• Ryosuke Matsuzono Exhibition Kapakempa

    2014. 9. 03 Wed. - 2014. 9. 16 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is please to announce our next exhibition, Kapakempa by Ryosuke Matsuzono.
    3rd of Sep - 16th of Sep/2014 at SOUQ, Hankyu Umeda 10F, DMO ARTS.
    Opening Reception will hold on 6th of Sep (Sat) -anyone will be welcomed!
    Ryosuke Matsuzono is an artist who draws unique and striking work by colour ink.
    He was born in 1984 and lives in Tokyo.
    He has received prizes such as Heart land Beer drawing biennial/ Tokyo Wonder Seed and passed audition, PORTFOLIO REVIEW by digmeout in 2013.
    With that as a start, we decided to hold his first solo exhibition in Osaka at our art gallery, dmo arts.
    This time of exhibition's theme, KEPAKEMAPA which means September in Hawaiian words and it has a meaning that he wants to display a lot of art works that he drew from August through September.
    Therefore visitor could feel the breeze of Summer and could feel the sense of mysterious and surrealistic world by his work.
    We look forward your visit!
  • Mayumi Shimoda Solo Exhibition “imaginary sightseeing”

    2014. 8. 20 Wed. - 2014. 9. 02 Tue.

    Mayumi Shimoda's paintings are drawn with colorful lines.
    She captures motifs such as buildings and animals through a unique filter.
    and paints over them, the result is impressive, as if they are faintly
    The result is impressive, as if the painting is faintly luminous on the canvas.
    The result is impressive, as if the paintings are luminous on the canvas.
    the painting will draw you into a fairy tale land.
    While participating in group exhibitions and special exhibitions throughout Asia
    She has also been featured in collaborative projects with apparel companies.
    In this exhibition, she will be presenting her representative works of buildings and cityscapes, as well as her popular animal paintings.
    cityscapes, which are her representative works, as well as her popular animal series.
    and her popular animal series.
    The "mini block" series of small size blocks, which are recommended for interior decoration, will also be on display.
    mini block" series, which are small enough to be used as interior decorations.
    In addition to the originals, original rosettes, T-shirts, badges, and postcard sets will also be on sale.
    T-shirts, can badges, postcard sets, etc. will also be on sale.
    Welcome to Mayumi Shimoda's first solo exhibition in Kansai, an imaginary sightseeing trip.
    Opening reception 8.23 (Sat) 18:00-
    All are welcome to attend.
    Mayumi Shimoda
    1984 Born in Kumamoto, Japan
    2006 GEISAI#10 MTV JAPAN Scout Award
    2007 Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Painting
    Recent solo exhibitions include "in the forest
    (2007, HEARTLAND, Roppongi Hills), "Beginning=Afterimage
    Beginning=Afterimage" (2011, Ohshima Fine Art)
    color symphony" (2014, GALLERY SPEAK FOR)
    mayumishimoda×ISETAN" (2014, Isetan Shinjuku Main Building), etc.
    Other projects include T-shirt collaboration with adidasSLVR and
    TOKYO LOVE SHOW" (Omotesando Hills, 2013)
    ASYAAF" (2013, Seoul, Korea), etc.
    He has actively participated in group exhibitions and collaborative projects in Japan and abroad.
    He is currently working on a series of door pictures for the music magazine "MUSIC MAGAZINE".

    2014. 8. 06 Wed. - 2014. 8. 19 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, 'DAY DREAM' by WALNUT in the renewal shop at Hankyu, Umeda,10F, SOUQ from 6th of August-19th of August/2014.
    Opening reception will place on 9th of August, 6pm- <anyone will be welcomed!

    WALNUT is a young and spirited illustrator who has been gaining popularity and sympathy among women.
    A number of fashion magazine promoted her illustration such as 'NYLON JAPAN' and 'Soup'.
    Also, she has experienced designing goods of the foreign music band and 'MARC BY MARC JACOBS' used one of her illustration in the 2014 SS Preview Event.
    HP : http://walnut-illustrations.com

    In this exhibition, we will display-sale her new art work which draws imagination, dream and admiration inherent in women.
    We look forward your visit!

