• Yo Ueda Exhibition “Animation inside the brain”

    2014. 12. 24 Wed. - 2015. 1. 06 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, “Animation inside the brain” by Yoo Ueda from 24th of December, 2014 to 6th of January, 2015.
    Ueda was born in 1979 in Kumamoto and lives and works in Kyoto. He started carrier as a graphic designer in Tokyo and he turned as an illustrator when he moved to Kyoto. Since he was young, drawing and thinking about design is one of his life work.
    The artist himself, really like drawing and create things that he imagined in his brain.
    “I am inspired by consecutive composite pictures, especially consecutive composite pictures of gymnastics and those pictures make me somewhat excited.
    Even though, there is only one person appear in the picture, it seems like the person chasing one other and it can be seen the person ranging in a line.
    I get an odd impression from those two views while watching the pictures.
    Moreover, I like watching pictures rather then videos because picture only captures one action and it condensed in one animation.
    So, I can feel the movement at a time.
    In his artworks, almost every picture has surrealistic image of people, animals and the daily necessities; objects that are common in everyday life.
    In this time of exhibition, we will display-sale not only brand new artworks but also a clock as a first attempt.
    This exhibition will be a very interesting experimental show, so please visit us and enjoy!
  • Buggy Exhibition, “divide”

    2014. 12. 03 Wed. - 2014. 12. 23 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, “divide” by buggy from 3rd of December to 23rd of December 2014.
    Buggy is an illustrator manly works with fashion magazine for women such as VOGUE JAPAN, NUMERO TOKYO, Figaro japon, anan and GLAMOROUS.
    Also he directs cover design of CD and T-shirt for numerous artists.
    He actively participates in live painting and you could easily find his live painting artworks in town both Osaka and Tokyo.
    Apparently, He has gained popularity in fashion and pop culture scenes while he is in charge of an illustration designer for famous magazines and artists.
    At the end of last year, he was in charge of advertisement illustration designer and painter inside the building of “rock star hotel” and he became the focus of art industry and fashion industry.
    In his works, he uses popular fashion designer or fashion models as motif and he is striking of drawing bleeding nose which is his original style and that originality grabs attention and attracts people.
    It is approximately a year past since the last exhibition of buggy at DMOARTS and this time is the third solo exhibition.
    In this time of exhibition, he will display-sale thirty latest artworks with the theme of beauty, vanity, strength by capturing a fragment.”
    We will carry the latest My First Art series of buggy and iPhone cases with new design.
    This exhibition will be valuable and there are no excuses to miss it.

    Buggy has started as an illustrator/painter from 2006.
    He has painted a facade of sundries department shop, “ASOKO” and he designed all visual images of “Rock Star Hotel”.
    He actively participates in exhibitions both solo and group.
    In addition, he often collaborates with fashion brand and manufacture industry to produce original goods.

    [Magazines] VOGUE JAPAN , NUMERO TOKYO , Figaro japon , anan , GLAMOROUS
    [Advertisement] Landmark Tower of Yokohama, elecom
    [The clothing industry] marc by marc jacobs , Stella McCartney , UNIQLO, 5351homme
    [Others] rock star hotel , ASOKO, Walt Disney Japan

    2014. 11. 19 Wed. - 2014. 12. 02 Tue.

    19th of November (Wed)-2nd of December (Tue)
    [PLACE] gallery DMO ARTS at Hankyu Umeda SOUQ, 10F

    The letterpress printing had been popularized all over Europe since the middle of 15th century by the invention of Johannes Gutenberg.
    Since then, the letter press printing was prevailed in E.U especially U.K, Germany and Italy and the district were dotted with many printing ateliers.
    In that particularly, U.K accomplished great development in printing technique over the Industrial Revolution.
    In the latest letterpress printing, this skill became one of the representation of art not only as a tool in media.
    There are lot of artists who create artistic printing while following tradition.
    When you look at the pieces of work, you could feel the warmth from hand press and the work entertains you with the unique arrangement of the alphabets, artistic typography and the strong message, all of them are charm of the letterpress and it is guaranteed that the works draw all eyes.
    In this time of exhibition, six talented letterpress artists living in London will participate to display-sale their masterpiece and also the answer-work of ‘What does London mean to you.
    In this theme, we requested to use only four coloures which are Union Jack colour red, blue, white, and black.
    These artists will express the present style of letterpress.
    We are sure that you will be attracted by fascinating works, so please stop by and enjoy!
  • Momoyon no Nekoyon

    2014. 11. 05 Wed. - 2014. 11. 18 Tue.

