• Mari Amita photo exhibition, ‘silent flower’

    2014. 3. 12 Wed. - 2014. 3. 25 Tue.

    Opening reception will hold on 15th/Feb (Sat) 6pm-8pm

    Mari Amita is a photographer known as for shooting well known/famous musicians such as THE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT, Perfume and RIP SLYME.
    She works for the musician's cover of CD's.
    The work she publishes impress fans and also the musicians.
    One day, she shuttered of an Easter lily near by her house 14 years ago and the photo influenced her to start a carrier as a photographer.
    Afterwards, she took photos of flowers with Polaroid camera and photography became part of her life and life work.
    In this time of exhibition, she will come out with series of flowers that she took recent years.
    She never uses cut flowers and artificial lighting and it is her obsession to use natural lightning and wind.
    She shoots the flower's natural movement to express the divine moment.
    In the exhibition, she will display with the exhibits on sale such as artworks of silver gelatin printed art works which taken with Nega and positive film.
    Also, the related products like portfolio, scarfs and i phone case will be on sale.

    [Profile of Mari Amita]
    She was born in Yamaguchi prefecture in 1973.
    She graduated from Senshu University.
    She started a carrier as a model and she met a photographer, Koji Nomura at that time.
    She offered Nomura to study photography from him.In 2001, she became a freelance photographer and shouted famous musicians such as THE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT, CHARA, SOUTHERN ALL STARS, Perfume and Rake.
    She also took a part in taking a fashion magazine and advertising photos.
    There are several books that she involved as a main photographer such as 'LOVE&HATE', a photograph collection of Kaera Kimura 'Cheeky' and 'Thousand Years of God Prayers' by Taichi Saotome.

    When I started to take photographs, I casually took a photo of an Easter lily with a 35mm film camera which I borrowed from my teacher.
    It was a start to begin my carrier as a photographer.
    Since then, I started to shutter flowers as a subject and took photos nearby my house and flowers in a vase.
    I did not show the photography in particular, I just took it when I feel like to, but taking photograph of flowers became my life work spontaneously.
    I debut as a photographer in 2001 and absorbed in photography.
    However, a childbirth became an experience that oneself seemed to be totally reset to overturn the previous five senses.
    When my son was a newborn, I spent most of time at my house to take care even I was not a person who spend time at home all day long.
    I felt like I am detached from the world and I hold uneasiness for the first time.
    But at the same time, I could spend unhurried time to be able to see beautiful shadow and season to shine in the room.
    Now, taking photograph is not a thing only for me, it became something special.
    Therefore, time has been past and changed, a film and photographic paper that I like has stopped producing.
    I realized everything changes with time and I thought I want to face a photograph with a feeling simple once again like when I took the East lily.
    The 'silent flower' began from such thought.In May and June, it is the season when mind gets impatient.
    The fresh green glistens and the flowers begin to bloom all at once.
    I hold my old film camera to pursuit seasonable flowers and visit neighborhood church and places that I used to go when I was a child.
    Occasionally, I drive all day long to take pictures and I find flower blooming in a season and shutter the figure of the beautiful moment which it creates naturally.
    It is now or never to shutter the best moment and I think it is my destiny to take it and that makes my life complete.
  • Cicci & Sulley “Two Seasons”

    2014. 2. 19 Wed. - 2014. 3. 11 Tue.

