2019-01-17 11:00

    ALTERNATIVE TEXTURE's dried flower bag square is now available in a limited edition dot-pattern design! The limited edition dot-pattern design is now available!
    Random dots are mode/cute, and this special edition is only available at DMOARTS!

     ALTERNATIVE TEXTURE's Dried Flower Bag is a plastic bag filled with dried flowers in a variety of colors. The front, back, and even the handle of the bag are decorated with natural flowers, making it a glamorous, bold, and never-before-seen item.
     They are gaining popularity on Instagram and at pop-up stores. There are still only a few stores that carry these bags, and even the online store sells out soon after they are listed, making them the hardest bags to find right now.

    Please contact DMOARTS for availability.

    by product designer Kousuke Shimada and clothing designer Mako Kawamura. ALTERNATIVE" is an up-and-coming brand with the concept of "another [TEXTURE material feeling].