• DMOARTS group show “In between” at SkiiMa Gallery

    2021-03-10 08:00

    DMOARTS is pleased to present "In between," an exhibition by eight artists at SkiiMa Gallery in Shinsaibashi PARCO.
    An exhibition organized by DMOARTS, an FM802/FM COCOLO art gallery that continues to introduce artists from Osaka to the world. The venue, SkiiMa Gallery, is located in the Shinsaibashi PARCO commercial facility and has a working space as well as a gallery. In line with the characteristics of the venue, which has various "faces," we will introduce the works of eight artists in a group show format, combining two-dimensional works such as paintings and drawings, as well as three-dimensional works.
    The art you like, where you like it.
    Why not start with SkiiMa Gallery to make artwork more approachable and enrich your life?


    In between

    3/20(Sat) - 4/5(Mon)
    Business hours 10:00 - 20:00 (last day closes at 18:00)

    SkiiMa Gallery
    Shinsaibashi PARCO 4F, 1-8-3 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0085, Japan

    *Exhibited works are available for purchase through the online site.
    Contact us →

    Takaaki Kato
    Born in Tokyo in 1985. Spent his childhood in Dusseldorf, Germany.
    Graduated from Azabu Gakuen and Tama Art University, Department of Design, Faculty of Art and Design.
    He joined Enlightenment in 2012 and became independent. Belongs to Chikabi.
    Aiming to create visual paintings, he creates paintings based on the themes of time, projection, and memory.
    instagram: tka_ki

    Hanako Kimura
    Born in Kyoto and currently lives in Osaka. Graduated from Doshisha University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Aesthetics and Art.
    While shooting advertisements and magazines as a commercial photographer, he began creating works as his own lifework in 2011.
    His conceptual works are mainly based on the idea of touching the gray zone between the two extremes of "existence/non-existence".
    In recent years, he has not limited himself to photography, but has also created three-dimensional works, drawings, and installations. When he won the Grand Prix at UNKNOWN ASIA 2018, he combined photographs with neon lights and presented a work that actually lit up with blue light.

    Saki Matsumura
    Born in Nagano, Japan in 1993, he completed his master's degree in painting at Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2017.
    Painter living in Kyoto. He is active in a wide range of activities, exhibiting his works in galleries and installing them in offices around the Kansai region.
    Recent major exhibitions include The eyes:They see (2019, DMOARTS Gallery, Osaka), Art & Patisserie Sakiki Matsumura exhibition (2020, InterContinental Hotel Osaka Patisserie STERESSED, Osaka), Sakiki Matsumura solo exhibition - see saw scene -ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO SATELLITE 2021 (Ygion, Kyoto). Commissioned work includes installation of artworks in Mitsubishi Estate Kansai Branch OAP Tower Office, Universal Music Japan, and Chishima Land Corporation offices, as well as participation in numerous art fairs such as Art Osaka, UNKNOWN ASIA 2019, and ART TAIPEI 2020.
    Using multiple techniques such as acrylic painting and silkscreening, his paintings have a complex layered and three-dimensional feel that also expands the imagination to multidimensional landscapes and sensations that cannot be perceived in the real world landscape.
    instagram, twitter @sakimatsumura_

    Ryusei Maeda
    1993. Born in Hyogo Prefecture.
    Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Design. Lives and works in Kyoto.
    His work centers on black-and-white ink drawings based on associations and imaginings from old magazines, photographs he has taken himself, and his own personal experiences.
    He also sells original items incorporating his works and provides illustrations for CD jackets and other items.
    2018.5/Aquvii Daikanyama Solo exhibition『Ryusei Maeda solo exhibition』
    2019.6/excube osaka Solo exhibition『STRANGE TOWN』
    Participated in several other group exhibitions.

    Mie Takahashi
    Born in 1994 in Hokkaido, graduated from Yokohama College of Art in 2017. Based in Kanagawa, Japan.
    Major exhibitions include a solo show "Floating Forms" at ANAGRA (2019) and a solo show "Unknown Forms" at KYOTO ART HOSTEL kumagusuku (2020).
    I make three-dimensional works inspired by the lines and shapes of the doodles I keep drawing day in and day out.
    By creating intuitively, without a single motif, we can create a new style of design.
    The immeasurable memories within me mingle and
    I feel that it appears in this form. It is somewhat nostalgic, but
    We cannot say for sure that it is something, but it is a new form that we know and do not know.