    2014 Solo Exhibition 'MUST' at Kit Gallery/Tokyo 2013 Solo Exhibition 'NOTAS' at digmeout ART&DINER/Osaka WALNUT work shop 'customize' tote at DMO ARTS/ Osaka
  • Mako Nakahira Solo Exhibition “border”

    2014. 7. 16 Wed. - 2014. 7. 27 Sun.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to present "border," a solo exhibition by Mako Nakahira.
    Mako Nakahira has been painting various landscapes using oil paintings as her base medium.
    She has created many series of paintings in parallel, such as bird's-eye view, lights of houses that people look up as they go home, and landscapes with reflections on the surface of water.
    Although all motifs are commonplace, everyday objects, they are given vivid colors by the artist's observation, extraction, and depiction.
    This exhibition will feature new works from multiple series, providing an opportunity to view all of Mako Nakahira's previous series of works in one place.
    We hope you will enjoy the exhibition.
    Opening reception: Saturday, July 19, 18:00-20:00, open to the public.
    Nakahira Masako.
    1979 Born in Shiga Prefecture
    2004 M.F.A., Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan
    Solo Exhibitions
    2013 Transparent room (gallery near/Kyoto) Point (Kyoto Seika University Building 7-23 Gallery/Kyoto)
    2012 The world turns over (gallery near/Kyoto), The world turns over (neutron tokyo/Tokyo), Returns of The world turns over (beak neutron/Kyoto)
    2011 Stars on the ground(neutron tokyo/Tokyo)Sunny Water(deem FIVE MANSION GALLERY/Kobe)
    2010 Stars on the ground(neutron kyoto/Kyoto)
    2009 here,there (neutron tokyo/Tokyo)
    2008 The world turns over (neutron kyoto/Kyoto)
    2006 Kyoto Art Map 2006 "bird eyes" (neutron kyoto/Kyoto)
    2004 blooming (neutron kyoto/Kyoto)
    2003 Nomart Projects #2, Mako Nakahira exhibition, WATERING Nomart Edition, Project Space, Osaka)
    2003 17th Holbein Scholarship Scholarship. Group Exhibition
    2013 "Watashi" and "Sekai": Contemporary Painting and Video -Standards of Visual Expression- (Hankyu Umeda/ Osaka) "TAKE OUT ART! (gallery near/Kyoto)
    2012 ~A Beautiful Thing ~The Charm of Miniature Art~ (Isetan Mitsukoshi/Osaka) white ground (Isetan Mitsukoshi/Osaka) "TAKE OUT ART! (gallery near/Kyoto) Somewhere in nowhere~Somewhere in nowhere~ (neutron tokyo/Tokyo) Romantic Winter Scene~(Nishinomiya Hankyu/ Hyogo)
    2011 ART OSAKA 2011 (Hotel Granvia/Osaka) OPEN FACTORY (neutron Kyoto "FACTORY"/Kyoto) The World to Come (neutron Tokyo/Tokyo) Art Slope Exhibition (Seibu Department Store Shibuya) (Seibu Department store Shibuya) Shibuya Style vol.5 (Seibu Department store Shibuya)
    2010 Mt. Fuji Exhibition (neutron tokyo/Tokyo) Home, Sweet Home (neutron tokyo/Tokyo)
    2009 ART OSAKA 2009 (Dojima Hotel/Osaka) KOMAZAWAMUSEUM×ART (Komazawa Park Housing Gallery/Tokyo) When you wish upon a star (neutron tokyo/Tokyo) It's a small world (neutron kyoto/Kyoto)
    2008 ART OSAKA (Dojima Hotel/Osaka) ART CAMP 2008 (Gallery Yamaguchi Kunstbau/Osaka)
    2006 dream GIRLS at Kyoto Art Center.
    2005 Selected Exhibition of New Artists of Kyoto (Kyoto Prefectural Museum of Culture) Art Court Frontier2005 #3 (Art Court Gallery/Osaka)
    2004 Kyo Exhibition at Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
    2003 Kyo Exhibition (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art) ART CAMP in CASO (Kaigan-dori Gallery CASO/Osaka)
    2002 Contemporary Art Independent CASO Exhibition (Kaigan-dori Gallery CASO/Osaka) Mixture (Kaigan-dori Gallery CASO/Osaka)
    2001 Gunma Biennale for Young Artists (The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma)
  • ‘Incoherent Circus’ Yuka Yonemasu EXHIBITION

    2014. 7. 02 Wed. - 2014. 7. 15 Tue.

