• Sakurako Fujii Solo Exhibition “nude”

    2018-11-22 22:00

    2018.11.30 Fri. - 12.13 Thu.
    Open | 10:00-21:00 18:00 on the last day only Close

    Reception Party & Artist Talk | 12.1 Sat. 19:00-

    When consciousness is laid bare, a beautiful screen is born. The sensations of the body become strokes as they are. The uninhibited and unrestrained freedom clad in dignity is my ideal of what I want to be when I create something, and what I want to be as a person as well. The works on display in the exhibition hall are the very embodiment of these sensations. I create pleasant black and white for the screen in front of me. Even if the size of the canvas or the tools used are different, the feeling is always the same.
    Please take a look at what I value through my paintings.

    Sakurako Fujii
    Born in 1996 in Osaka.
    2018 Began working as an illustrator and graphic designer.

    first solo exhibition “MIRUIS” holding a meeting | Gallery6C
    Received the President's Prize at the 2017 Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduation Exhibition

    CONTEMPORARY CHIC exhibition | Hankyu Umeda Gallery
    ILLUSTRATION WAVE VOL.1 | 3331 Arts Chiyoda