2017. 11. 10 Fri. - 2017. 11. 20 Mon.

    2017.11.10 Fri – 20 Mon
    10:00 – 21:00

    DMO ARTS is pleased to present “A TWO PIPE PROBLEM LETTERPRESS” solo exhibition by Stephen Kenny “Mile of Smiles”.
    “A TWO PIPE PROBLEM LETTERPRESS” is the letter press studio is run by Stephen Kenny in East London. His high artistic print works pressed by vintage wood types and letter press machines during 1800th – 1900th are very popular and so many fans not only in England but also in Japan. Kenny mixes very rare and historical wood types to create “words”. Layouts and selection of words are all done by Kenny and they are so awesome and artistic with warm and laid back vibes because of letter press that nobody can make it. This year, Kenny named this exhibition “MILE OF SMILES” and tours in Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo.

    November 19th Sunday 2 times a day (1) 13:00- (2) 16:00-
    Stephen Kenny teaches to make your own note book using ADANA’s 1970th letter press machine. ¥2,000 + tax

    November 20th Monday 18:00pm –
    Stephen Kenny will be in the gallery.

    Biography of Stephen Kenny:
    His inspiration comes from old cartoons, novels, poems and music. His works are available at Victoria & Albert Museum, Design Museum, KK Gallery, Liberty and others in London.
    Collaboration works with HAIKU / ISETAN SHINJUKU x Liberty Fabric x ATTP (Tokyo), UNIQLO, TRUCK FURNITURE, FULL COUNT, BOLT LONDON etc in 2015. Main visual of TYPE FROM LONDON in 2014
    Solo exhibition in Japan at Paul Smith Space Gallery (Tokyo) and DMOARTS (Osaka) in 2013.


    MILES OF SMILES is organized by HEMING’S Inc.
    Curation by Makoto Ikeda

  • Yohei Sugita solo exhibition “Encounter, Space, Temptation And”

    2017. 10. 27 Fri. - 2017. 11. 09 Thu.

    Yohei Sugita solo exhibition “Encounter, Space, Temptation And”
    2017.10.27 fri. - 11.9 thu.

    DMOARTS is pleased to present the Yohei Sugita’s solo exhibition “Deai, Kukan, Yukwaku And” (Encounter, Space, Temptation And … in English) from October 27th (Fri).
    Sugita, one of a leading young artist of contemporary art, produces collage like landscapes and figures by dried acrylic paints, and oil paintings by gathering pictures from magazines and internet to reconstruct those into an ultra-realistic world. His approach to creation always focuses on essence of forming paints. Paints broadened in thin layers appear matiere that make new form as a painting. Sugita’s paints are sold immediately in Tokyo. This is his first solo exhibition in Osaka. Don’t miss it!

    Venue: DMOARTS
    Dates: Friday October 27 to Thursday November 9
    Time: 10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)
    Reception party: Friday October 27, 18:00 – 21:00 (no reservation)
    ** Sugita appears at the reception party, please come and enjoy.

    Yohei Sugita
    Painter, Contemporary artist
    Born in Mie in 1983, based in Tokyo now.
    Graduated from Musashino Art University

    2017 "Petals of paintings”H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY MARUNOUCHI, Tokyo
    2016 "the intergalactic "MEGUMIOGITA Gallery, Tokyo
    2015 “If impressionism and GUTAI keep a pleasant relationship.” MINNANO Gallery, Tokyo
    2014 “Collection and New Exhibition” MINNANO Gallery, Tokyo
    2013 “BLACK SWAN” MEGUMIOGITA Gallery, Tokyo
    2013 “The Never Ending Story” SIBUYA SEIBU ART Gallery, Tokyo
    2012 “THE HOURS” SPROUT CURATION Gallery, Tokyo
    2011 “Ecce Homo” ZENFOTO Gallery, Tokyo
    2010 “emotional wild” Gallery4walls, Seoul, Korea
    2008 “platonic painting” Gallery MoMo, Tokyo
    2008 “Sugita Yohei exhibition” Shinjuku Metoropolitan Government Office, Tokyo
    2008 graduation of Musashino Art University

    2015 Nakanojyo Biennale 2015, Gunma
    2013 “CROSSOVER” AKI Gallery, Taiwan
    2013 “KISS THE HEART♯2 Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Tokyo
    2012 “Curation by Hiroko Ishinabe” Mitsukoshi Ginza Gallery, Tokyo
    2010 “Fuyuhiko Yamamoto Collection” Sato Museum, Tokyo
    2009 “Art in the AKY” Curation by Taro Amano at Shin Marunouchi Building, Tokyo