    Bringing art by young creators into your daily life.
    Momoyon was selected as the first artist for the new and fun art goods project created by FM802's art project "digmeout.
    Momoyon's laid-back and bashful cats are now available as cute cards and stickers.
    To celebrate the launch, we will hold a small exhibition of Momoyon's work.
    The Cat and Me."
    Cat lover with cat allergy.
    I like cats more than dogs, but I like Shih Tzu (dog) more than cats.
    No, I just like my parents' dog (Shih Tzu). ....
    I'm still generally a cat lover.
    I prefer big faces.
    I like the face with a lot of flavor. 
    Born in 1984 in Kobe.
    Started painting with friends around 2003, selling postcards on the street and holding exhibitions.
    Passed the digmeout EXHIBITION audition in 2005.
    Since then, he has been active in exhibitions in Japan and abroad, including solo and group shows.
    Major works include the commercialization of "Samapan," a collaboration between GUNZE BODYWILD and digmeout, book covers, table of contents, and illustrations.
  • Chika Tanikawa Solo Exhibition “Hear the Voice of the Distant Stars”

    2014. 11. 05 Wed. - 2014. 11. 18 Tue.

    DMOARTS is pleased to announce Chika Tanigawa's solo exhibition "Listening to the Distant Stars".
    Chika Tanigawa is an artist who has been active in a wide range of fields, mainly in the Kansai region, exhibiting in Tokyo, participating in art fairs overseas, and even bookbinding.
    Her works depict a woman with a somewhat melancholy expression in a fantasy world.
    At first glance, her works are composed of pop and bright colors, but as you view them, you get the impression that they depict matte and profound mental landscapes.
    This is her first solo exhibition in Osaka in about two years.
    In addition to new paintings and drawings, a series of My First Art using giclee printing, a high-resolution fine art printing method, will be exhibited and sold.
    Also available for purchase are iPhone cases, postcard sets, tote bags, and art books.
    We hope you will take this opportunity to visit the exhibition.
    Opening reception: Saturday, November 8, 18:00- The artist will be in the gallery, so everyone is welcome to attend.
    Chika Tanikawa
    Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1986 and currently lives in Osaka Prefecture.
    Graduated from Kobe University, Faculty of Developmental Sciences in 2010.
    In addition to continuing to exhibit his work in Japan and abroad, he is also active as a freelance artist/illustrator in a wide range of fields, including book illustration for Shinzo Mitsuda's "Doko no ie ni mo yorimono iru mono iru" (Chuokoron Shinsha, Inc.). 
    Recent solo exhibitions include "Someday I Will Accept Everything" (2012, YOD Gallery, Osaka), "That Voice Calls No Name" (2013, The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo), and "Memory of Light" (2014, GALLERY SPEAK FOR, Tokyo).  
    In 2014, he released a book of paintings, "Wandering in Dreams.
  • Aki Miyajima Solo Exhibition “The more you remember, the fuzzier it gets.”

    2014. 10. 22 Wed. - 2014. 11. 04 Tue.

    DMOARTS is pleased to present Aki Miyajima's solo exhibition, "The more you remember, the more ambiguous," at DMOARTS.
    Based in Tokyo, Aki Miyajima is a widely active artist who draws illustrations and drawings of women.
    In this exhibition, her first solo show in about two years, she depicts works on the theme of sensual and ambiguous contents such as colors, textures, words, and feelings "I saw in a dream".
    We hope you will take this opportunity to view her works.
    Opening reception: 10/25 (Sat) 18:00- Everyone is welcome to attend.
    During this period, we will also exhibit collaboration works by " fiiju " and " paw ".
    The design pieces are a fusion of the refined design of the women's brand "fiiju" and the illustrations by Aki Miyajima.
    While inkjet printing is the mainstream, we chose to use textile printing by craftsmen in Kyoto to bring out the texture of the illustrations drawn with fine lines.
    *Only exhibition will be held during the exhibition period, and no orders will be taken.
    Aki Miyajima
    1979 Born in Shiga Prefecture Lives and works in Tokyo
    2002 Started working as an illustrator after his first solo exhibition in Kyoto.
    She mainly creates illustrations of women, plants, and animals.
    Currently active in a wide range of fields, including apparel, advertising, CD jackets, and cell phone content.
    Has exhibited many times in Japan and abroad, including solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and participation in events.

