• Sakurai Hajime illustration exhibition “POP ART SOUL” in FUKUOKA

    2019-01-03 15:00

    2018 12.15 SAT. - 2019 1.14 MON.**
    at TAG STÅ
    **Due to popular demand, the exhibition period has been extended! Last day until 6:00 p.m.

    The final stop of "POP ART SOUL" exhibition "Sakurai Hajime" in 2018, which traveled from Osaka to Tokyo, was at TAG STÅ in Fukuoka, Japan. The theme of the new "POP ART SOUL" series, which depicts girls with a sweet and dangerous scent, is "Tongue My Heartbeat Up!
    We will also have our usual Lo-Fi pop paintings and drawings, as well as new merchandise for sale. We are looking forward to seeing you at "POP ART SOUL," which will be held again this year.
    We will announce the exhibition schedule and other information on SNS as needed, so please follow us and check back.

    Produced by DMOARTS

    Hajime Sakurai
    Completed graduate studies at Kyoto Institute of Technology. As an illustrator/graphic designer, he has created artwork for advertisements, posters, magazines, record jackets, etc. He has a deep knowledge of 60's culture including music, fashion, and movies. He has a deep knowledge of 60's culture such as music, fashion, and movies, and engages in old and new creations with square exploration and hip performances under the theme of "POP ART SOUL".


    Business Hours 7:00-20:00

    Space Cube 1F, 1-7-11 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 810-0003, Japan