    Ran Miyazaki
    Tokyo-based illustrator, born 1996 in Kagawa, Japan, graduated from Kyoto Seika University Graphic Design Course in 2019. Works with crayons and colored pencils.
    His work focuses on advertising and packaging with an expression that intuitively captures the background and atmosphere of the motifs, such as plants and objects.
    He won the Yuri Uenishi Encouragement Prize in the 21st 1_WALL Graphic Division, was selected for the 45th Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program, and participated in UNKNOWN ASIA 2020 ONLINE.
    Major work includes: THE NORTH FACE 2019AW campaign #SHE MOVES MOUNTAINS illustration, rooms shop Lumine Shinjuku 2 2019 Christmas catalog & in-store display, Kyoto Music Expo 2017 organized by Kururi, design of the big fish flag on stage, and illustration for SUCC PAPER under the supervision of Hiroshi Fujiwara.
    A solo exhibition is scheduled for May 2021 at Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery in Tokyo.

    Jasmine Noda
    Born in 1996 in Thailand. He produces ceramic works and installations using them. Through his ceramic works, he refers to the relationship between "craft and art" with the aim of clarifying the multifaceted form of contemporary crafts. In the "ghost" series, he uses "cracking" as a decorative technique derived from modeling, extracting only the use from the vessels to create an ambivalent expression between the two sides of the same coin, such as "the representation of use and modeling. His major solo exhibitions include "Sinking into the Lake" (KITAHAMA N gallery, Osaka, 2020), and group exhibitions he has participated in include "ART OSAKA 2019", "Artist's Fair Kyoto 2020", and "A Day to Meet Contemporary Art at hotel koe tokyo" (Shibuya, Tokyo, 2020), and "CNNECT" (Fujii Daimaru, Kyoto, 2021).

    Hal Osawa
    1997 Born in Tokyo
    2016 B.F.A. in Oil Painting, Tama Art University
    2021 Graduate School of Kyoto University of Arts
    The act of "reproduction" brings about a "gap". Even though an object is traced as it is, there is a subtle "gap" in the tracing, and even though it looks the same, it has already been transformed into something else (the change that occurs when the image is reconstructed by transforming it into light and shadow, or the physicality of the person making the reproduction, coincidence, etc.). This kind of "misalignment" also occurs when we communicate with others. Although we simply want to convey our thoughts to the other person in words, it is rare that our thoughts are conveyed in a straightforward manner. Understanding is always the sum of misunderstandings, and there is always something like a vague "membrane" that exists. I try to visualize such a "membrane," that is, the impossibility and incompleteness of communication, by borrowing it temporarily into a work that contains the "gap" created by the act of "reproduction. This is one of my creative concepts.


    SkiiMa Gallery

    yusuke akai (paragram)

  • Taezoo Park solo exhibition “New Era”―KOREAN ART Relations

    2021-03-01 15:00

    DMOARTS is pleased to announce Taezoo Park's first solo exhibition in Japan, "New Era" at THE STORIES (Osaka, Japan).
    In collaboration with "SOEUL×TOKYO collection" to be held at the same venue, the event "KOREAN ART Relations" will introduce artists with a cultural background in Korea.
    Korean-born, New York-based artist Taezoo Park has created a series of highly acclaimed works called "Digital Being," each with its unique character.
    Park brings a light of curiosity and communication to a new era giving old forgotten devices new technology with his interactive styled works, respond to the viewer's actions.

    Taezoo Park

    Pratt Institute | New York, USA | Class of 2012 | M.F.A. Digital Arts
    Hong-Ik University | Korea | Class of 2007 | B.F.A. Animation

    Taezoo Park is an artist whose work explores analog and digital technologies. Park pushes new artistic forms through his unique use of digital codes, emphasizing the existent 'character' within an abandoned and forgotten technology. He calls it "Digital Being" and continues a series of work.
    Along with him, "The Digital Being" was introduced by the major media including ABC news, BBC news, and exhibitions such as ACM Interactions, ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, Children's Museum of the Arts New York, Open Journal System: Continent, and so on.
    His recent interactive installation, "Digital Being: Rebirth", is on display at the 3 World Trade Center from November 2020 to November 2021.

