• Asari Fukushima solo exhibition “Cats Museum”

    2015. 12. 26 Sat. - 2016. 1. 12 Tue.

    DMOARTS is pleased to present "Cats Museum," a solo exhibition by Goranari Fukushima.
    Based in the Kansai region, Goronari Fukushima has been creating two-dimensional works with cats as a motif.
    The cats are painted by collage of various materials in addition to acrylic paint and mineral pigments.
    The shining cats are adorable and invite us to a fairy tale world.
    In addition to the new works created especially for this exhibition, My First ART, made with giclee prints, iPhone cases, and other goods will also be available for purchase.
    This is the popular artist's first solo exhibition at DMOARTS. Please come and see it for yourself.
    Asari Fukushima
    She started living with cats 18 years ago, which is when she became fascinated with cats and started painting.
    Since that time, cats have always been the main motif of his work.
    While searching for a way to express the charm of cats to the maximum, he now mainly creates collages using his own photographs and mixed media paintings using various materials such as acrylic paint and mineral pigments.
    He currently lives in Shiga Prefecture with his 25 cats.
  • Heroshi Nakyamera solo exhibition “Onigiri Entertainment Office~DMOARTS version~”

    2015. 12. 09 Wed. - 2015. 12. 29 Tue.

    Manjiro Onigiri was lonely living alone and brought home a bird from a small bird store. 
    Manjiro found out that the bird was a monster bird that excelled at scouting for talent, and established the "Onigiri Entertainment Office," or Onipro.
     Here are some of the unique talents that Ume-chan, the monster bird, has hunted down.
    Heroshina Camela has been attracting attention since her illustration was used in the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group's Christmas campaign in 2015.
     We are pleased to announce an exhibition of Herocina Cameras in the wall space of DMOARTS. 
    This exhibition is a collection of portraits of entertainment companies that may exist and the talent that belongs to them.
     The exhibition is full of details, including profiles of the talent.
    This is the DMOARTS version of the exhibition held at ondo kagurazaka (Tokyo). 
    New works will be added and original goods from the exhibition will be available.
    Heroshi Nakyamera
    I am Herocina Camela, a delicate barbarian, an illustrator with a melancholy air of cheerfulness!
    A happy world drawn with a gloating smile in the middle of the night.
    Swapping the mundane for fantasy, here's the beginning of a fun story!
    Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1983 and currently resides in Tokyo.
    Graduated from Nagaoka Zokei University, Department of Industrial Design in 2006. Materials used, acrylic paints, colored pencils, etc.
  • Heisuke Kitazawa Solo exhibition “love-letter”

    2015. 12. 09 Wed. - 2015. 12. 25 Fri.

    DMOARTS is pleased to present "Love Letter," a solo exhibition by Heisuke Kitazawa.
    Heisuke Kitazawa uses various forms of "love letters" to express feelings that he wants to convey, feelings that are not conveyed, and feelings that are (miraculously) conveyed. In addition to many new works drawn with pen and colored ink, there will also be previously unseen works and goods.
    Works that will add color to the Christmas season overflowing with love will be exhibited and sold in one place.
    This is his first solo exhibition in Kansai in about 6 years.
    Please look forward to it.
    Heisuke Kitazawa)
    Illustrator / Designer
    Born in Yokohama, Japan. Pisces. Lives and works in Tokyo.
    After living in the U.S. for 16 years, returned to Japan and began working as an illustrator.
    He has provided illustrations for numerous magazines and books, including "Sayonara Debussy / Nanasato Nakayama" (Takarajima-sha), "The Game of the Earth / Risa Wataya" (Shinchosha), and "Bessatsu Bungeishunju" (Bungeishunju), as well as CD artwork, including the album by Her Space Holiday, and advertising for Tokyu Plaza, Marmot, Osaka College of Music, and others. He has provided illustrations for a wide range of domestic and international projects, from advertisements for Tokyu Plaza, Marmot, Osaka College of Music, etc. to perfume packaging for Kenzo.
    He won the Kodansha IN☆POCKET Bunko Binding Award for his binding of "Kore wa Pen desu / Enjo-To" (Shinchosha), and participated in digmeout 05.
    Official Site:www.hypehopewonderland.com
  • Maiko Kanno “Do not mix them up.”

    2015. 11. 25 Wed. - 2015. 12. 08 Tue.

    DMOARTS is pleased to announce Maiko Kanno's solo exhibition "Don't put them together".
    Maiko Kanno lives in Sendai and this is her first solo exhibition in Kansai.
    She is an artist who holds solo exhibitions in Tokyo and Sendai every year, attracting attention from collectors in Japan and abroad.
    Using acrylic paints, she depicts young girls with meaningful expressions.
    She continues to paint images of young girls with complex emotions hidden behind their cuteness.
    In this exhibition, we will exhibit and sell all of his new works on the theme of a selfish and purely assertive girl.
    We hope you will take this opportunity to view them.
    Born in 1983. Lives and works in Sendai City.
    Graduated from Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka University.
    Participated in art fairs in London such as International Art Fair and Affordable Art Fair.
    He has participated in group exhibitions in Los Angeles and New Zealand, and held solo exhibitions at Gallery Speak For (Daikanyama) and in his hometown of Sendai.
     He has illustrated CD jackets for Brian the Sun and designed the icsca card for Sendai City's IC ticket system.
  • Yoriko Youda Exhibition Unite the Lights

    2015. 11. 11 Wed. - 2015. 11. 24 Tue.

