• NAOTO KITA × MAUMEE Brass Collection POPUP

    2019-03-21 20:00

    NAOTO KITA × MAUMEE Brass Collection POPUP
    2019. 3. 23 Sat. - 2019. 4. 4 Thu.

    We are pleased to present a brass - brass collection pop-up by two creators with unique expressions.
    Naoto Kita creates objects and brooches that stir the imagination in a "weird" and allegorical way.
    MAUMEE will present new accessories with the theme of "flapping wings" and the image of a bird taking flight in the blue spring sky.
    Please enjoy the world of brass with its rustic texture and warmth.

    With the goal of creating rhythmic three-dimensional illustrations
    He produces and presents three-dimensional works, products and accessories in brass and various other metals.

    A brand by Mayumi Shouda, who creates jewelry using brass and silver as materials.
    It is characterized by a humorous style that expresses the flow of fantasy as it arrives.
    Each piece is handmade, so they are all one-of-a-kind with slightly different expressions and patterns.
    Completed Itami College of Jewelry in 2015; Selected for the Itami International Craft Exhibition (2014-2017).