    Opening reception, 2014, June, 5th(Sat) 6pm-8pm

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, 'Incoherent Circus' by Yuka Yonemasu.
    We will be open the exhibition from 2nd of July to 15th of July 2014.
    The opening reception will hold on 5th of July from 6pm-8pm so please do not miss the exhibition and the opening reception.
    Yuka Yonemasu is an illustrator who energetically active in publishing original piece of work and also creating cover design for various popular writers.
    She uses acryl gouache, pens and collage art work for the first step, then she scans the art work to create final piece of work by MAC PC.
    The main theme of her work is, Is it a dream or reality or a vision Thus, she expresses a dreamy atmosphere mingled with dream and reality under the theme.
    Yuka Yonemasu says, 'I like a dreamy atmosphere that I could feel a sense of reality not only the fantasy of optimistic dreams.
    The thing which slightly lonely, ephemeral but lively and individually strong.
    I would use circus as an example for my art work.
    Because, circus is a thing that happens in a short time but creates magical and fantasy like a dream.
    It seems like whole thing was a dream but it actually happened in reality and I want to express the imagination in my art work.
  • The Twinkle Of The World!

    2014. 6. 11 Wed. - 2014. 7. 01 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, The Twinkle Of The World by KYOTARO and Masako Shinya.

    [DATES] 2014,June,11th(Wed)-2014,July,1st (Tue)
    Opening reception, 2014, June, 14th(Sat) 6pm-8pm

    Live painting, 2014, June, 15th(Sun) 2pm-The drawing artist, KYOTARO and the fashion designer Masako Shinya have been published a collaborated art book called KARA PON PON by Rikuyosha (¥2,800-).
    This art book abuzz with these two artist's unique sense of the world.
    Apparently, these two artists are previously well-known in each fields so the art book is tremendously popular.
    We are going to hold the exhibition to celebrate the publication of KARA PON PON. This exhibition is the first attempt of it's kind in the country.
    Both Artists are from Osaka and the fashion designer, Masako Shinya's original brand, 'ahcahum' store is located next to our art gallery.
    Therefore we will sale collaborated goods with 'ahcahum' and of course the original paintings from KARA PON PON, latest art works and limited Giclee printed art works.

    Masako Shinya
    After she graduated from Osaka Mode Gakuen in 1983, she started her own fashion brand 'muchacha' in 1994.
    The concept of the brand is HAPPY CLOTHING WITH HEART.
    One of a reason why this brand is so popular, is that she makes clothes by band embroidery, hand prints and uses original cloth which means she takes time to make each clothes and she also puts heart on making clothes.
    She acquired numerous fans including musicians such as Bjork and PUFFY.
    They are attracted by it's originality and sensitivity of the brand.
    She challenges not only participate in exhibition but also collaboration with other genres artists.

    She was born in Kyoto.
    he graduated from Kyoto Saga Art Junior College in 1988.
    She is a drawing artist who actives in drawing, painting, manga and animation.
    She had solo exhibition, 'The trip to heaven' in 2008, 'The way which fairy goes' in 2010.
    She also participated in international group exhibitions in New York, Miami, Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco.
    She has been published some books such as 'Trip to heaven' in 2010, 'The Baby Shower Story' in 2012 by (Kawade Shobou), 'I SAW A LOT OF FAIRIES- THE WAY WHICH FAIRY GOES' by (ERECT Lab.) and manga, 'MWUAI' by (DAITOKAI) http://www.kyotaro.biz/

    2014. 5. 21 Wed. - 2014. 6. 10 Tue.

