• Koji Shiroshita & TACO Exhibition _act_Draws

    2017-05-01 13:56

    2017.6/2 fri. - 6/15 thu.
    OPEN 10:00-21:00/Last day closed at 18 PM
    Reception:6月3日 sat. 18:00~

    The solo and collaborative art works of Koji Shiroshita and TACO have a power that resonates with and gathers creators, such as a designer, translator and photographer in support.
    With those supporters, "act" was born with the two artists at its center.
    Starting with a series of exhibitions in 2014 held at three venues in Osaka, "act" has expanded their audience with exhibitions in Fukuoka and various art fairs.
    And now we will take on a new world at "DMO ARTS" in Osaka.

    act_Draws --
    Draw alone, and draw together.
    The two brushes are led as if they create a new artist.
    Don't miss their evolving artworks.

    Koji Shiroshita
    Born in Kyoto in 1974. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Faculty of Design.
    After 10 years of drawing without publishing his artworks, he started to release them prolifically in April of 2013 with his debut solo exhibition at iTohen, a gallery in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka.
    The fifth prize winner out of 4,180 artworks from 52 countries in an international competition, “Art Olympia 2015”.

    Born in Osaka in 1982. Graduated from Osaka Academy of Integrated Design.
    Started to draw under the pseudonym TACO in 2002.
    I think to draw is a miracle. It is also vitality or life itself.And I'm drawing it.
    One of the finalists of “the 1st Foil Award in Kyoto (2013-14).