    [KOREAN ART Relations]
    Taezoo Park solo exhibition "New Era"
    Produced by DMOARTS(2nd floor)
    SOEUL×TOKYO collection @Nakazaki
    by SEOUL×TOKYO(1st floor)

    March 9th, Tuesday - 21th Sunday, 2021
    Weekdays 3 p.m.-9 p.m. / Saturdays and Sundays 1 p.m.-7 p.m.
    (1-7-13, Nakazaki-Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka)
    Organized by DMOARTS (802 Mediaworks Ltd.)/ MONOWORKS Ltd.
    Supported by: Korean Cultural Center Osaka

    [Related Exhibition]
    SEOUL×TOKYO ExihibitionVol.1 #withCORONA
    -COVID19- in OSAKA
    March 9th, Tuesday - 19th Friday, 2021
    Korean Cultural Center Osaka gallery
    (4F, 2-4-2, Nakazaki, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0016)
  • Exhibition to Commemorate Publication of “ALL ABOUT Robin” by Kuroneko Design

    2021-02-26 15:36

    Exhibition to Commemorate Publication of "ALL ABOUT Robin" by Kuroneko Design
    Friday, March 26, 2021 - Wednesday, April 21, 2021
    Ropponmatsu Tsutaya
    (Fukuoka City Subway Nanakuma Line "Ropponmatsu" Station Ropponmatsu 421 2F)

    DMOARTS will hold an exhibition celebrating the publication of Kuroneko Design's "ALL ABOUT Robin" at Ropponmatsu Tsutaya. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Kuroneko Design's activities, and the publication of this visual book is a collection of 10 years of Robin-chan.
    In this exhibition, Kuroneko Design's original artworks will be exhibited and sold for the first time in Fukuoka. The exhibition will include a collection of works as well as a variety of goods such as acrylic key holders, which will be on sale in advance of the exhibition. Please come and visit us.
    Writers in the gallery: March 27th (earth) and 28th (sun)
    *If there are any changes due to circumstances, we will notify you via SNS, etc.

    kuroneko design
    Since its launch in 2011, Kuroneko Takumi has gained popularity for its picture books and original goods featuring the character "Kuroneko Robin-chan," who has pointy claws and a snarl on his face and a cocky, oblique look in his eyes.
    With a sophisticated design sense cultivated as a commercial illustrator and nostalgic details, he continues to distinguish himself from other illustrations and characters.

  • Saki Matsumura solo exhibition – see saw scene –

    2021-02-24 15:54

    Artist Saki Matsumura, who has been exhibiting at DMOARTS, will hold a solo exhibition in Kyoto, her base of activities, as a satellite exhibition of ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO.

    Saki Matsumura solo exhibition – see saw scene –
    Venue:Y gion
    19 Benzaiten-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0086, Japan y gion F4
    session:3/4(Tue) - 3/21(Sun) *Closed on Monday and Tuesday
    14:00 - 22:00

  • Saki Matsumura “Combinations”

    2021-01-14 14:29

    Artist Saki Matsumura will hold her first solo exhibition "Combinations" in 2021 at LAD GALLERY in Nagoya. Many new works will be exhibited. Please come as much as you can.

    session:2021.1.23 sat. - 2.6 sat.
    Venue:LAD GALLERY(Nagoya)

    1993 Born in Nagano Prefecture
    2017 M.F.A. in Painting, Kyoto University of Art and Design
    2019 The eyes:They see(DMOARTS/Osaka)
    chi to zu(H.P.FRANCE window gallery/Tokyo)
    2020 TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY collection exhibition(TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY/Osaka)
    He has also exhibited and participated in many art fairs.

    Matsumura incorporates contradictory elements such as digital and analog, cutting-edge and old-fashioned, and pursues the influence of their interaction on the viewer's perception.
 The spatiality of digital and the material, organic layers of the analog rendering succeed in creating a unique pictorial space.
In this exhibition, titled "combination," a single work of art is digitally trimmed, deconstructed, and reassembled to create a tableau of works.

    Creating the Combination series," says Matsumura, "is like a small child playing with a mess of toys.
    If children, through repetitive play, learn to recognize and distinguish the whole through observation, gradually discovering meaning and conditions, and selecting their favorite toys, the combination series is Matsumura's attempt to understand her own paintings and pursue beauty in her search for it. For the viewer, the viewer is confronted with her own optimal solution in the space of the paintings, in the piled up forms and overlapping colors.