    Artistic Loop Line" running through Osaka debuts June 1!.
    FM802's art project "digmeout" and JR West Group have collaborated!
    As part of the "Osaka Loop Line Remodeling Project," eight artists have created artwork for the special "OSAKA POWER LOOP" train.
    Each of the participating artists designed each train car with eight different themes based on the scenery along the Osaka Loop Line, famous places, festivals, and other motifs.
    To commemorate this project, a group exhibition of the eight artists who participated in the wrapping art was held.
    In addition to exhibiting and selling their recent works, the artists will also compete to create a work on the theme of "loop" in reference to the Loop Line.
    The JR West Group has launched the "Osaka Loop Line Renovation Project" to create a more attractive Osaka Loop Line, and has been working on a number of projects to create new value, including the opening of Viera Tamatsukuri, beautification of Morinomiya Station, and the introduction of train departure melodies at each station.
    As part of this project, the "OSAKA POWER LOOP" wrapping train is now in operation.
    Eight "digmeou" artists vividly depict the charms of the towns along the Osaka Loop Line.
    We hope you will enjoy the competition of the unique designs of each train car and visit the Osaka Loop Line, which is full of attractive spots.
    The "OSAKA POWER LOOP" train will depart on June 1.
    ifuku kazuhiko
    Born in 1979.
    His works are characterized by colorful colors and relaxed lines.
    In 2007, he passed the "digmeout Audition 2007.
    He is active in a wide range of media including magazines, music, and fashion, as well as window displays at Hankyu Department Store's Umeda flagship store, Promise TV commercials, and main visuals for AEON MALL.
    She has also collaborated with the stationery brand "HIGHTIDE" to produce notebooks, tote bags, and storage goods.
    After graduating from a technical college, he worked as an assistant writer before going freelance.
    Currently working mainly in the comic and game industries for the North American market.
    The work expresses a new sense of surprise and reminiscence by depicting the incompatible time axis of the future and the past, based on the image of "fossils that may be dug up by people from the future.
     MINAMI WHEEL2013 main visual, large art delivery for dropbox,inc's head office music room, illustration for The new republic article, cover for Hayakawa's Bookman trilogy by Ravi Tidhar, etc.
    Mayumi Terada
    Born in Hyogo Prefecture and currently lives in Osaka Prefecture.
    Graduated from Konan University, Faculty of Letters, Department of English Literature.
    Passed the digmeout audition in 2006.
    Currently active in advertising and magazines, including visual production for the Organ Transplant Network, Valentine art for the grand staircase at Keihan Kyobashi Station, CD visual for Pony Canyon's Rika Tanaka's album "Japanese Songbook," and bookbinding and illustrations for Felissimo Publishing's "Kawaii" (cute).
    She draws funny, lovely, and small things, and it is her pleasure to make people smile.
    Ryohei Yamashita
    Ryohei Yamashita creates paintings and illustrations based on the consistent theme of "dynamism.
    He has created cover illustrations for Magazine House's "Tarzan," visuals for Nike, SONY, etc., live paintings for the music festival SUMMERSONIC, and was involved in the creation of the official visuals for the Yokohama Marathon 2015.
    He has participated in numerous group shows in Japan and abroad (North America and Asia).
    Marmiyan began working under the name "Marmiyan" in 2007, based in Fukuoka, Japan.
    He is active in a variety of media, including magazines, posters, CD jackets, product packaging, apparel, and the Web.
    She aims to create sophisticated and highly finished works by graphically combining various icons such as people, flowers, animals, and buildings.
    She has also worked and exhibited overseas, lectured at universities, and given talk shows and seminars.
    He passed the digmeout audition in 2008.
    Yoriko Hatta
    Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting.
    Started her creative activities in 2006.
    She visualizes the glamorous traditions of Asia with a contemporary perspective.
    Her works are based on the concept of "showiness" as the main axis of her production.
    He works in both digital and analog media.
    Selected for eco&art AWARD 2009 (2009), selected for Toray Digital Creation Awards (DCA) (2009), selected for TokyoGraphicPassport/Portfolio Viewing Award (2010), selected for behance Japan Portfolio Review Grand Prize (2013), and many other awards.
    Hajime Sakurai
    Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2002.
    Illustrator and graphic designer.
    His works include "Takashimaya Osaka Emon" tote bag (2012), "Osaka Marathon" Nanairo charity T-shirt (2013), NHK "Radio English Conversation" textbook cover art (2014), and a wide range of other activities centered on advertising and publishing.
    With a deep knowledge of music, fashion, film, design, and art from the 1960s, he has been creating "old and new" works under the theme of "POP ART SOUL".
  • Mio Matsumoto’s solo exhibition, Nature