    We are now exhibiting Yoriko Youda's show Unite the Lights in DMO ARTS, Osaka.
    Yoriko, based on traditional lucky sign, pattern, and concepts, express the gaps and discomfort born in the environment that has culture mixed in modern times by drawing Shishikoma, which are the guardian animals used to be lions, now turned to be dogs, in contemporary ways.

    在大阪DMO ARTS目前展出曄田依子Yoriko Youda個展「かげを結う」。
  • Yuka Yonemasu EXHIBITION A Pinch of Yarn

    2015. 10. 28 Wed. - 2015. 11. 10 Tue.

    [DATES] 2015,Nov,28th(Wed)-Nov,11th (Tue)
    opening reception : Nov 31, 18:00 free adimittion

    Yuka Yonemasu is an illustrator who energetically active in publishing original piece of work and also creating cover design for various popular writers.
    She uses acryl gouache, pens and collage art work for the first step, then she scans the art work to create final piece of work by MAC PC.
    The main theme of her work is, “Is it a dream or reality or a vision?” Thus, she expresses a dreamy atmosphere mingled with dream and reality under the theme.
    Yuka Yonemasu says, ‘I like a dreamy atmosphere that I could feel a sense of reality not only the fantasy of optimistic dreams.
    The thing which slightly lonely, ephemeral but lively and individually strong.
    I would use “circus” as an example for my art work. Because, circus is a thing that happens in a short time but creates magical and fantasy like a dream.
    It seems like whole thing was a dream but it actually happened in reality and I want to express the imagination in my art work.’

    2015. 10. 14 Wed. - 2015. 10. 27 Tue.

    Stephen Kenny who is known for his letterpress works is going to exhibit his solo show in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka).
    “A TWO PIPE PROBLEM” is a letterpress studio based in Walthamstow, East London, run by Stephen Kenny.
    A working graphic designer, Stephen leads his trained eyes to create a new approach to the antique art of letterpress.
    At this time of the exhibition, he is going to release his new works captured ordinal scenes such as, ‘music’, ‘food’, ‘sound’, ‘happiness’ and ‘love’.
    These works may seem like abstract works at first glance, but you will figure out the idea that is intended to associate ‘sound’, ‘design’ and ‘word’.
    For instance, a main work of the exhibition, “RAIN IS POPCORN” captured an ordinal raining day, but when you get the deeper meaning behind the work, you will clearly imagine that little moment is the very special day.
    The background colour leads to associate an ‘umbrella’ and the sound of rain sheds the umbrella associates a sound of ‘popcorn’.
    The meaning of ‘food’ (popcorn) equals to ‘happiness’ and ‘peace’ and the imagination comes from ‘sound’ (rain drop). The theme colour of the exhibition is ‘BLACK & WHITE’.
    The monotone colour aims audience to call the scene to mind and colours the work to create own story.
    Furthermore, a work of ‘BLACK ON BLACK’ pushes to envelope on radical function of messenger and sign.
    It beyonds the stereotype of letterpress and it is also a step to art not only a messenger.
    He is a typography and print devotee and worked as graphic designer for 10 years.
    In 2007, he launched his letterpress studio, ‘A TWO PIPE PROBLEM LETTER PRESS’ and involved in corporate branding, book and record cover design for numerous artists.
    Meanwhile, he releases his original work of posters and greeting cards and he drew attention when he first exhibit at ‘PAUL SMITH SPACE GALLERY’ in Tokyo.
    With that as a start, he frequently exhibits solo shows in Japan.

    2015. 9. 09 Wed. - 2015. 9. 25 Fri.