  • alan exhibition “The New Standard:A New Journey”

    2020-12-31 15:34

    February 11(holi)-28(Sun),2021
    Held on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the period. 13:00-19:00
    Venue: THE STORIES, Nakazaki-cho

    In Corona, Alan also thought about it. In a world of self-restraint, I want people to look at themselves and feel a sense of being alive by depicting the transitions in people's hearts and the expressions on their faces at a moment's notice. Art is a means. I want to entertain viewers in every possible way, without sticking to any particular style of expression. This exhibition is filled with Alain's past and challenges. Yes! This is Alain's new journey.

    We are pleased to present an exhibition by alan, a well-known artist in UNKNOWN ASIA. In the midst of the Corona Disaster, he has been reexamining his own methods of expression and involvement in art, and this exhibition will allow visitors to appreciate both his best works to date and his new approaches. The exhibition will feature a wide variety of his work, from his iconic large pop art pieces to new works, early sketches, and affordable limited edition prints.

    <Request to all visitors>
    Please be sure to wear a mask when visiting.
    Please cooperate with hand sanitizing at the entrance.
    We will take your temperature at the entrance.
    Persons with a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher will not be admitted.
    Admission may be limited to prevent congestion.
    Please cooperate with staff instructions.

    alan Profile

    Born in Hyogo, Japan in 1979.
    The art of "love and humor" painted with a unique sense of color expresses the magnitude of love that cannot be captured on a canvas in a dynamic style.
    UNKNOWN ASIA 2017 Hiro Teradaira Award, Kamasami Kong Award

  • Tamamura Hevio solo exhibition「Vacca」

    2020-12-25 15:50

    DMOARTS is pleased to present "Vacca," Tamamura Hevio's solo exhibition themed on the Chinese zodiac, again this year.
    This series has continued since 2016, and this year's theme is "Ox". As the exhibition title "Vacca" (wacca - cow) suggests, we invite you to enjoy a series of illustrations based on the motif of "oxen," which have been associated with people in all cultures since ancient times.

    Tamamura Hevio solo exhibition「Vacca」
    January 8 - 24, 2021 *13:00―19:00
    *Open 8-11,Sat. and Sun.(8,9,10,11,16,17,23,24)

    THE STORIES(1-7-13, Nakazakinishi 1-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka)
    5 min. walk from Nakazakicho Sta. on Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line (Exit 4)/Ha-mura Onsen, Je-bi Koen Intermediate

    [Events during the exhibition]
    「Vacca illustrated strolling」
    9(Sun)、16(Sun)、23(Sun) 15:00~
    A "pictorial" gallery talk by Hevio Tamamura, who will explain each piece, to be live-streamed on Instagram @dmoarts.
    Free of charge, no reservation required

  • Hiroshi Morinaga Illustration Exhibition “The Age of Masks 2020”

    2020-12-15 16:00

    Just as Hokusai recorded the customs of Edo in his "Hokusai Manga," only painting can realistically record the unprecedented society that is now covered in masks. That is why he went out on the town, to Mt. Koya and to a remote island far to the south, and drew 1,000 mask paintings. 1000 paintings at once are now on view. Astonishment at a glance. It wouldn't be art without artistic surprise!(Morinaga Hiroshi)

    From morning till night, we pass by only masked faces. We have become accustomed to seeing masked people in our daily lives due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but if you look closely, you will see that they are also wearing masks of various kinds. Hiroshi Morinaga, 70, a writer and editor, draws masked people every day, saying, "I want to leave them behind as a record of customs and manners in 2020. His goal was to create 1,000 masked people in 1,000 different styles. The exhibition will be held as a fitting conclusion to the year 2020, with the paintings filling the entire exhibition hall. 2F of THE STORIES will concurrently host another series of Morinaga's paintings, "Senju-ga Exhibition". A total of 2,000 works will be on display, making for a powerful exhibition. Naoki Tachikawa will participate in the music selection for the background music at the venue.

