• Hideo Anze solo exhibition: Artificial Layers

    2011. 6. 29 Wed. - 2011. 7. 12 Tue.

    Hideo Anze solo exhibition: Artificial Layers
    June 29 (Wed) - July 12 (Tue) at DMO ARTS
  • NekoshowguN solo exhibition: Beasts

    2011. 6. 15 Wed. - 2011. 6. 28 Tue.

    at DMO ARTSGot her fame on a Japanese video sharing website, NekoshowguN has been popular both in Japan and Western countries today.
    After an interval of 2 years, she holds a solo exhibition in which she shows her original artwork as well as conducting live painting in the gallery.
    My First ART series and original pants, in collaboration with GUNZE, are also available.
    DMO ARTS will be filled with bizarre atmosphere of NekoshowguN's art for 2 weeks.NekoshowguN: Born in 1982, currently living in Wakayama, Japan.
    Influenced by M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali, she developed her high drawing skill.
    She was one of the selected artists in FM802 Art Audition in 2004.

    [Solo Exhibitions]
    2006: crazy&classy digmeout CAFE. Osaka2008: NekoshowguN Exhibition acrimony.
    San Francisco, CA2009: DELICIOUS digmeout ART&DINER.
    Osaka[Group Exhibitions]2004: digmeout EXHIBITION Compound Gallery.
    Portland, OR2006: digmeout STRIKES BACK Compound Gallery. Portland, OR2007: digmeout Group Show Nucleus.
    Los Angeles, CA2010: Young Art Taipei Sunworld Dynasty. Taipei2010: Tokyo Love Strychnin Gallery.
  • MADBUNNY EXHIBITION – BYSDNTCRY. sexual after school

    2011. 6. 01 Wed. - 2011. 6. 14 Tue.

    With the sense of speed, MADBUNNY expresses life and death in his photography and drawing which contain both warmness and coldness.
    He mixes mass production techniques, such as screen printing and stencil, into one and only techniques such as sketches and spray painting.
    He is currently living and working in Berlin and London where his artist label BYS DNT CRY. is based in.
    In 2010, he had the world premiere of his art book BYS DNT CRY. at a contemporary art gallery in London.
    He painted over the gallery walls with baby pink and drew a huge vibrator in order to depict the history of Berlin as well as having a photo installation about sex.
    Hundreds of audiences crowded into the gallery in Notting Hill and applauded his artwork.BYS DNT CRY.
    BYS DNT CRY. is the private label of the artist MADBUNNY for publishing his art book and products.
    Items with kitschy taste are produced from his 20 years of experience in graphic and apparel design.
    Every element of each product, from specifications or threads, is original. Each product perfectly fits the body shape of the Japanese.
    Items are on sale only at the shops and galleries in Berlin, London, and Paris (in Japan, they are available only on the official website).
    Most of his exhibitions are held overseas, such as London, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, and so on.
    DMO ARTS will hold an exhibition featuring graphics, photography, and apparel of MADBUNNY whose works are continuously sold out.
    Exclusive products and new items of BYS DNT CRY. will be available at DMO ARTS during the exhibition.
    Don't miss it!
  • chiaki kohara exhibition「Gimme a Hug」

    2011. 5. 18 Wed. - 2011. 5. 31 Tue.

    ■Live Painting: Saturday, May 21, 2011 1pm-8pm


    May 18 (Wed) - May 31 (Tue), 2011 at DMO ARTS, JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan 3 FDMO ARTS will hold the first solo exhibition of Chiaki Kohara, Gimme a Hug.
    Since she started her artistic career in 2008, Chiaki Kohara has been popular for her characteristic artwork and her own uniqueness.
    She has been invited to many art events in Japan.
    Her original works of art will be on sale for the first time ever, and Kohara herself creates installation in the gallery space.
    An iPhone App with the video of her live painting will be released, as well as designed pants created through her collaboration with GUNZE BODYWILD.
    Her live painting will also be held unprecedentedly at the JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan.
    Please don't miss the wonderland created by Chiaki Kohara, the idol of Osaka young art scene.

    ■Live Painting: Saturday, May 21, 2011 1pm-8pm

    Chiaki KoharaBorn on July 7, 1986, currently living in Osaka
    2007: Yayoi Kusama Award at UNIQLO CREATIVE AWARD
    2009: Selected Award at Illustration Choice Award

    [Group Exhibitions]
    2010: FM802 digmeout Exhibition e-ma, OsakaBodaiju Art Festa Ramada Hotel, Osaka
    2011: a girlie spice! SHAKE ART! Exhibition e-ma, OsakaGIRLS POWER TAG Gallery, Takamatsu, Japanartist
    website >> http://chiakikohara.com
  • DMO ARTS Opening Exhibition THE OSAKAN DREAMS

    2011. 5. 04 Wed. - 2011. 5. 17 Tue.

    JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, 6F Art Liberation Front & 3F DMO ARTSFor the opening of DMO ARTS, the Art Liberation Front, showcasing works by emerging artists, and DMO ARTS, supporting young artists, will co-host a group exhibition for the purpose of introducing the latest art in Osaka.

    The participating galleries are Tezukayama Gallery, Gallery Fukuda, Tengensya Gallery, and YOD Gallery.
    All galleries are based in Osaka and are comparatively newer places dealing with contemporary art.
    They have been co-hosting the annual art event OSAKA ART COMPLEX for 3 years and the event has been increasing its reputation every year.

    The galleries have selected 9 young artists, from or living in Osaka, under 40 years of age.
    The 9 artists are the most notable ones today and are expected to be active in the art world soon.
    This new center of Osaka will be adorned by the artists who were born and studied, or are currently living in Osaka.
    This will be a great opportunity which the JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, as a hub of contemporary art, will introduce new Osakan Art to the public.
    Click for more details on THE OSAKAN DREAMS ≫

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