    Exhibition in which MIC*ITAYA remixes GONTITI artwork himself.
    On 9/9(Wed.), a live CD&DVD recording last year's double KANREKI festival will be released, and on 9/24 (Thu.), the earth comfort music guitar duo "GONTITI" will lead a special band for an "Autumn Band Tour" at Namba Hatch.
    Mick Itaya, the package designer for the band, will hold an exhibition of GONTITI art remixes to celebrate the release of the live CD&DVD.
    At the exhibition, all GONTITI artwork created by Mick Itaya since his debut will be on display.
    GONTITI album art, which incorporates all of Mick Itaya's charms, including drawings, paintings, paper cutouts, and collages, has been remixed by Mick Itaya himself with his current sensibilities. The reconstructed original works will be exhibited and sold.
    Also on display will be artwork from the live CD&DVD recording of this double KANREKI festival.
    In addition to the original artwork, special goods and signed prints will be produced for this exhibition.
    Longtime GONTITI fans and new fans alike will enjoy this exhibition.
    Talk events with GONTITI and Mick Itaya, mini live performances, and autograph sessions will also be held during the exhibition period.
    Collaboration with Umeda Tsutaya Bookstore on the 9th floor of LUCUA 1100 will also be held to bring the collaboration of earth comfort music and art to life.
    Mick Itaya's major GONITITI artwork to date
    GONTITI & Mick Itaya Talk Event + Mini Live
    September 19 (Sat) LUCUA 1100 9F Umeda Tsutaya 4th Lounge
    Doors open at 15:30 / Start at 16:00
    Those who purchase GONTITI CD&DVD and Mick Itaya related products totaling 3,000 yen or more at DMOARTS and Tsutaya by the day of the event will receive an invitation ticket for one person.
    After the talk event + mini live, there will be a reception and autograph session at DMOARTS on B1F. (18:00~)
    In celebration of the exhibition at DMOARTS, GONTITI & Mick Itaya space will also appear at Umeda Tsutaya on the 9th floor. Related products will be on sale.
    GONTITI Double Kanken Festival 2014 [CD+DVD].
    That excitement is back again!
    GONTITI celebrated their 60th birthday together in the fall of 2014.
    From the commemorative concert "GONTITI Double KANREKI FESTIVAL," this 2-disc set includes a live CD of the Osaka concert and a DVD of the Tokyo concert.
    Special package with art direction by Mick Itaya!
    Sure to be enjoyed by core fans and newcomers alike! 
    Regular price: ¥3,780 (tax included)
    GONTITI Autumn Band Tour"!
    9/24(Thu) Namba Hatch Doors open 18:00 / Concert begins 19:00
    The band sound will be performed by Takefumi Haketa (pf), Shigeki Ichimoto (ba), and Hitoshi Kusunoki (dr)!
    Instrumental acoustic guitar duo consisting of Gonzalez Mikami and Chichi Matsumura.
    Formed in 1978 and debuted in 1983.
    The simple and gentle melodies they create do not choose who they listen to, where they listen to them, or when they listen to them.
    The Gonchichi sound, which naturally matches various situations, can be heard in our daily surroundings such as TV, radio, commercials, and movie music.
    Their music is "Very Special Ordinary Music" (literal translation: "very special, everyday music"), which has gradually become a natural part of people's hearts and minds, and is loved by a wide range of people regardless of age or gender.
    They have produced more than 40 albums to date, and more than a dozen have been released in the U.S., Asia, and other countries.
    Visual Artist
    Graduated from Tama Art University.
    Expressing the world of nature and mythology with fluid lines and bright colors, he is active in various fields including magazines, advertising, music, fashion, stage design, space design, product design, and publishing, and has held numerous solo exhibitions.
    His CD design for GONTITI, the logo mark for the founding of UNIQLO UNIQLO, wall paintings and objects for Tokyo Skytree "Solamachi," the mirror work "MIRRORS," and the Japanese light fixture "Suzumo Choto" won the Good Design Award.
    Stories and designs for BEAMS LIGHTS with MIC*ITAYA, a brand of BEAMS, are among his works. 
    TRA," a cassette magazine he designed and published in the '80s, is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, MOMA New York.
  • riya exhibition Whale Song

    2015. 9. 26 Sat. - 2015. 10. 13 Tue.

    riya is known for her paper cutout art works will have her solo show, ‘Whale Song’ after 2 years at gallery DMO ARTS.
    riya was born in Chicago, U.S.A, 1985 and she now lives in Tokyo.
    She uses method of paper cutout, arranging icons of animals, humans, waves, clouds, fire and starts to create works that are somewhat magical and ethnic features with hint of ecological views.
    At this time of the exhibition, riya will going to present her new works using a whale as main art motif.
    The duration will be 26 of Sep (Sat)-13 of Oct (Tue) and the opening reception party will be held on 26 th of Sep(Sat) 6pm-9pm.
    Please be aware that the last day of the exhibition closes at 6pm.
    Deep in the past, like the beginning of something new One part of the star falls into the sea Take a pause and began Staying alive for numbers of years.
    The figure takes one the shape of another being Join a ring together And I, the one who returned to the sea And I, the one who stayed on the land.
    You and I share the same parts.
  • Ryosuke Matsuzono Solo Exhibition “Someone’s memory”

    2015. 8. 26 Wed. - 2015. 9. 08 Tue.

    Fictional memories of a slightly strange family
    Images like pictures on the walls of such people, decaying objects, and stains of memories.
    (No one knows, it never existed.) Like a relic. /Ryosuke Matsuzono
    Matsuzono will hold his second solo exhibition in a year.
    The world depicted in color ink is a little cold, distant, and fascinating, a landscape of someplace other than here and memories of someone else.
    Please enjoy the sensation of wandering through imaginary memories.
    Public Drawing Event 8.29(Sat) from 14:00
    Drawings will be done on postcard size drawing paper upon request.
    3,500 yen per sheet (tax not included)
    Ryosuke Matsuzono
    Born in 1984 Lives and works in Tokyo 
    2007 Heartland Beer Drawing Biennial Award / Tokyo Wonder Seed
    2009 2010 2012 Selected / The 191st The Choice
    2014 Solo exhibition "Kepakemapa" DMOARTS