    Hiroshi Morinaga
    Born in 1950, became an editor in 1970. He launched "For Life Magazine" with Keiichi Tanaami as AD, and "Monthly Novel King" with Hiroshi Aramata's "Teito Monogatari" as serial.
    He made his debut as a writer in 1986 with "Harajuku Gold Rush. Since then, he has published Island Trip Notebook and trilogy "Dropout no Erai Hito", his autobiography "What I Dreamed of When I Wandered Down That Alley Has Almost Come True", and "Stranger Than Illusion", co-authored with Keiichi Tanaami, and many other books. Currently, he is the personality of FM COCOLO's "Radio Shangri-La" with Naoki Tachikawa. His latest work is "Yamazaki Masayuki Gyokuon Houdan Tenjo Tenge Tenge Yada Dokuro" (Yamazaki Masayuki Gyokuon Houdan: Tenjo Tenge Yada Dokuro).
    Twitter @DIAMOND__ROUGH

    Hiroshi Morinaga Illustration Exhibition
    「The Age of Masks 2020」
    December 18 (Fri.)-27 (Sun.), 2020 Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week from 13:00 to 19:00
    Venue: THE STORIES, Nakazaki-cho, 1-7-13 Nakazakinishi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0015, Japan

    On Friday, December 18, during Hiroshi Morinaga's presence at the gallery, we will paint you in a mask.


    A long time ago, I decided to take a ride in a small Cessna with a capacity of nine passengers from an airfield where strong winds were blowing in early spring. The passenger was Mr. Morinaga, who at the time was producing all aspects of Gonchichi promotions. When I sat down in my seat, feeling uneasy, Mr. Morinaga, who was in the seat in front of me, said with a smile, "It's survival, isn't it?
    Hiroshi Morinaga" is a subatomic particle that exists only at the tip of the leading edge. So we must watch the masks and hands drawn by elementary particles at the tip of this age of true survival.

    Gonzalez, Mikami


    Mr. Morinaga sensitively captures interesting things that no one else notices, and teaches them to us in a gentle way.
    I didn't realize you had such talent as well! Thank you for always surprising me.

    Chichi Matsumura


    There is no such thing as a normal day. With Mr. Morinaga, even the gloomy, lightly overcast skies are not a surprise.
    It seems like the entrance to a galaxy leading to an endless universe.
    There is no such thing as a boring day. When we walk, a strange reality invites us into its labyrinth.
    Humorous and frightening masked humans, you see, beckon.
    Welcome to the future. And.

    Tomoyasu Hotei


    Congratulations on your solo exhibition, Mr. Morinaga.
    They were sending me picture diaries on a daily basis.
    Where does he get the vitality to continue painting without slowing down at all in the midst of this year? I'm going to find out.
    I am always reassured by the presence of the yankee ojisama.
    Please have a drink when you settle down again.

    Kazuyoshi Saito


    Mr. Morinaga is a flexible person.
    And he is animalistic, intuitive, and hedonistic.
    The overwhelming mass of text and pictures is, after all, overwhelmingly laconic, but
    When I actually met him, he is by far the best listener.
    It's overwhelmingly thoughtful, yet instinctive.

    YO-KING(Magokoro Brothers)


    Mr. N. described "me and M' as a psychedelic Simon & Garfunkel."
    M''s partner of 50 years, M's natural high has recently become more and more polished, and from the first time he showed me his latest mask painting, I thought it was very typical.
    I hope you will enjoy the unique artistic world of 'M' with a natural feeling.

    Naoki Tachikawa


    「A Breath of the Times.」

    When I was a child, my Japanese teacher told me, "Just write what you see. You don't have to try to write well. I understood what he meant by not trying to write well, but I thought that if I could write as I saw it, I would have no trouble, and that it would be difficult, so I would have to think a lot.

    Now, Hiroshi Morinaga's "The Age Of Mask 2020" reminds me of the phrase "write what you see. There is nothing interesting about writing "as you see it. Through Mr. Morinaga's eyes, the instantaneous memory falls on the paper. The book is filled with Morinaga's viewpoints and thoughts. The works, created by a psychoanalyst-like paintbrush, irresistibly stimulate the viewer's desire to feel the true feelings hidden beneath the mask.

    Takeshi Kadokami


    It is a prophetic book to an unknown path.
    I think you are a person who sees. No, perhaps the correct expression is "a person who sees.
    Whether it is a book, film, or photograph, Hiroshi Morinaga sees not only what is present in the text, video, or image, but also what is entrusted behind the scenes. And then he transmits it. With the cold fervor of a bard, he does so in a simple, unaffected manner.
    Mr. Morinaga painted a thousand people wearing masks, which suddenly changed the landscape in the year 2020. We have become accustomed to seeing them over time. What did Mr. Morinaga see, what awed him, and what did he hope for in his brushstrokes? This exhibition, "The Age Of Mask 2020," is a record of his soul.
    A crowd of masks covered Japan. It is like a pilgrimage of masks. Where are we headed? Is there really a Mecca? And if so, where? After seeing "The Age Of Mask 2020" exhibition, the scenery of the city you see on your way to and from the exhibition will be completely different. Perhaps it is in these differences and discrepancies that Mr. Morinaga was looking at. Because excellent art is always a prophecy book for an unknown road.

