2019-07-05 08:00

    DMOARTS will be exhibiting again this year at ART OSAKA 2019, an art fair to be held at Hotel Granvia Osaka, directly connected to Osaka Station.

    ART OSAKA is Japan's largest hotel-based art fair specializing in contemporary art, and is the longest-established and most supported art fair in Japan. The lineup includes 54 galleries from Japan and abroad. From young artists to well-known artists, a wide selection of contemporary art will be exhibited and sold, ranging from paintings, sculptures, prints, and photographs to installations that use the entire space.

    DMOARTS is pleased to present six artists, Hanako Kimura, Saki Matsumura, Daisuke Kondo, Masaya Daito, Kurumi Kotani, and Jasmine Noda in ROOM 6012. We hope you will visit ART OSAKA 2019 and enjoy the pleasure of committing to the world of contemporary art through our art collection.

    ART OSAKA 2019
    Date : Friday, July 5, 2019 - Sunday, July 7, 2019
    Preview: Friday, July 5, 14:00-20:00 *Invited guests and press only
    General Public :July 6 (Sat) 11:00-20:00
    Sunday, July 7, 11:00-19:00 *Entrance until 1 hour before the end of the fair

    Hotel Granvia Osaka 26th floor
    3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001, Japan
    ・admission fee
    ¥1,800 / 1 DAY PASS

    ・Contact Us
    7F LUCUA 1100, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8558, Japan

    【Exhibiting Artists】
    Hanako Kimura
    Born in Kyoto and currently lives in Osaka. Graduated from Doshisha University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Aesthetics and Art. Photographer.
    UNKNOWN ASIA 2018 Grand Prix.
    Awarded the 16th Photography "1_WALL" Jury's Encouragement Prize (selected by Atsumi Kikuchi).
    He regularly creates works on the theme of touching the vast gray zone that lies between the two extremes of "existence" and "non-existence" with the help of photography. In recent years, he has been working not only with photography, but also with three-dimensional works, drawings, and installations.

    Saki Matsumura
    He completed his master's degree in painting at Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2017.
    Selected for "Turner Acrylic Gouache Biennale 2017" and "Tokyo Wonder Seed 2017."
    Combining acrylic painting, silkscreening, and stenciling, the artist attempts to visualize abstract concepts with intricately layered and three-dimensional paintings.
    The expression that creates the illusion of a relationship between the earth and the figure, and the matiere that emphasizes the unevenness of the surface by spraying, create a gap between the viewer's perception and the reality, making the viewer aware of the distortion of his or her perception.

    Taisuke Kondouh
    In 2018, he graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Graduate School of Art and Design, Painting Area.
    He creates works by confronting the screen with the unique human elements of memory and emotion, converting them into the energy of "color. On the screen, where space is divided by the color plane, the complex inner feelings of people are condensed, creating images that seem to resonate with each other. He uses a method of production in which he fills syringes with mediums and acrylic paints, which he has calculated and blended in advance, and injects them through needles onto the canvas.

    Masaya Daito
    Kyoto Seika University Graduate School is currently enrolled.
    At first glance, Daito's sculptures are made of materials that are recognizable as glass bottles, but they are no longer inorganic industrial products, but rather organic and life-like forms of the human body.
    The inside of the kiln, which cannot be intervened by a third party, is regarded as a single cosmic space, and the artist expresses a new point of view by deforming it by chance according to the laws of nature, that is, the nature of glass that melts at high temperatures and the force of gravity.

    Kurumi Kotani
    In 2019, he will graduate from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Graduate School of Art and Design, Painting Area.
    He creates paintings on the theme of relationships, signs and traces of existence.
    In her signature series of paintings, "21g," the entire screen is envisioned as a "window," with traces of someone's touch on the condensed glass surface. Her interest in mystical and supernatural phenomena has led her to create paintings reminiscent of scenes from horror films, bringing to the surface the presence of an unseen and uncertain entity.

    Jasmine Noda
    Born in 1996 in U Thai, Thailand and came to Japan in 2003. Ceramic artist.
    He will receive the President's Award at the Kyoto Seika University 2019 Graduation and Completion Works Exhibition for "Memory Swan 04/Prayer," which was created on the theme of the landscape of his home country, religion and crafts, ceramics and contemporary art.
    He established HAKUHA PROJECT, which presents the form of ceramic art in line with the times while creating art works with ceramics as a craft. He is also an art producer.