) 6-8pm at DMO ARTSEveryone is welcome!
  • Yoriko Youda solo exhibition: Shishi-koma

    2011. 12. 28 Wed. - 2012. 1. 17 Tue.

    December 28, 2011 - January 17, 2012This exhibition is of the artist Yoriko Youda in the theme of Shishi-koma (Lion-dogs).

    Shishi-koma was derived from Tang dynasty China with Buddhism and was used as talisman.
    Because of its origin and the use, it suits perfectly for a celebration of the new year.
    To wish the success of this exhibition, Youda's works have been dedicated to Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, Osaka and received prayer.
    Please enjoy the lucky works of Shishi-koma.

    Yoriko Youda
    Graduated from Musashino Art University and started her artistic career in 2006.
    Youda visualizes gorgeous tradition in the Asian culture with modern perspective.
    Lustrous, vivid, dangerous, sensual, cute, scary, attractive, chic, curious... how sweet and beautiful the world is...
  • Chigusa Aihara solo exhibition: Something Nice

    2011. 12. 14 Wed. - 2011. 12. 27 Tue.

    December 14 (Wed) - 27 (Tue), 2011I feel that tiny things in daily life, things you never remember once passing by, contain something. I was always wishing to express the feeling that I could not describe in words.
    I hope you develop your imagination and find something in my artwork. - Chigusa Aihara

    The illustrator Chigusa Aihara, whose My First ART series have been popular, has her first solo exhibition at DMO ARTS.
    With gouache, color ink, markers, and collages, she depicts stories of mysterious but cute characters from an unknown country. Her original artwork is available for purchase starting from 9800JPY.
    Also there are art pants cutely designed in collaboration with GUNZE BODYWILD.
    Christmas time is here.
    How about giving your loved one an art piece that warms up his/her heart?

    Chigusa AiharaBorn in 1984, currently living in Tochigi, Japan.
    Graduated from Nippon Art College (concentration in graphic design) and Setsu Mode Seminar.
    Aihara was one of the finalists for CWC Chance Exhibition in 2009 and participated in Tokyo Art Book Fair in 2010.
    Since the spring of 2010, she has been participating in an eco project for contributing environment through design.
    By combining gouache, color ink, pen, pencil and collage, she depicts the strange, unique world which looks like a dream.
  • Yumiko Kanda solo exhibition: Presence

    2011. 11. 30 Wed. - 2011. 12. 13 Tue.

    November 30 (Wed) - December 13 (Tue), 2011 at DMO ARTSTechnique agreed with strong confidence.
    The beautiful artwork is based on Kanda's careful selection of motifs and depiction of their details.
    I am amazed. - Masayoshi NakajoAccepting the beauty of things in front of me and depicting it.
    Staying in the same atmosphere.
    This solo exhibition is of Yumiko Kanda who skilfully portrays the beauty and the joy of ordinary things in everyday life.
    Envelopes, coins and wood scraps - please rediscover and enjoy the presence of things in your life.

    Yumiko Kanda
    Born in 1980, graduated from the Setsu Mode Seminar.
    Kanda expresses the joy of rediscovering the beauty of ordinary things in everyday life.
    She utilizes gouache and canvas boards.
    She was selected for the art project Canvas@Sony in 2010 and created a 38-meter mural for three times.
    In 2011, she received the Masayoshi Nakajo Award in the HB Gallery Competition.
  • Kiyoshi Kuroda solo exhibition: Consisting of a Pair of Images

    2011. 11. 16 Wed. - 2011. 11. 29 Tue.

