• Yoriko Youda Exhibition Unite the Lights

    2015. 11. 11 Wed. - 2015. 11. 24 Tue.

    We are now exhibiting Yoriko Youda's show Unite the Lights in DMO ARTS, Osaka.
    Yoriko, based on traditional lucky sign, pattern, and concepts, express the gaps and discomfort born in the environment that has culture mixed in modern times by drawing Shishikoma, which are the guardian animals used to be lions, now turned to be dogs, in contemporary ways.

    在大阪DMO ARTS目前展出曄田依子Yoriko Youda個展「かげを結う」。
  • Yuka Yonemasu EXHIBITION A Pinch of Yarn

    2015. 10. 28 Wed. - 2015. 11. 10 Tue.

    [DATES] 2015,Nov,28th(Wed)-Nov,11th (Tue)
    opening reception : Nov 31, 18:00 free adimittion

    Yuka Yonemasu is an illustrator who energetically active in publishing original piece of work and also creating cover design for various popular writers.
    She uses acryl gouache, pens and collage art work for the first step, then she scans the art work to create final piece of work by MAC PC.
    The main theme of her work is, “Is it a dream or reality or a vision?” Thus, she expresses a dreamy atmosphere mingled with dream and reality under the theme.
    Yuka Yonemasu says, ‘I like a dreamy atmosphere that I could feel a sense of reality not only the fantasy of optimistic dreams.
    The thing which slightly lonely, ephemeral but lively and individually strong.
    I would use “circus” as an example for my art work. Because, circus is a thing that happens in a short time but creates magical and fantasy like a dream.
    It seems like whole thing was a dream but it actually happened in reality and I want to express the imagination in my art work.’

    2015. 10. 14 Wed. - 2015. 10. 27 Tue.

    Stephen Kenny who is known for his letterpress works is going to exhibit his solo show in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka).
    “A TWO PIPE PROBLEM” is a letterpress studio based in Walthamstow, East London, run by Stephen Kenny.
    A working graphic designer, Stephen leads his trained eyes to create a new approach to the antique art of letterpress.
    At this time of the exhibition, he is going to release his new works captured ordinal scenes such as, ‘music’, ‘food’, ‘sound’, ‘happiness’ and ‘love’.
    These works may seem like abstract works at first glance, but you will figure out the idea that is intended to associate ‘sound’, ‘design’ and ‘word’.
    For instance, a main work of the exhibition, “RAIN IS POPCORN” captured an ordinal raining day, but when you get the deeper meaning behind the work, you will clearly imagine that little moment is the very special day.
    The background colour leads to associate an ‘umbrella’ and the sound of rain sheds the umbrella associates a sound of ‘popcorn’.
    The meaning of ‘food’ (popcorn) equals to ‘happiness’ and ‘peace’ and the imagination comes from ‘sound’ (rain drop). The theme colour of the exhibition is ‘BLACK & WHITE’.
    The monotone colour aims audience to call the scene to mind and colours the work to create own story.
    Furthermore, a work of ‘BLACK ON BLACK’ pushes to envelope on radical function of messenger and sign.
    It beyonds the stereotype of letterpress and it is also a step to art not only a messenger.
    He is a typography and print devotee and worked as graphic designer for 10 years.
    In 2007, he launched his letterpress studio, ‘A TWO PIPE PROBLEM LETTER PRESS’ and involved in corporate branding, book and record cover design for numerous artists.
    Meanwhile, he releases his original work of posters and greeting cards and he drew attention when he first exhibit at ‘PAUL SMITH SPACE GALLERY’ in Tokyo.
    With that as a start, he frequently exhibits solo shows in Japan.
  • riya exhibition Whale Song

    2015. 9. 26 Sat. - 2015. 10. 13 Tue.

    riya is known for her paper cutout art works will have her solo show, ‘Whale Song’ after 2 years at gallery DMO ARTS.
    riya was born in Chicago, U.S.A, 1985 and she now lives in Tokyo.
    She uses method of paper cutout, arranging icons of animals, humans, waves, clouds, fire and starts to create works that are somewhat magical and ethnic features with hint of ecological views.
    At this time of the exhibition, riya will going to present her new works using a whale as main art motif.
    The duration will be 26 of Sep (Sat)-13 of Oct (Tue) and the opening reception party will be held on 26 th of Sep(Sat) 6pm-9pm.
    Please be aware that the last day of the exhibition closes at 6pm.
    Deep in the past, like the beginning of something new One part of the star falls into the sea Take a pause and began Staying alive for numbers of years.
    The figure takes one the shape of another being Join a ring together And I, the one who returned to the sea And I, the one who stayed on the land.
    You and I share the same parts.
  • P.M.Ken exhibition, “crosspoint 2015”

    2015. 7. 08 Wed. - 2015. 7. 21 Tue.