    Art unit "Cicci & Sulley" first exhibition in 8 years.
    The two have grown as artists and as women.
    The two artists have grown up together as artists and women, and their colors, which have become deeper and deeper over time, melt and blend together as if they are challenging each other.
    The spatial composition of the two artists' works, based on a printmaking style, evokes a variety of emotions in the viewer.
    Opening reception: Saturday, February 22, 18:00-20:00
    cicci & sulley
    2002 Formation GEISAI-02/ Yoshimoto Kogyo Scout Award, Illustration Award "Chichi and Sally Exhibition" (RISE AVOVE, Fujisawa)
    Chichi and Sally Exhibition (Gallery FLEUR, Osaka)
    Chichi to Sally Exhibition, LIM Gallery, Osaka, Japan, 2004 
    Chichi and Sally: Same That" at digmeoutCAFE, Osaka
    FM802 "digmeout04" feature article "Nora Onna" (Wind Samurai Records)
    DC jacket production FM802 America Exhibition (COMPOUND GALLERY, Poland)
    2005 THE BIG ISSUE No.38 ART page
    2005 "Chichi and Sally" at Gallery Ogawa, Kanagawa, Japan
    2006 works "Tear Color Night" by Matsusen, jacket production
    2007 works "print+file" exhibition: prints and production files (Bumpodo Gallery/Jimbocho)
    2013 "Cicci & Sulley Exhibition" (SUNDALAND CAFE/Shibuya)
    1977 Born in Osaka
    2000 Est New Generation Exhibition/ Grand Prize in Graphic Division
    2001 Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Printmaking Machida City International University Print Exhibition /Permanent Collection Purchase Prize/Kanagawa International Print Exhibition /Selected Solo Exhibition (Gallery Forest, Ginza, Tokyo)
    2002 JACA Japan Visual Art Exhibition/prizewinner, toured Seoul, Korea
    2003 FM802 "MINAMI GO! ROUND!" visual production
    2004 Resona Bank cash card (Risonart) visual production
    2005 Selected for the 73rd Print Exhibition, solo exhibition (Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Tokyo). 2006 Produced artwork for "Matsu Sen".
    Solo Exhibition at seta-shop gallery, Tokyo.
    Solo Exhibition at digmeout ART&DINER, Osaka.
    2006 City with the Sky, Exhibition (Andersen Children's Museum of Art.)
    Urban Terrace Chayamachi open poster (Umeda, Osaka) (Umeda, Osaka)
    Whitening Dentistry DENTOZON 
    Solo exhibition at DENKO SAIGN, Shibuya, Tokyo (seta-shop gallery)
    2007 Solo Exhibition(digmeout cafe.)
    move Exhibition(Andersen Children's Museum of Art)
    ACCESS Poster (NTTdocomo. Osaka)
    Star Channel Cinema F movie illustration (J-com)
    RAINBOW CD jacket
    2008 Organ Transplant Card, Poster
    2008 Birth of first daughter
    2010 PRAIRIDOG back design, Designes Japan (Tokyo, France, USA)
    Solo exhibition at seta-shop gallery, Tokyo
    2011 Birth of first son
    2012 Fashion brand RBT Picture book tag project Pictyurebookproject artwork
    2012 Illustration cut for an article advertisement of my residence (Daiwa House. Weekly Gendai)
    2013 Solo exhibition (OCOgallery) Nekotopia Miyo. Laurent, book design, published by Gentosha
    Sulley 1976 born in Kanagawa, Japan
    2000 Selected for the Mitsuo Ikeda Memorial Art Award.
    2003 The 11th Prints 21 Grand Prix Exhibition / Turles Japan Prize, Graduate School of Tama Art University.
    2005 "FREENOTE" CD jacket production.
    BARFOUT!" Art Work Solo Exhibition at Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Tokyo.
    2006 Solo exhibition (Goldfish Cafe, Yoyogi) Tokyu Square advertisement.
    2009 Shonan Umi no Ie - Live painting (one week tour. Zushi - Enoshima, Kugenuma, Tsujido )
    2010 PRAIRIDOG back design Designes Japan (Tokyo,France,Germany,USA)
    Created all art visuals for "Kyogoku Festival 2010" in Shinjuku, Japan.
    Artwork for CD "MIRACLE" by Kyoto band "The Sirens".
    2011 "Kyogoku Festival" artwork.
    Solo exhibition at "SOZO" (Omotesando)
    Sulley works" Spring/Winter, solo exhibition in Shibuya, Tokyo.
    Sulley Exhibition" (Goldfish Cafe, Yoyogi), video & live painting (FREENOTE x Sulley)
    Formed a reading and singing group "Braemen".
    2012 Kagawa TAG organized exhibition "Sulley little valentin melody" / workshop sweets musicbox
    Solo exhibition "A little bit of Melody" (digmeout ART&DINER)
    Planning representative of Akibatamabi21 (3331 Arts Chiyoda)
    2013 Takashimaya Valentine's Day [Sulley's Chocolate] (ArtDeli x Chocography)
    2013 "Sulley's artworks 2013.summer" (OFFICE, Gaienmae) Solo exhibition "winter song" (Goldfish Cafe, Yoyogi)
  • Re:planter exhibition The universe

    2014. 2. 05 Wed. - 2014. 2. 18 Tue.

