• Yoshitaka Goto Photo Exhibition “The Power of Analog

    2020-06-24 12:24

    Kiyo Bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA, an exhibition by Yoshitaka Goto, a photographer who has participated in UNKNOWN ASIA for five consecutive years, will be held at NAMBA SQUARE. Please enjoy his unique and mysterious photographs, which transcend time and space, created with the technique of "multiple exposure" using an analog camera.

    Yoshitaka Goto
    Film Photographer / Lomographer. Inspired by users who enjoy shooting without being bound by stereotypes, he immersed himself in analog techniques such as multiple exposures and cross-process development, always thinking about how to express the world of CG and science fiction movies with analog techniques. His works have been exhibited at solo exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka, and have also been used in various fields as artwork for advertisements and other media. On the other hand, he is also active as a guest lecturer at vocational schools and as a guest speaker at workshops and talk sessions.

    [Exhibition Outline]
    Yoshitaka Goto Photo Exhibition "The Power of Analog
    Date and time = June 27, 2020 (Saturday) Start
    Location=KiyoBank×802 NAMBA SQUARE
    Outside the central ticket gate, 2F, Nankai Electric Railway Namba Station, 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
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