• Yoshitaka Goto exhibition “Into the dream”

    2020-08-24 19:00

    InterContinental Hotel Osaka and digmeout are pleased to announce the first collaboration project "Yoshitaka Goto exhibition "Into the dream"" at the patisserie STRESSED on the first floor.
    Goto invites you into a daydream-like world created by two analog techniques: "multiple exposures" using a film camera, a method of photographing multiple times on a single frame to create a mysterious world view, and "cross process development," a method of developing positive film into negative film to produce colors that awaken the eye. The two analog techniques invite the viewer into a daydream-like world. Enjoy the art with InterContinental Hotel Osaka's surprising and playful selection of sweets.

    Yoshitaka Goto exhibition ”Into the dream”
    Venue: InterContinental Hotel Osaka, 1F Patisserie STRESSED
    Business Hours:11:00 - 19:00
    Detail Web Page:
    Contact Us:06-6374-5700(Hotel Representative)

    He graduated from Kyoto Sangyo University with a degree in business administration and is a registered artist with digmeout (FM802).
    In 2008, he discovered Lomography film cameras, which originated in Russia, and put aside the digital SLR cameras he had been using until then. Inspired by Lomography users around the world who enjoy taking pictures without being bound by stereotypes, he immersed himself in multiple exposures, creating CG and sci-fi movie-like worlds using analog techniques such as multiple exposures and cross process development. His works are sometimes fantastical and sometimes crazy, and have been highly acclaimed in various competitions. He has held solo exhibitions mainly in Tokyo and Osaka, and exhibited his works at art fairs in Japan and abroad. Many of his works have been used as samples and promotional photos for Lomography's official website and SNS. He has also provided artwork for various advertisements and book covers. He also teaches film camera workshops and serves as a guest lecturer at various schools. In 2018, he published a photo book "Inception" from Buffalo Press, and in 2019, a photo book "X-ing" from 233Press. Authorized Lomography distributor.