• Blue Bottle Coffee × SAKI MATSUMURA |SHIBUYA – Many Faces, New Faces

    2021-12-02 13:00

    Blue Bottle Coffee × SAKI MATSUMURA
    SHIBUYA - Many Faces, New Faces
    Exhibiting Artists:Saki Matsumura
    Holding period:Wednesday, December 1, 2021 ~ Thursday, December 30, 2021
    Location:Blue Bottle Coffee Shibuya Cafe
    address (e.g. of house):1-7-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Access: JR LineApproximately 7 minutes walk from "Shibuya Station
    Business Hours:8:00−22:00

    *Hours of operation are for the time being. 8:00-20:00(Food last order at 19:30)
    *The café operates with safety measures in place, such as installing splash protection, recommending contactless payment, and arranging checkout lines and seating with social distance maintained.
    *Please note that the hours of operation may change in the future in consideration of government and municipal guidelines and announcements, as well as the policies of the facilities where we have opened our stores.

    With complex layers of colorful colors that seem to move back and forth, and a sense of three-dimensionality, Saki Matsumura's paintings also expand the imagination for multidimensional landscapes and sensations that cannot be perceived in real-world landscapes.
    【Exhibition Theme】
    Shibuya's scramble crossing, giant digital signage, and the constant movement of people. The ever-changing, ever-mixing city is always filled with a sense of the new and the unknown. The dynamic works, in which various textures overlap each other, shake and stimulate the viewer's heart.

    It started in September.【SHIBUYA - Many Faces, New Faces】
    Blue Bottle Coffee supports the "White Wall Project" (@whitewallproject_jp), a project launched by Henry Ho of the graphic design company "gtdi" to expand the possibilities of art and make the experience of art more accessible. Blue Bottle Coffee is supporting the project and holding this exhibition. Artworks by artists selected from the viewpoint of improving the Shibuya area and the coffee drinking experience are exhibited at Blue Bottle Coffee Shibuya Cafe on a monthly basis.
    In September, we exhibited works by Maki Sato, in October by Yasumasa Yoshida, and in November by Syotaro Murakami, a different artist each month. This month, December, we will be introducing the work of Ms. Saki Matsumura on the wall of the second floor of the café.