    Nishibayashi Hatsuaki


    An uncle is the biggest taboo in the Morinaga family. It was when I was over 20 years old that I learned that I had an uncle. My grandfather once told me that Hiroshi lived his life breathing different air from others. In the year 2020, all people were forced to wear masks over their mouths and noses and forbidden the freedom to breathe the same air as everyone else. In this landscape where everyone feels suffocated, my uncle found freedom alone. He does not try to depict freedom by cutting holes or tearing off the mask that blocks his mouth and nose. By carefully and painstakingly depicting this landscape, the artist teaches us to open a hole in the suffocating landscape, to create a rift, and to breathe different air from others.

    Kunihiko Morinaga


    Request to all visitors.
    Please be sure to wear a mask when visiting.
    We ask for your cooperation in hand sanitizing at the entrance.
    We will take your temperature at the entrance.
    If a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher is observed, admission will be denied.
    Admission may be restricted to prevent congestion.
    Please follow the instructions of the staff.


    2020-12-04 18:00

    ART OSAKA WALL by APCA", a spin-off project of the art fair "ART OSAKA" which was canceled due to the new coronavirus, will be held at the "Yamakawa Building" located in Sonezaki, Osaka, where DMOARTS will also exhibit. ART OSAKA" has the longest history among the ongoing art fairs in Japan, and has been a hotel-type art fair specializing in contemporary art, but for this fair, it will step out of the hotel and take place in the "Yamakawa Building," which is located near the old gallery district of Nishitenma, not far from the old Omatsuchocho, where the entire floor will be used as exhibition space. From DMOARTS, we will introduce three artists, Saki Matsumura, Takuro Tamura, and HIN. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition at the end of the year.

    Saki Matsumura
    Born in Nagano, Japan in 1993, he completed his master's degree in painting at Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Fine Arts in 2017. Lives and works in Kyoto. Exhibits mainly in the Kansai region. In recent years, also does commission work, such as installing works in offices.
    He attempts to visualize abstract concepts through acrylic paintings, silkscreens, and other painting works with complex layers and a three-dimensional feel. The works create the illusion of a relationship between the ground and the figure, and the sprayed matiere emphasizes the unevenness of the surface, creating a cognitive gap between the viewer's perception and the reality of the work.

    Takuro Tamura
    Born in 1989 in Osaka, Japan, he graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Integrated Arts Course in 2016. Currently based in Kyoto.
    By creating works from different angles of things that most people have a common perception of or are unconscious of, he aims to create expressions that affect the viewer's daily life, for better or for worse.

    Born in Chiba, Japan in 1990, he graduated from Tama Art University's Department of Graphic Design in 2014.
    By using pixel representation as an "abstraction of information," the artist attempts to antidote information overload and expresses a sensual and relaxed world.
    He has held live painting events at "Livepainting" (OIL by Bijutsu Techo, Tokyo, 2020) as well as solo exhibitions at "Virtual Wall" (Curiosity Small Room 2 by H.P.FRANCE, Osaka, 2019). Y gion x Yoshimoto Art" (Y gion, Kyoto, 2019) and "Aki Tsukamoto x HIN" (Void, Tokyo, 2019), as well as group exhibitions in Tokyo, Shanghai and other cities.