    2014. 10. 15 Wed. - 2014. 10. 28 Tue.

    Yugo Fujita, a rapidly rising illustrator who was in charge of the main visual for the 2014 MINAMI WHEEL, will present his new works at the DMOARTS "My First ART" wall space.
    In addition to the new drawings, Yugo Fujita's brand "GATE THATCHER" will launch its first original T-shirts, which will be sold in limited quantities!
    Sharp and emotional drawings will be exhibited all together.
    Yugo Fujita Original Drawing My First ART $9,000 (tax not included)
    Born in 1985, currently resides in Osaka.
    Artist popular for his drawing style influenced by British beat.
    He has worked in a wide range of genres, including art direction for the rock band "SISTER JET" and design work for club events.
    He was in charge of the main visual for MINAMI WHEEL in 2014.
    At the same time, as a participating artist in the Red Bull Lgnition, he painted live on the street lights in Amerikamura.
    He is also in charge of artwork for the new brand heteroqrom, created by a former MAISON KITSUNE designer, and held an exhibition with the brand last year.
    Held solo exhibitions at digmeoutART&DINER in 2008 and 2009.
  • Kana Otsuki Exhibition

    2014. 10. 01 Wed. - 2014. 10. 21 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is please to announce our next exhibition, The ribbon gets loose by Kana Otsuki from 1st of Oct Wed - 21st of Oct/ 2014.
    Opening reception will hold on 4th of Oct Sat 6pm- at dmo arts - anyone will be welcomed

    Profile of Kana Otsuki
    Kana Otsuki was born in 1984, residents in Kyoto.
    She is an acrylic painter and expresses modern society using a girl as motif.
    She started carrier as an artist since 2007 and actively participates in internal and external exhibitions.
    She also enlarged carrier as an illustrator and she has been introduced in ILLUSTRATION 2014 through spirited 150 illustrators.
    In 2013, she handled a binding image of A dark woman by Akiyoshi Rikako and Chryse,s fish by Hiroki Azuma.
    In 2014, she handled a CD cover of lasah s album, I LOVE YOU.
    This exhibition will be the sequal to the exhibition, Send back to birthplace which took place at The Art complex Centre of Tokyo in this January.

    Kana Otsuki uses girl and pupa as art work motif to express human life like a pupa matures into a butterfly.
    In her point of view, pupa is metaphor for a girl, 16 year old girl in a border line and butterfly is a metaphor for an adult.
    She describes a ribbon as a butterfly and when girl gets loose the ribbon, it represents the girl trying to become an adult while overcoming struggles.
    In present-day, the percentage of accomplishing every object is getting closer to zero due to development of technology.
    Also, desire and hope have routine of spring out and disappear at the same speed as achieving aims.
    As my hope, I would like visitors to feel something and ask yourself how you want to live in this transient society.
  • Nobuyuki Oku “Harmonie”

    2014. 9. 17 Wed. - 2014. 9. 30 Tue.

    Artist Nobuyuki Oku, whose works incorporate mode croquis and are popular for their motifs of nude women and models, will present new works at My First ART's wall space.
    This year's exhibition will feature a collection of vibrant and gorgeous works featuring popular musicians and dancers, as if music can be heard.
    Nobuyuki Oku original painting My First ART $9,000 (tax not included)
    Nobuyuki Oku
    Creator of product design, drawing, and photography based on the theme of "noticing beauty.
    Representative of OKU's ATELIER. He has won many prizes in domestic and international design competitions, including the GOOD DESIGN Award.
    He has held numerous photo exhibitions in Ginza, Shinjuku, Osaka Nikon Salon, etc.
    Graduated from Masa Mode Academy of Art Advanced Class. Lives and works in Nara City.
  • Chus Anton Photo Exhibition Fashion and Daydream

    2014. 9. 17 Wed. - 2014. 9. 30 Tue.

    17th/Sep (Wed) -30th/Sep (Tue) at 'SOUQ', Hankyu Umeda 10F, DMO ARTS

    Chus Anton, who is an upcoming photographer, born in Spain.
    He was singled out from chief editor of fashion magazine Vanidad and he builds ones carrier mainly in photography of the fashion magazine.
    He puts his base in Paris and also actives in Europe, Japan and U.S.A.
    He has been handled a number of photographic set up in Japanese fashion magazines such as GINZA, VOGUE girl, NYLON and ELLE girl.
    In this time of exhibition, he will display-sale one of his main works archive FASHION and DAY DREAM that he took during his trip.