• ART WALK Dojima / Nakanoshima

    2022-05-29 11:00

    ART WALK Dojima/Nakanoshima" will be held in conjunction with "art stage OSAKA 2022", the first art fair to be held in Osaka, and is expected to attract attention as an art district and further develop in the future. The "Dojima/Nakanoshima WALK Dojima/Nakanoshima" is an area-based art festival with special exhibits, events and special offers at each spot only during this period.
    From DMOARTS, Mie Takahashi and Mitsumasa Miura's exhibition is introduced within the framework of ART WALK Dojima/Nakanoshima.

    ■Mie Takahashi
    Venue | Rihga Royal Hotel
    Schedule | 5/31(Tue) - 6/13(Mon)
    Many paintings by modern and contemporary Japanese artists will be displayed throughout the museum, including the main lounge with works by Narashige Koide and Ryohei Koiso. The main bar, "Leach Bar," was conceived by English potter Bernard Leach, and features folk art works by Kawai Kanjiro, Hamada Shoji, and others.
    FM802 and FM COCOLO's art gallery "DMOARTS" collaborates with ART WALK Dojima/Nakanoshima to exhibit works. Contemporary artist Mie Takahashi's works will be exhibited in a special space on the first floor of the Rihga Royal Hotel, one of the leading hotels in the Nakanoshima area. The sculptures are made of terra cotta and feature eye-catching coloring.

    ■Koga Miura
    Solo exhibition「come and go」
    Schedule | 5/27(金) - 6/5(日) 13:00-19:00
    *Open Thu-Sun during the exhibition, close at 17:00 on the last day.
    Preview : 5/26(木) 17:00-20:00 *Admission by invitation only.
    Venue | B1F THE BOLY OSAKA, 2-1-16 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka