• First Steps in Art. Debut of HOP ART!

    2019-06-18 16:00

    HOP ART was designed to be the "first step" in bringing artwork into your life.

    We respond to those who yearn to hang a painting in their room but are unable to take the first step because they do not have a large space, cannot make a hole in the wall, the price is too high, or do not know what to choose.

    The picture is set from the beginning in a chic charcoal gray frame.
    It is about one size smaller than A4, so it can be displayed in a small place in your home.
    An assembled stand is included with the picture, so it can be placed on a shelf like a picture frame or easily hung on the wall with drawing slips.

    【First Participating Artists】
    Hevio Tamamura / Momoyon / Masaomi Kato / Tatsuya Inoue / Neko Rinna / JOJO YAN / LISE / Oyamaneko / Yuka Izuhara

    Main body: approx. 265 x 220 mm
    When the pedestal is used: about 280×220×80mm

    Frame and base: paper
    Bag/Protective board: Plastic

    3,000 yen (excluding tax)

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