• “My First ART in BBG” – Second half of the exhibition

    2019-05-17 16:18

    “My First ART in BBG” Reception Party
    2019.5.24 Fri. 18:00-
    2-8-5 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0035, Japan

    We will hold a reception party for DMOARTS' exhibition "My First ART in BBG" at BANK BED GALLERY in GUEST HOUSE DENCHI, Asakusa!
    Also, starting from this day when the second half of the exhibition begins, there will be new artworks by Desk Akimoto, bags by ALTERNATIVE TEXTURE, and "HOP ART", the sister art series of My First ART!
    Everyone is welcome to stop by.

    ■Tsukue Akimoto
    Exhibiting and selling the works of artist Desk Akimoto, whose works have been well-received at DMOARTS with their strangeness, weakness, statelessness, and overwhelming presence! Enjoy the addictive worldview that has won him great acclaim at exhibitions in Asia.

    ■Akimoto Tsukue "Collage Book Making Workshop
    Date and Time: Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26, 2019
    Fee: Booklet 1,620 yen / Sheet 1,080 yen (tax included)
    Time required: 30 min.
    Printed materials and clippings collected from various countries from Akimoto desk's workshop will come to BANK BED GALLERY! Why don't you create your own mysterious collage of your choice?
    No rules, just use your creativity and have fun!

    The artist will be in the gallery from around 1:00 pm. Anyone is welcome to come and join us. A small gift will be offered to those who make a reservation in advance.
    For reservations and inquiries, please / 050-1194-0168

    ■ALTERNATIVE TEXTURE"Dried Flower Bags"
    ALTERNATIVE TEXTURE's Dried Flower Bag is a vinyl bag that contains dried flowers in a variety of colors. The front, back, and even the handle of the bag are decorated with natural flowers, making it a gorgeous and bold item never seen anywhere before.
    BANK BED GALLERY will also sell limited-edition designs collaborated with illustrator Prayer Kito, as well as a new succotash bag.

    ■ digmeout presents「HOP ART」
    digmeout, which produces the "My First ART" series of framed art for 10,000 yen, is pleased to announce the first appearance at BANK BED GALLERY of the much-requested and more affordable "HOP ART" art series!
    For my room or as a gift for that someone. As your first step to buying art, choose one of the 3,000 yen flat rate pieces of art by up-and-coming young artists.
    Artist:Hevio Tamamura、Momoyon、Masaomi Kato、Tatsuya Inoue、Neko Rinna、JOJO YAN、LISE、Oyamaneko、Yukaizuhara

    “My First ART in BBG”
    2019.4.26 Fri. ~ 2019.6.23 Sun. My First ART Participating Artists:
    chiaki kohara / Neko Syogun / Palm Graphics / Heroshi Nakyamera / Momoyon / Chika Tanigawa / Yoriko Youda / Ryohei Yamashita / Sachicafe / Katsuyuki Hoshino / eimi / riya / Keiko Ogawa / Madoka Kinoshita / Kazuko Taniguchi / Hikari Yamazaki / WORD ART PRESS & SUPPLY / buggy / Aki Miyajima / groovisions and more!

    2-8-5 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0035, Japan