• Yogoto Yoriko Youda exhibition

    2012. 12. 26 Wed. - 2013. 1. 15 Tue.

    Language is a word to celebrate.
    Power lives in words, blessing words bring happiness.
    A good word enters from the eyes, arrives at the lips, and can be launched, from which prayers can be put in one stroke so that a gorgeous year can be opened.
    Continuing from last year, DMOARTS 's New Year's Holiday will hold a work exhibition by Yoriko Youda . Prior to this exhibition, as last year, she dedicated Yoriko Youda to Sumiyoshi Taisha.
    Please enjoy lucky works with auspicious words, calling luck just by decorating them.

    ■ Opening Party December 29 (Sat) 18: 00-20: 00 DMOARTS Anyone can participate
  • Mic*Itaya exhibiiton twinkle

    2012. 12. 12 Wed. - 2012. 12. 25 Tue.

    It is a gift.
    Small and cute things.
    Even if it is not a jewel, it is sparkling and shining.
    Beautiful things.
    Cool stuff.
    Those who can feel that it is precious.
    Everyone is delighted with the gift, the people, the people who watch it, and the people who watch over it.
    Around the circle like Rondo, a new imagination is born.
    A testimony that leads to happy.
    What you want to hug.
    The theme of this exhibition is twinkle.

    It is sometimes wrapped in and carried by those embracing the sparkle of the moment and the warmth of eternity, aware of the feelings that connect people and the small sign that feels in the heart.
    It is a beautiful and charming world of angels and goddesses over the witness of peace and love to the future or from the future.

    2012. 11. 14 Wed. - 2012. 12. 11 Tue.

    Anze Hideo / eimi / Kanda Yumiko / Shimoda Hikari /chiaki kohara / Nekoshougun / buggy / riya /Nakamura Mucho Yoshiteru / Miyajima Aki / Yonemasu Yuka

    It's been a year and a half since opening in May 2011. We have held 36 exhibition exhibitions at DMOARTS.
    Among them, we will hold special omnibus exhibitions gathering artists' works that are highly popular and highly desired for re-opening, for the first consecutive month.
    Autograph autographs and workshops are held one after another.
    Many new works of My First ART also appeared. Please stay tuned.

    Opening party November 17 (Sat) 18: 00-20: 00 DMO ARTS? ※ Anyone can participate.
  • Young And Talented DMOARTS Group Show 2012

    2012. 10. 31 Wed. - 2012. 11. 13 Tue.

    OPENING RECEPTION 11.3 sat.18:00-20:00

    Ikeda Takahiro who visually expresses memory of chocolate using cocoa powder as pigment, Takeshi Hirashima trying to draw a real world in a screen composition like a computer game, Moe Shiraishi adding an angle to a soft touch by a printmaking method .
    Okada Kazuya converting pieces of memory into a picture by collage.
    We introduce new contemporary writers by selection unique to DMO ARTS.
  • BUNNYFEVER!!! MAD BUNNY Wodcut Installation

    2012. 10. 10 Wed. - 2012. 10. 30 Tue.

    In this exhibition, BUNNY FEVER !!! installation will be deployed to DMOARTS.
    In addition to exhibiting and selling Bunnies, which was only available at the gallery in London, MADBUNNY / BOYSDNTCRY.
    In 2013, Spring, the second document photograph collection "BYSDNTCRY./ MY EX-BOYFRIENDS" photographed in London is planned to be published.
    In 2013, I will publish a document photograph collection "ISLAMIC BLUES" photographed in Iran.
  • earl grey/jun imajo photo exhibition

    2012. 9. 26 Wed. - 2012. 10. 09 Tue.

    Junjo Imagi who is active in numerous fashion magazine editorials, advertisements, etc.
    In portrait as well as in landscape photography, I am getting the support of many fans by a photographic method that gently catches objects in the transparent light.
    This exhibition consists of landscape photographs selected from 'earl gray' (Earl Gray) out of the two books released by Mayoru Imagi in May.
    A series taken in a rural area near London in May last year.
    You will feel a poetic healing in the cute British style of life landscape.
    In addition to exhibitions and sales of original prints, past photo collections and related products are also sold. Please expect it.

    Imajo Jun
    Photographer Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1977. He graduated from Nihon University College of Art and Photo Department.
    After studying with Mr. Osamu Yokomi, he started working as a freelance photographer since 2006.
    He is involved in numerous fashion magazines, apparel advertisements / catalogs, CD jackets and so on.
    "TOWN IN CALM" "ATMOSPHERE" "over the silence" and other photograph collections are published.
    Photograph collection "earl gray" "milk tea" 2 books simultaneously on sale Fixed price: 2,940 yen (tax included)
    Issued by: MATOI PUBLISHING Reception party September 29th (Sat) 18: 00-20: 00 DMO ARTS Everyone can participate.
  • mocchi mocchi exhibition SILK SCREEN PRINTING WORKS

    2012. 9. 12 Wed. - 2012. 9. 25 Tue.

    Reception September 15th (Sat) 18: 00-20: 00

    It is a very pleasant event for me to be able to hold a work exhibition of Osaka, mocchi mocchi, that creates a beautiful silkscreen with rare techniques.
    I ordered them to print animals, plants, winds and light as well, casually original prints that pops casually over ridiculous loneliness.
    The person who saw it is sure to have all the lovely works that you would like to take home with you. Please expect it.
    Taniguchi Yoshihiro

    Silk screen printing is a technique of extruding and printing ink with a spatula called a squeegee from between the silk eye (now chemical fiber).
    We have been producing works with this technique.
    Normally, this technique is said to be suitable for flat expressions, but we feel interesting in creating finely complex expressions with silkscreen prints in recent years and incorporating them into the work.
    In order to produce them, after drawing expression on the uneven film with the drawing material called Solid ink, we follow the process of adjusting the time of the photosensitive work to burn the plate.
    We feel the unique charm of prints on the expressions of lines and faces produced through the work.
    This time, we will develop works with the theme of "fascination with complexity and simplicity coexisting" theme.

    Mocchi mocchi
    Mochizuki Sachiko / Junko sisters work on creation.
    Both graduated from Masa Mode Academy of Art.
    We also produce and sell works with silk screen prints, as well as design activities in the field of cloth and interior.
    As recent work, poster design to PYRAMID INTERNATIONAL (UK), rug design to ANGELO TRADING Co (Belgium), wallpaper design to Asahi Corporation, etc.
    We are developing activities both domestically and internationally.
  • Yuji Yamada solo exhibition: Cyclo d’Art

    2012. 8. 28 Tue. - 2012. 9. 11 Tue.

    August 29 (wed) - September 11 (Tue), 2012 at DMO ARTS

    Reception:September 1 (Sat) 6-8pm
    Everyone's welcome!
  • group exhibition: Girlie show

    2012. 8. 08 Wed. - 2012. 8. 28 Tue.

    August 8 (Wed) - 28 (Tue), 2012 at DMO ARTS

    Participating Artists:Keiko Ogawa, Shiori Kawamoto, eimi, Hikari Yamazaki, Chihiro Ishikawa
    Reception:August 11 (Sat) 6-8pm
    Everyone's welcome!
  • Ryohei Yamashita solo exhibition: BUMP!

    2012. 7. 25 Wed. - 2012. 8. 07 Tue.

    July 25 (Wed) - August 7 (Tue), 2012 at DMO ARTS

    Live Painting Event:July 28 (Sat) from 1pm
    Reception:July 28 (Sat) 6-8pmEveryone’s welcome!