    2014 The 2nd Sonpo Japan Art Award Face 2014
    2012 Haruhi Paintings Triennale Honorable mention
    2011 Masashi Shinohara’s jury award Article Award
    2010 Kawaii Award by Shibuya Seibu department store
    2009 Tomorrow’s Masters, Sponsored by Merrill Lynch japan Securities Co.,
    2009 5th TAGBOAT AWARD winning
    2009 Art Gate Program, Sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation
    2008 Tokyo Wonder Wall Awards at Museum of Contemporary Art of Tokyo
    2008 Shinjuku Art Infinity at Shinjuku Marui City
    2008 ARTRDTOKYO 2008
    2008 Wonder seed at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya
    2007 Viaart at Shinwa Art Museum
    2007 Shell Art Award 2007

  • Chika Tanikawa exhibition “Namae wa iranai”

    2017. 10. 06 Fri. - 2017. 10. 26 Thu.

    Chika Tanikawa exhibition “Namae wa iranai”
    2017.10.6 fri. - 10.26 thu.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to present the Chika Tanikawa’s solo exhibition “Namae wa iranai” from October 6th (Fri).

    “Namae wa iranai”
    Hole and light nobody can name it
    Accept it as is
    Yet it exists here

    Chika Tanikawa
    Born in Toyama, 1986.Graduated from Kobe University.
    After being a freelance artist in 2014,she has been introducing her works at exhibitions and art events inside-outside Japan.She draws for books, too.Currently she expands her work field to short comic, jackets of music albums, props of live stages and textile design.

    Venue: DMOARTS
    Dates: Friday October 6 to Thursday October 26
    Time: 10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)
    ** Reception party with the artist on Friday, October 6 from 18:00 - 21:00 (no reservation),
    please come and enjoy.

  • Maiko Kanno exhibition “Her House Has No Roof”

    2017. 9. 22 Fri. - 2017. 10. 05 Thu.

    Maiko Kanno exhibition “Her House Has No Roof”

    2017.9.22 fri. - 10.5 thu.
    OPEN 10:00-21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)
    ** Reception party with the artist on Friday, September 23 from 18:00 - 21:00 (no reservation is needed)

    DMO ARTS is pleased to present the Maiko Kanno’s solo exhibition “Her House Has No Roof”.  This solo exhibition is her 2nd time in 2 years in Osaka.
    Sendai based artist Maiko Kanno draws girls capturing variety of emotional moments by acrylic pencil painting methods.  Her colorful and detailed touch attracts wide range of audiences.  A part of her drawing is for CD jackets of the rock band Brian the Sun, she has wide variety of work as an artist.
    This time there are about 30 paintings including new works.  Goods are also sold at our gallery store during the exhibition period only.  Please don't miss this event!

    Maiko Kanno
    Born in 1983, based in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture.
    Graduated from Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka University.
    Kanno joined several art fairs such as International Art Fair and Affordable Art Fair in London and Taiwan.She has had group exhibitions (in LA and New Zealand) and solo exhibitions (in Tokyo, Sendai and Osaka) so far.She has designed for the CD jackets of Brian the Sun and for IC card ICSCA by transportation bureau of city of Sendai.


    2017. 9. 08 Fri. - 2017. 9. 21 Thu.

    Exhibition & Limited shop

    2017.9.8 Fri.-9.21 Thu.
    OPEN 10:00-21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)

    DMOARTS is pleased to announce that we will have the exhibition and the limited shop event of works created by the KIWI Seminar students at the department of spatial design of Kyoto University of Art and Design.  This is the yearly event in summer and we are proud of doing it again this year.

    For this project, students have to handle and organize every single flow from creation planning of each item to exhibit, production, packaging and displaying to its sales. PLAY SMALL is the theme of this year.  We are very happy to show variety of small pieces of fashion, jewelry, art work, zakka and graphic that young students thought of creative ideas and produced during this event at DMOARTS.

    Furthermore, Kaya Morishita who is out of this seminar and now is the artist of DMOARTS collaborates with her juniors by her SMALL works.  Please expect and don’t miss this unique event “a fusion of art and design” conducted by young students.

    Renew your eyes

    / Fashion
    / Jewelry
    / Art work
    / Zakka
    / Graphic

    KIWI SEMI (The department of spatial design of Kyoto University of Art and Design)

    Venue : DMOARTS
    Dates : Friday September 8 to Thursday September 21
    Time : 10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)

  • KOJI TOYODA exhibition “just take it easy”

    2017. 8. 18 Fri. - 2017. 9. 07 Thu.

