• Crowdfunding Start: Kuroneko Designs wants to produce its first book “ALL ABOUT Robin”!

    2020-10-26 13:00

    Kuro-Neko ROBIN-chan is a cute and cool character created by Kuro-Neko Design. We have started a crowdfunding campaign to fulfill the request of many fans: "I want to see a book with lots of Robin-chan in it! We have started a crowdfunding campaign to fulfill the requests of many fans who want to see a book full of ROBIN-chan!
    Let's have fun making "ALL ABOUT Robin" together!

    「ALL ABOUT Robin」
    ・Author: Kuroneko Design
    ・Size: B6 version
    ・full color
    ・Number of pages: 200
    ・Price: List price 4,000 yen (*excluding consumption tax and shipping costs)
    ・Publisher:digmeout press

    Click here for more info on pre-ordering the book of works & crowdfunding support!
    Kuroneko Design would like to produce our first book "ALL ABOUT Robin"! Through November 30, 2020

    The character "Kuro-Neko Robin-chan" has pointy claws, a snarl, and a cocky, oblique look in his eyes.
    The cute, cool, fashionable, and retro worldview depicted by Kuroneko Design has won the hearts of many fans.

    I want a collection of Kuroko Neko Design's work!"
    I'd love to see a book with plenty of robin-chan in it!"

    This has been a dream that has not been realized, although we have received many requests for it.
    In order to finally produce a collection of works filled with the charms of such a hard-to-follow Robin-chan, Kuroneko Designs has made a bold decision to make it a reality!
    FM802 / FM COCOLO has teamed up with "digmeout", an art project by FM COCOLO, to launch a project to produce a collection of works for the first time!

    The title of the collection is「ALL ABOUT Robin」
    This is a visual book that includes illustrations, a scene from a picture book, a cut used in a calendar, and more, condensing the "Robin-chan" of the past, and can be enjoyed by both core fans and newcomers alike!
    Also, next year in 2021 will mark the 10th anniversary of Kuroneko Design's activities!
    This is sure to be a collection of works worthy of the Memorial Year!

    However, many events and exhibitions have been canceled due to the new coronavirus, and we need the support of Robin-chan fans to publish the book.

    As a return gift, a zine "ALL ABOUT KURONEKO SEISAKUSHO" focusing on the two creators of ROBIN-chan, "KURONEKO SEISAKUSHO", will also be produced!

    Come by and spoil the cute Robin-chan to the fullest♪
    Let's have fun making "ALL ABOUT Robin" together♪