    [Dates] 5th/Feb (wed) - 18th/Feb (Tue)
    Re:planter, Murase Takaaki who is an artist, planter mainly actives in Kyoto.
    The cocept of his series, space colony is to make a new proposal for thosepeople who lives in a small crowded living space and spends busy life.
    The plants in an inner court lightning grows with LED light and watering.
    This inner court lightning gives new perspective and richness of the mind andheal the pysical fatigue.
    Also it may gives you the start to change lifestyleby facing this beautiful macro world.
    In the venue, Re:planter will take up anorder to create your own universe so plese do not miss it and enjoy talkingwith the artist.

    [Profile of Takaaki Murase]
    Re:planter is the solo project by a planter,Takaaki Murase.
    He started to get interested in bonsai which influencedby his grand father.
    When he gets older, he started to absorbed inaquaterrarium and collecting rare plants.
    In 2012, he started the soloproject through the past experience and self education.
    It is his principlesto use recyle object such as computer, TV infrastructure and light bulb togrow plants inside.
    He expresses a warning to consuming society by usinghis art work(plants)
    The main series, Space Colony is the compilation of investigation intosmall universe within the sphere environment.
    Re:planter presents the smallgarden;space by reflecting the law of nature.

    [The dates when the artist visits]
    8th/9th/11th/15th/16th/Feb 2pm-6pm*,br>
    Opening reception will hold on 8th of Feband also he will have a live session with 2 artists,Samuel Andrea (music), Alexandre Maubert on the same day as opening reception.
    [Samuel Andrea]
    http://p0llenrec.tumblr.com/ https://soundcloud.com/ievahttp://www.discogs.com/seller/PollenRec
    Anyone will be welcomed so please come and enjoy the marvelous atmosphere.
  • “Hideo Anze” Solo exhibition,【FRAMING】

    2014. 1. 22 Wed. - 2014. 2. 02 Sun.

    Opening reception will hold on 25th/Jan/2014 (Sat)6pm-8pm - anyone will be welcomed.
    FRAMING (noun, meaning) - framework, structure, planning, composition,conception The artist, Hideo Anze.
    He uses tant paper to makethree-dimensional paper craft artifacts and then, he takes picture ofthe artifacts and finally the photography will be his artwork.
    This time of solo exhibition, we will exhibit the most recent artworkswhich have been displayed in Art Taipei.
    Please enjoy the compositionof his photography and the large scale artworks of “FRAMING” with thespatial structure.

    【Profile and Career of Hideo Anze】
    Hideo Anze was born on 1975 in Tokyo.
    He droped out junior college ofMusashino Art University.
    He majored design of industrial art.

    ・Art Taipei (Taipei World Trade Centre)
    ・ULTRA 004 (SPIRAL)
    ・Solo exhibition “EXIF” (DMO ARTS)
    ・ART FAIR TOKYO (International Forum)
    ・The best of DMO ARTS (DMO ARTS)
    ・ULTRA 004 (SPIRAL)
    ・Solo exhibition “Artifical Layers” (DMO ARTS)
    ・Kyoto Art Fair (Hotel Monterey Kyoto)
  • “Yoriko Yoda” solo exhibition

    2014. 1. 08 Wed. - 2014. 1. 21 Tue.

    Opening reception will hold on 11th/Jan (Sat) 6pm-8pm

    Yoriko Yoda will visit her exhibition on 11th/Jan, 12nd/Jan and 13th/Jan during the exhibition.

    【A beast wait upon its lord】
    -servant- Hold back and wait for commands fromone's lord and execute the commands obediently.
    The distant past, there was abeast which followed one's lord all time.
    The beast sometimes became as a sordand as a shield to protect the lord.
    And now, the beast pull out its tusk andforbit roaring to please the lord.

    【Profile of Yuriko Yoda】
    Yuriko Yoda was born in Ehime prefecture andlives in Tokyo.
    She graduated from Musashino Art University and majoredoil painting.
    She reconstructs the modern Asian culture and draw thesense of discomfort of the cultures and traditions.
    She participatesin art fairs all over Japan and exhibitions.