UNKNOWN ASIA Photo Exhibition

2017. 12. 08 Fri. - 2017. 12. 28 Thu.

UNKNOWN ASIA Photo Exhibition
2017.12.8 fri. – 12.28 thu.

DMOARTS is proud to announce an exhibition of selected photographers from the UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE OSAKA 2017 which was held during November 3rd to 5th in Osaka with huge reputations ever. In addition, we collaborate with WONDER FORO DAY (Taipei). This exhibition entitled “UNKNOWN ASIA PHOTO EXHIBITION” introduces total 6 photographers of new generations including Awards winners. They are from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan. Special edited catalogue and posters will be sold. This is very precious and rare exhibition to introduce them, very talented new generation Asian photographers in Japan. We are all looking forward to your coming.

5pm – 8pm on December 9 (sat) at DMOARTS
Exhibitors, judges and reviewers of UNKNOWN ASIA, photograph directors in Osaka will gather. PARIS FOTO report by DMOARTS director Yoshihiro Taniguchi will be held, too.
(No need to reservation, we welcome you. Please join freely.)

Evelyn Pritt (Indonesia)
Bali and Jakarta based photographer, Evelyn uses photography as a data collection tool to observe her surroundings, and her works are a visualization of questions that develop into an endless trains of thought that arise during the process.
UNKNOWN ASIA 2017 judge Yoshihiro Taniguchi Award winner.

Hilarius Jason Pratana (Indonesia)
Jakarta based photographer and visual artists, Hilarius Jason Pratana straddles the line between art and photography.
UNKNOWN ASIA 2017 judge Hiroaki Shono and Ryo Takahashi Awards winner.

Maria Lezhnina (Taiwan)
Born in Russia and Taipei based photographer, Maria is an awarded photographer and architect interested in the climate and landscape. She obtained a Master in Architecture in Italy and in Russia.
WONDER FOTO DAY 2017 judge Yoshihiro Taniguchi Award winner.

(Pam) Virada Banjurtrungkajorn (Thailand)
Bangkok based photographer, Pam’s approach is to create minimal images by collages, photographs and graphic designs.
UNKNOWN ASIA 2017 judge Kazuki Kitahara, Takeki Sugiyama and Fan Yen-Wen Awards winner.

Ray Tsuyumitsu (Japan)
Japan and Taiwan based photographer, RAY aka ALIEN BIKYAKU introduces fetish self-portraits of her legs fused with pop colors.
UNKNOWN ASIA 2017 invited photographer.

Yen Tzu-Sung (Taiwan)
Taiwan based photographer, his approach to photograph is by trimming a part of architects and it reminiscent of sculpture.
WONDER FOTO DAY 2016 judge Yoshihiro Taniguchi Award winner. Exhibited in ART OSAKA 2017.

Relating events:
November 27 (mon) – December 28 (thu)
Venues at Daibiru, Nakanoshima Daibiru and Festivalcity
20 artists selected from UNKNOWN ASIA 2017 gather to Nakanoshima again. For more information:

“ALIEN BIKYAKU” comes to Osaka!
December 9 (sat) door opens 11:30 show starts 12:00
Venue at Standard Book Store (Amerika mura, Osaka)
Talk session by the photographer of Ray Tsuyumitsu on her BIKYAKU photographing etc.
Admission: 1,000 yen including 1 drink.
For more information & booking to:




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