• ART OSAKA 2017

    2017-06-28 09:56

    ART OSAKA 2017
    2017.7.7 Friday - 7.9 Sunday

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce to participate to ART OSAKA which is one of the biggest art fairs in Japan, focusing on contemporary art. As a reputable, established art fair, it is celebrating its 15th anniversary. This year, 54 art galleries will participate from both Japan and abroad (21 from the Kansai, 27 from the non-Kansai, 3 from Taiwan, 2 from Korea and 1 from Macau).
    There will be more than 150 artworks exhibited, ranging from affordable pieces by young artists, to master pieces by internationally renowned artists. With eclectic works of paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures and installations using entire booths, ART OSAKA 2017 will certainly be a place for visitors to experience high quality contemporary art.
    ART OSAKA uses hotel rooms as its venues, by doing so, artworks are presented with the feeling of being at home. Visitors can view quality artworks presented by gallerists with their unique aesthetics, and have the chance to purchase them on the spot. ART OSAKA hopefully provides both art lovers and anyone interested in living with art opportunities to establish new ways to connect and enjoy art by purchasing artworks they like.
    DMOARTS selects 5 new artists to ART OSAKA. We welcome your visit.


    Maria Murayama – sculpture
    Graduated from Musashino Art University and master’s degree program in sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts 2012, Murayama joined to residencies in Japan, China and Netherlands. Her work is called “Taxidermy” series that is expressed a sense of altered cognition through changing the environment or context from dead body to taxidermy that turn to be objectively. Her taxidermy is the art processing by ceramics.

    Saki Matsumura
    Born in Nagano. Graduated from master’s degree program in painting at Kyoto University of Art & Design. An eclectic painter with technics of silk screen and acrylic paints using geometric patterns expresses graphical taste. Her debut art fair after graduating the university. She is one of the young, rising star in the art scene.

    Born in Nagano, raised in Tokyo. Based in Sapporo after graduation from an art school in London. She draws traces of “mechanic” that consists urban picking up variety of subtle things surrounding our daily life as painting motives. Recently she uses motives of “test writing of pens” on a note pad that is often seen at stationary shops. By reproducing those motives of lines, free hand lines and graphics, she creates her own composition.

    Fumitake Uchida
    Born in Kyoto in 1981, graduated from Kyoto University of Art & Design.
    4 pieces of his works was selected to “DESTINATION JAPAN” published by MoMA in 2008. His illustration was featured in the annual references of global creatives “LE BOOK” in edition versions of NY, Paris and London. His performances expands to music and theater industries such as DVD/CD jackets of MISIA , props of a musical directed by Amon Miyamoto and his own music album launched in 2013. Participated to UNKNOWN ASIA 2016.

    Nonomi Miyahara
    Born in Tokyo in 1992, graduated from Kyoto University of Art & Design in 2015. She creates installation works that evoke us past and future by combinations of ceramic and various commodity goods. At UNKNOWNASIA 2016, she received 5 awards by judges.

    Yen Tzu-Sung
    The bulk of the early works were photographed by the documentary of black-and- white negative. The images were involved in imagination with a series of black humor accompanied.
    In addition to documentary photography, the artist has devoted himself to abstraction and minimalism recently. Not only he illuminate his own life experiences but also interprets the particular ones by series works.

    Venue: Hotel Granvia Osaka 26th Floor (DMOARTS Booth# 6306)
    Duration: July 7th Friday – 9th Sunday, 2017
    * Preview: 7th Friday 2pm – 8pm Invitee and Press only
    * Open to the Public: 8th Saturday 11am – 8pm / 9th Sunday 11am – 7pm
    (Admission closed 1 hour prior to the fair closing)