    In the exhibition The World with No Paved Road held at PUBLIC/IMAGE 3D in April 2011, Kiyoshi Kuroda was creating works in exchange of texts by Hideo Furukawa.
    In his Open Studio Project held at NANZUKA AGENTA SHIBUYA in June, he opened his art-making process to public.His pencil drawings shown during the project were development from line drawings he had been creating.
    In this exhibition at DMO ARTS, Kuroda utilizes his new and old styles of drawing to depict the world of something intact drawn with lines and the world of something vague and diminishing.
    Kiyoshi KurodaBorn in 1975 in Tokyo.M.F.A. from Tama Art University

    Solo Exhibitions
    2010: TO THE FOREST @btf, Tokyo
    2009: KIYOSHI KURODA EXHIBITION Gallery Space B, Osaka Seikei University, Osaka
    2007: DISCOLOR2 Sfera Exhibition, Kyoto
    2005: The second stage at CG #13 Latent insect Guardian Garden, Tokyo
    2003: VG ROCKET, Tokyo
    2003: KUSABANA ZAKKA, New YorkSelected

    Group Exhibitions
    2010: MOT Annual 10 Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
    2008: Nam June Paik Festival, Now Jump!Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea2007: HOW TO COOK DOKOMODAKE 201 Mulberry St., New York
    2006: A Thousand Things MU Eindhoven, Nederland
    2005: CANADA vs. JAPAN LIVE PAINTING EXPO Expo 2005, Aichi, Japan2004: Place Barcelona Contemporary Culture Center, Spain
    2003: GIGEI brazen gallery, SingaporePublishmentTo The Forest Pie Books, Japan
  • Kunie Kanbara solo exhibition: Imaukiyoe

    2011. 11. 02 Wed. - 2011. 11. 15 Tue.

    November 2 (Wed) - 15 (Tue), 2011/11/01The world created by a painter, a carver, and a printer: ukiyoe.
    In the past, everyone was familiar with this Japanese art and its quality surprised the world.
    A painter, a carver, and a printer silently took turns and did our own best. I created artwork remembering women today, living more freely than the ones in the past.
    I hope my ukiyoe reaches to many people. - Kunie Kanbara

    The popular illustrator Kunie Kanbara, basing in Kyoto, has created ukiyoe in collaboration with Takezasado, a woodcut studio which has 120 years of tradition. This collaboration project has its first exhibition at DMO ARTS.
    The illustrations Kunie Kanbara created for this project has been completed as ukiyoe and Kyo-hanga.
    Please enjoy their unique and tastes and features of her artowork.
    We accept pre-order of artwork (each work is edition of 300. 31500 JPY per sheet without frame).
    During the exhibition, My First ART series (giclee print of Kanbara's works, 9800 JPY each) and GUNZE BODYWILD pants are available.

    Kunie Kanbara
    Born in Kyoto.
    As her artwork was featured in a campaign visual of FM802 in 1999, Kanbara started her career as an illustrator.
    She has been creating artwork for book covers, CD jackets, concerts, magazines, department stores, electrical appliances, cosmetic products and apparel brands.
    As she has also been working as a designer at fashion brands, her works are used in various kinds of fields such as fashion, music, and advertisement industries.TakezasadoThe woodcut studio established in 1891.
    Besides producing traditional woodcuts, it creates original products using its woodcut technique.
    It is famous for creating works of Jan Svankmajer. The studio has been holding workshops at museums both in Japan and overseas.
    The works from this Kunie Kanbara project would be timelessly loved Bijinga like the ones of Utamaro Kitagawa or Yumeji Takehisa.

    Artist Talk: What Is Woodcut?Date: Saturday, November 5, 2011 4pm
    Location: Community Salon on the 2nd basement floor, JR Osaka Mitsukoshi IsetanSpeakers: Kunie Kanbara, Kenji Takenaka (Takezasado), Yoshihiro Taniguchi (DMO ARTS)

    Date: Saturday, November 5, 2011 6-8pmEveryone is welcome.
  • Symbolon solo exhibition: SISTERS IN BLUE

    2011. 10. 19 Wed. - 2011. 11. 01 Tue.

    October 19 (Wed) - November 1 (Tue), 2011Symbolon, known for his fantasic characters in silhouette, shows nostalgic yet new scenes from fairy tales.

    In this exhibition, handmade screen prints, My First ART series, and GUNZE BODY WILD are available.
    SymbolonAfter moving to England in 1999, Symbolon started his career as an illustrator in 2000.
    Since he returned to Tokyo in 2004, he continued working to develop his fantastic and sexy shadow-graphic style.
    This striking and original style uses black and white figures placed in a limited color environment.
    He not only creates images for the fashion industry but also makes new media animations.

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