    【Schedule】 Thursday, December 17 - Sunday, December 20, 2020 *Admission times only, advance reservations required
    【Preview】 Thursday, December 17, 11:00-19:00 *Invited guests and press only
    【Open to the public】 Friday, December 18, 11:00-18:00
    Saturday, December 19, 11:00-18:00
    Sunday, December 20, 11:00-17:00
    【Venue】 Yamakawa Building 1F、2F、4F、5F
    1-7-3 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0057, Japan
    Six-minute walk from Exit 7 of Higashi-Umeda Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line, eight-minute walk from JR Kitashinchi Station
    Exhibiting galleries : 28 galleries

    admission fee:¥1,200-. / 1day pass *Advance reservation required

    Organized by: Japan Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Art
    Sponsors (support and cooperation): Interoffice Corporation, Dime Corporation, The Globe, e-plus, FM802, FM COCOLO, UNKNOWN ASIA, Art Scenes
    Official Website:

  • Notice of change of the opening date of “there-was”, a two-person exhibition by Ryoki Kurasaki and Kurumi Kotani

    2020-12-04 12:09

    【Notice of Change of Opening Dates】
    The gallery will be closed on December 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, and 13 due to Osaka Prefecture's request for voluntary curfew.
    For the last week of the exhibition, the opening hours will be changed as follows
    12/17(Thu) 15:00〜19:00*
    12/18(Fri) 15:00〜19:00
    12/19(Sat),20(Sun) 13:00〜19:00
    12/21(Mon) 11:00〜15:00*
    *Temporary open

    Saturday, November 21 - Sunday, December 20, 2020
    Fri 15:00―19:00 / Sat,Sun,Holi 13:00―19:00
    *Monday, December 21, 11:00-15:00 only by appointment

    B1, 2-1-16 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0041, Japan
    (3 minutes walk from Kitahama Station of Osaka Metro)

    Produced by DMOARTS
    Contact Us:

    DMOARTS is pleased to present "there-was", a two-person exhibition by Ryoki Kurasaki and Kurumi Kotani. This exhibition focuses on "traces" and "signs" - things that were there - "there-was", a concept shared by both artists of the same generation.

    Ryoki Kurasaki
    Kurasaki attempts to pursue the reality of his motifs by burning the parts of his oil portraits that used to be the eyes. The phenomena and materials generated by the flame as a metaphor for life, the exposed space, and the structure of the canvas itself are important components of his work. In this exhibition, he will also present a new series of frames, whose shapes are copied with wax and melted by the flames, framing landscapes that remind us of the original landscapes we all have in our minds.

    1995 Born in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
    2016 Graduated from Kyushu Designer Gakuin

    Main Exhibits
    DELTA Experiment(Osaka)
    solo exhibition「Traces Of The Soul」 DMOARTS(Osaka)
    solo exhibition「Remains」 Gallery Kogure(Tokyo)
    ART FAIR TOKYO 2019(Tokyo)
    VOLTA Basel 2019(Switzerland)
    ART OSAKA 2018(Osaka)
    UNKNOWN ASIA 2018(Osaka)

    Kurumi Kotani
    Kotani mainly exhibits paintings based on the theme of time, traces, and presence. In this exhibition, Kotani will exhibit his "21g" series, which was inspired by his interest in the occult and horror, and in which the entire screen is supposed to be a "window" with traces of someone touching the condensation on the glass surface, as well as new works from his "Iron Rust" series, which is more important to him because it attempts to reference the marks left on the earth by mankind.

    1994 Born in Osaka
    2017 Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Oil Painting Course
    2019 M.F.A., Kyoto University of Art and Design

    Main Exhibits
    DELTA Experiment(Osaka)
    two-person show「FUZZY TRACE」, Dopeness Art Lab(Taipei)
    solo exhibition「Blind」, MEDEL GALLERY SHU(Tokyo)
    group show「U30 - Whom do you suspect?」, GALLERY NOMART(Osaka)
    Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduate School Graduation Works Exhibition (Kyoto)
    New Star Art Collection, Matsuzakaya Nagoya Exhibition(Aichi)
    Selected Graduation Works Exhibition of Kyoto University of Art and Design, Spaceship Earth, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan(Tokyo)
    「nine colors X III」, Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery(Tokyo)
    「NEO SEED」, Hankyu Umeda Main Store(Osaka)
    solo exhibition「MESSAGE」, SUNDAY CAFE(Tokyo)
    solo exhibition「SIGN」, Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery(Tokyo)
    ART OSAKA 2019 (Osaka)
    group show「The island where the big ogre lives」, WAITINGROOM(Tokyo)
    UNKNOWN ASIA 2019 (Osaka)

    Collection of works by Ryoki Kurasaki and Kurumi Kotani「Ryoki Kurasaki / Kurumi Kotani」
    Digmeout press Scheduled to be published in November
    First collection of works by two artists of the same generation who will hold a two-person exhibition "there-was
    DMOARTS, sold through the online store RADIPASSTORE