• Saki Matsumura|Group Exhibition|7 Eyes – In the near future

    2021-10-20 14:00

    Saki Matsumura will participate in a group exhibition at Bunkamura Gallery, Shibuya.

    「Seven Eyes-In the near future」
    2021/10/27(Wed) - 11/3(Wed, holi)
    Bunkamura Gallery
    2-24-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8507, Japan

    Shukado gallery

    We are pleased to introduce seven artists who continue to express their unique worldviews.

    What do the languid gazes of these women gaze at and appeal to? Ayano Oki paints with rock paints and rough brush strokes, but with a delicate sensibility.
    Oil painter Hiroki Kakinuma fantastically depicts a grand panorama of the intersection of the foreign and the human, the abnormal and the everyday.
    Takuma Uone is a three-dimensional artist who expresses a fusion of Buddhism and Shintoism rooted in the heart of Japan, and the ancient and near future in science fiction and robot animation.
    Using classical techniques, oil painter Takahiro Hara sublimates everyday scenes into poetic and universal beauty.
    Masaru Ozaki is a pioneering projection mapping artist who uses his own imagination and modern technology to manipulate light at will.
    Using CG with classical sensibility, Shiori Matsuura vividly depicts beautiful women of today.
    Saki Matsumura visualizes abstract concepts through acrylic paintings, silk screens, and other intricately layered, three-dimensional paintings.

    We hope you will enjoy the diverse world of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, mixed media, and other forms of expression woven together by the eyes and sensibilities of seven challenging artists with a respect for the ancient and a gaze from the present to the future.