• UNKNOWN ASIA 2019 Call for Exhibitor Entries

    2019-04-29 12:00

    UNKNOWN ASIA, a unique international art fair from Osaka organized by digmeout, FM802, FM COCOLO, etc., will be held again this year. 300 creators selected from Japan and abroad will exhibit their works at Grand Front Osaka. The exhibition will be moved to Grand Front Osaka for the fifth year. Business matching by a total of 200 judges and reviewers will also be a major feature of this year's event.
    Design, photography, fashion, illustration, performance, and more. We invite you to experience a stimulating site of exchange among creators from different genres and countries.

    UNKNOWN ASIA" creates opportunities for Asian creators to work beyond their national borders.
    We support people who believe in their own creativity, compete, discuss, and recognize each other.
    UNKNOWN ASIA" is a place that connects creators whose creativity and passion easily transcend the seas with those who have high expectations for them.
    The spirit of "Asia is One," as Okakura Tenshin once advocated, is now here.
    Unknown creators, each working toward the realization of their dreams.
    UNKNOWN ASIA cordially welcomes all the like-minded people who gather at this fair.

    Exhibitor entries for UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2019 will be accepted from 12:00 pm on Friday, January 25.
    For more information on the exhibit outline and how to enter, please visit the Exhibit Entry Outline page.