• Saki Matsumura “Combinations”

    2021-01-14 14:29

    Artist Saki Matsumura will hold her first solo exhibition "Combinations" in 2021 at LAD GALLERY in Nagoya. Many new works will be exhibited. Please come as much as you can.

    session:2021.1.23 sat. - 2.6 sat.
    Venue:LAD GALLERY(Nagoya)

    1993 Born in Nagano Prefecture
    2017 M.F.A. in Painting, Kyoto University of Art and Design
    2019 The eyes:They see(DMOARTS/Osaka)
    chi to zu(H.P.FRANCE window gallery/Tokyo)
    2020 TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY collection exhibition(TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY/Osaka)
    He has also exhibited and participated in many art fairs.

    Matsumura incorporates contradictory elements such as digital and analog, cutting-edge and old-fashioned, and pursues the influence of their interaction on the viewer's perception.
 The spatiality of digital and the material, organic layers of the analog rendering succeed in creating a unique pictorial space.
In this exhibition, titled "combination," a single work of art is digitally trimmed, deconstructed, and reassembled to create a tableau of works.

    Creating the Combination series," says Matsumura, "is like a small child playing with a mess of toys.
    If children, through repetitive play, learn to recognize and distinguish the whole through observation, gradually discovering meaning and conditions, and selecting their favorite toys, the combination series is Matsumura's attempt to understand her own paintings and pursue beauty in her search for it. For the viewer, the viewer is confronted with her own optimal solution in the space of the paintings, in the piled up forms and overlapping colors.