    2017.8.18 fri. – 9.07 thu.
    DMO ARTS is pleased to present the KOJI TOYODA’s solo exhibition “just take it easy”.
    “Be yourself and just take it easy”
    It’s easier said than done.
    When you are in the wrong mood, look up the sky and breathe deep, think something good, listen to good music …. that’s surfing for me.
    I introduce this kind of feeling through my artworks.
    Enjoy your life!
    Koji Toyoda

    Koji Toyoda
    Since his first art exhibition at the international surfing museum in Huntington Beach, California in 1997, he keeps creating “surf art” inspires from messages and the state of minds he gets from surfing. Many collaboration with brands and companies have been developed so far. He is also an art director of “Surf art? Japan” publishing by Bueno! Books. Owner and director of PALM GTAPHICS
    Friday, August 18 –Thursday, September 7 at DMOARTS
    10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)
    ** Reception party on Friday, August 18 from18:00- (no reservation)

    2017. 8. 04 Fri. - 2017. 8. 17 Thu.

    2017.8.4 fri. - 8.17 thu.
    2 madness, MADBUNNY from Berlin and MISTERWIM from London come to DMOARTS this summer! The UK art team who creates decorations and props for worldwide mega music festivals such as Glastonbury Festival (UK) and Fuji Rock Festival (Japan). And, two main standing out artists from the UK art team will do joint exhibition at DMOARTS.
    MADBUNNY from Berlin, the only one Japanese artist in the UK art team. He is a main artist of Tower Record and Fuji Rock of Fuji Rock Festival 2017.

    MISTERWIM from London, the artist for “The Palace of Wonder” and the main tower at the Fuji Rock Festival


    All artwork to sell during this exhibition is one of the kind. Come and experience this super rare collaboration between 2 geniuses in the world of art.
     Artists at Gallery during August 4th – 6th
     Reception party on August 4th Friday 18:00 – (no reservation)
  • Chigusa Aihara’s solo exhibition – YUMEOCHI

    2017. 7. 21 Fri. - 2017. 8. 03 Thu.

    Chigusa Aihara’s solo exhibition - YUMEOCHI
    2017.7.21 fri. - 8.3 thu.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to present Chigusa Aihara’s solo exhibition “YUMEOCHI”. Aihara is the Tokyo based illustrator and this is her 2nd solo exhibition in 6 years in Osaka. Her works drawn by acrylics, color inks, pens and pencils are mysterious world emerges images of close yet far, existing or illusion.
    In addition to new artworks for the exhibition, she introduces works that are exhibited in Harajuku, Tokyo in last November. Her original goods are also sold during the exhibition.

    Chigusa Aihara
    Illustrator based in Tokyo.
    She started as a professional illustrator since attending to CWC “Chance” exhibition. Her illustrations has been known and often seen in magazines and advertisements.
    Past exhibitions:
    -“Suteki na something” at DMOARTS (Osaka), GALLERY SPEAK FOR (Daikanyama)
    -“SCENENS” at L'illustre Galerie LE MONDE (Harajuku)

    Friday, July 21 –Thursday, August 3 at DMOARTS
    10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)
    ** Reception party on Saturday, July 22, 18:00- (no reservation)

  • Chikako Toya Solo Exhibition – Floating Reality

    2017. 7. 07 Fri. - 2017. 7. 20 Thu.

    2017.7.7 fri. - 7.20 thu.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to present “Floating Reality” the 1st solo exhibition by Chikako Toya. Toya’s inspiration comes from a moment of ordinal people’s life, animals, flowers and nature. She draws these adding pattern like motives colorfully. In this exhibition, she will introduce “arcadia” like vision of harmony with nature alternating between reality and unreality.

    Chikako Toya
    Illustrator based in Tokyo, born in Kyoto. Mainly working for illustrations of adverts and editorials. She has expanded her works as an artist since this year.
    Winner of Yoshihiro Taniguchi Award at UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE OSAKA 2016

    Friday, July 7 – Thursday, July 20 at DMOARTS
    10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)
    ** Reception party on Saturday, July 8, 18:00- (no reservation)

    2017. 6. 16 Fri. - 2017. 7. 06 Thu.

    digmeout artist, YUGO. releases new pieces “Girls” at his solo exhibition held in Osaka, Tokyo and the first time in Fukuoka.
    In this series, he draws the world of depressed and sometimes dirty daily life of youth that he was inspired from lyrics of his favorite band, San Francisco based “GIRLS” (2007-2012).
    In addition to original drawings, goods especially for produced for this solo exhibition will be sold at each venue.
    Each venue will present different pieces. Come and enjoy his new inspiration!

    YUGO. (digmeout artist)
    Illustrator, design works and art direction to rock bands, musicians, apparel companies, music events and fashion magazines. All-around artist especially for music and fashion fields.

    Osaka / DMO ARTS

    7/28-8/16 *Opening party 6pm-8pm 7/28

    Fukuoka / TAGSTA
    9/2-9/30 *Opening party 6pm-8pm 9/2