    DMO ARTS Kita-ku, Osaka Umeda 3-1-3 LUCUA 1100 B1F
    TEL 06-6450-8187

    PM Ken, who is known for his photography will have solo exhibition, crosspoint 2015 at gallery DMO ARTS.
    P.M Ken found one’s leg to be a photographer with his first exhibition in 1996 and started to produce a photograph of world cityscape composite by Photoshop and Macintosh.
    The unique technique and ideas widen his rage of activity in creative fields and it lead to publish his first photobook, “cross point”.
    He holds solo exhibition of his outstanding monochromatic photography of composite picture on a regular basis since 2010.
    This exhibition will be his third time and he is going to release his latest work related to Osaka such as Tower of Sun, Namba Street and Osaka City Central Public Hall.
    He will be displaying his latest work of 20 and also his original goods.
    We look forward your visit.
  • Asahi Satoko Exhibition 000

    2015. 6. 24 Wed. - 2015. 7. 07 Tue.

    Asahi Satoko who is known for her painting will have her solo exhibition ‘000’ from 24th of June(Wed) to 7th of July(Tue) at gallery DMO ARTS.
    The reception party will be held on 4th of July(Sat) 6pm-9pm.

    Asahi Satoko lives and works in Tokyo, she learnt oil painting at Tama Art University and graduated in 2003.
    She has produced painting works of animals, plants and insects with her macro viewpoint.
    She is very circumspect in compositions to create historical atmosphere, but as for trimming, she is very dynamic.
    This dynamic trimming emphasis the beauties of nature and harmonizes historical and contemporary technique.
    Her unique scope leads to associate the image of nature from macro world and viewers are able to retrace the time which materialized in the picture.
    Asahi responses her ways of drawing that she does not choose object for work simply out of beauty.
    When she draws, she takes image from what she has seen in daily life and store them in her memory.
    Instead of capturing an image in front of her, she always try to retrace the memory and piece together in her picture.
    Therefore, the artwork seems like a collage by its unnatural composition and this unique technique of drawing establishes her individuality.
  • Koichiro Takagi Exhibition GROOM

    2015. 5. 27 Wed. - 2015. 6. 09 Tue.

    Takagi who is know for his embroidery works, is releasing his first book “GLOOM” (shufu to tomo publication) on May 15th.
    Celebrating this book launch, gallery DMO ARTS will be showing Takagi’s retrospective exhibition. Title of the show is same as the book “GLOOM”.
    In this time of exhibition, Takagi will be showing his latest embroidery work, painting, mixed media and also early works of embroidered cushions created during his stay at New York which he no longer creates.
    Moreover, as a part of his new projects, Takagi designed New Era 59FIFTY cap under the theme of 'displayable cap' which supervised by New Era Japan also will be displayed at the show.
    Koichiro Takagi lives and works in Tokyo, he learnt silk-screen printing in San Francisco then he moved to New York after graduation from school, and started his career as a painter.
    He has been produced a lot of artworks in United States.
    After his return to Tokyo, he participated in various group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions.
    Also, he has multiple talent of graphic design, illustration and stenciled spray painting, so his designs have been applied to fashion brands such as Paul Smith and BEAMS and others.
    This exhibition will be valuable for residents in Kansai area, so, please visit us and enjoy!
  • Jumpei Kawamura exhibition SHOELOGICAL SPACIMEN

    2015. 5. 13 Wed. - 2015. 5. 26 Tue.

    Jumpei Kawamura who is known for his illustration works, will have a solo exhibition, SHOELOGICAL SPACIMEN at gallery DMO ARTS 13th of May to 26th of May, 2015.
    His artwork inspired fashion lovers and his designs often applied to fashion magazines such as ‘FIGARO Japon’, ‘All About’ and so on.
    n the other hand, Kawamura introduces his daily-drawing in his blogs, he draws objects that he thinks attractive which include not only fashion items but also food, books and models as portraits.
    He has a peculiar way of drawing, that he uses technique of paper-cutting and make little pieces of drawing then combine them into one piece of art, so that is three-dimensional work.
    During the exhibition, Kawamura will be showing his new works of more than 400 pieces of work, so this show will be worth seeing.
    Please visit us and enjoy the show!

    SHOELOGICAL SPACIMEN May 13th (Wed) - May 26th (Tue) 10am - 9pm
    Opening reception: May 16th (Sat) 6pm- 9pm
  • ‘SHOW AT HIVE’ by Nekoshogun Exhibition

    2015. 4. 22 Wed. - 2015. 5. 12 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, ‘SHOW AT HIVE’ by Nekoshogun from 22nd of April (Wed) to 12th of May (Tue).
    The opening party will hold on 25th of April (Sat), everyone could join us from 6pm to 9pm at gallery DMO ARTS, (LUCUA1100 B1F)

    Nekoshogun will have her solo exhibition after a year and it is long waited exhibition for the fans.
    She will going to show us her latest artwork under the theme of ‘show at hive’ which include an illustration of animals in the clothes of an insect or get dressed up like a gentleman such as a bee primp up with a tuxedo.
    She will also going to perform live drawing so you get a chance to meet up and talk to her face to face.
    Please do not miss her show!

    Live drawing events will hold on 25th of April (Sat) 1pm-6pm, 29th of April (Wed)1pm-6pm, 5th of May(Sat) 1pm to 6pm.

    Nekoshogun is an illustrator who was born in Wakayama prefecture in 1982.
    She expanded popularity in Japan and also in the United States since she uploaded videos of her drawing process on ‘Niko Niko Douga’ and her illustration has been used for the famous singer, Kyosuke Himuro.
    She recently published her own illustration book, 'ILLUSTRATION MAKING and VISUAL BOOK NEKOSHOGUN’
    ・ ” Wariorrs” , Kyosuke Himuro’s CD jacket, production of CM animation (Warner Music Japan)
    ・ Book cover design for ” Dead Man” written by Kanji Kawai (Kadokawa Shoten)
    ・ Book cover design for “Darkwoods Circus” written by Machigerita (PHP lab.)
    ・ Animation character and weapon design for “LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW” (Kadokawa games, grasshopper manifacture)
    ・ Opening illustration for ” Bowling Revolution P★LEAGUE” (BS Nippon Television Network Corporation)

    2013・Solo Exhibition Appetite for Madness at DMO ARTS
    2012・Solo Exbition “Nekoixa” at Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, DMO ARTS
    2011・Solo Exbition ” Beats” at DMO ARTS
    2009・Solo Exbition “DELISIOUS” at digmeoutART&DINER
    2008・Solo Exbition at acrymony(LA)
    2006・Solo Exbition at digmeoutCAFE
  • chiaki kohara exhibition “Kimi ga tsuki”

    2015. 4. 02 Thu. - 2015. 4. 21 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce renewal-open exhibition, “Kimi ga tsuki”, “Tsuki” contains two meanings of luck and a love.
    Therefore, the title is “I like you and you are the luck” by Chiaki Kohara from 2nd of April (Thu) to 21st of April (Tue).
    Please be sure the last day closes at 5pm.

    Opening reception will hold on 4th of April (Sat) 6pm-9pm
    Live painting performance will hold on 11th of April (Sat) 1pm-6pm

    Chiaki Kohara was born in Osaka in 1986.
    She has received “Yayoi Kusama prize” in UNIQLO T-shirt competition in 2007 and she started to expand the range of painter carrier since then. She is an up and coming painter who enlarges activity both domestic and abroad.
    In 2014, she executed three-dimensional work,’ Kakmei (revolution) HUG chan’ of 2 meters in total length under the theme of ‘raise a revolution by myself with art’.
    Also, autumn of the same year, she collaborated with Mitsukoshi Isetan and released original wallet.
    In this spring, she is charge of main visual art for FM802 campaign, “ACCESS”.
    You cannot take your eyes off of Chiaki Kohara and this time of exhibition will be memorable, so please visit us and enjoy!