    2014. 4. 30 Wed. - 2014. 5. 20 Tue.

    [Dates] 30th/April/2014~20th/May/2014 at DMO ARTS.

    Opening reception will be on 3rd/May/2014 6pm-8pm -Anyone will be welcomed!
    Mio Matsumoto is an illustrator who flourishes mainly in abroad.She uses seasonable flowers and a woman with bit malicious but pretty lookas a motif for her illustration.
    This is the second solo exhibition at our art gallery and she willdisplay-sale her new art work.
    Every rose has its thorn which means you cannot judge at first sight.
    In other words, you cannot understand how essentialit is only by its appearance.
    This proverb is used well when expressing a woman and Iquite like the expression, liken woman to flowers.
    In this exhibition's title, Nature has other meaningnot only 'nature' but also, essence,characteristics and true character and it is gathered by a single wordwhat I want to express in this exhibition.
    In addition to this exhibition,I would like to announce the collaboration work withMs.
    Yokota who is a designer of the jewelry brand,Pushque as a new trial.Please enjoy the essence of the woman whom we expresscharacteristic and the true character by all means.
    Mio Matsumoto.

    Mio Matsumoto was born in 1976.
    Mio grew up in Kobe, Japan.
    Mio decided to study in United Kingdom and therefore moved there atthe age of 20.
    Mio graduated from Kingston University with a 1st-classdegree in Illustration and graduated from the Royal College of Artwith a MA in communication art and design.
    During her study, Mio built up her drawing style based on the observationof things around her.
    Using smooth pen work, she draws portraits ofeveryday life and ordinary people.
    She enjoys working in various fieldssuch as advertising, editorial and fashion.
    Her work can be seen in magazines like ELLE Japon, Ginger Numero Tokyo,and Vogue Japon.
    She had illustrated over 6 years for a weekly fashioncolumn in Stella magazine by The Sunday Telegraph.
    Her advertisingclients include Jigsaw, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Miller Harris, Nissan,RioBlush and SpaceNK.
    In addition to her published work “My Diary”, her first publicationin 2008 from Jonathan Cape publisher, United Kingdom,Mio has created a memorable love filled flickbook “Kiss”.
  • Hikari Yamazaki ‘The day I decided to draw picture diary everyday’

    2014. 4. 09 Wed. - 2014. 4. 29 Tue.

    Opening reception will be on 12th of April, 6pm-8pm
    I complained..... I wondered what will happen when I become 50 years old at the age of 25 years old now.
    I hate it if I become an ordinary woman and display my hobby in a public hall.
    When I whining about it to the boss of digmeout, Mr.Taniguchi gave me a task to draw a picture dairy everyday.
    He continues,Draw a picture diary everyday and upload the photos of the dairy on Facebook and show it to public.
    Do not loaf on that, because if you draw continuously and keep on doing it for 25 years, it definitely will be your masterpiece.
    I was about to cry, because I was lost in a maze about my life and I did not know what to draw about at that time.
    April 18th, this day became a Memorial Day.
    The day I decided to picture diary everyday.
    Hikari's Memorial Day started from 18th of April,2013.
    Her work gathered sympathies and her fan increased remarkably by the words and the sexy illustration.
    She materialized a collaboration with girl's website also fashion brand one after another.
    It has been almost a year since she started to draw picture dairy everyday.
    In this exhibition, we will display-sale all the original picture.
    Please watch it and Please buy one.
    The picture dairy of Hikari will continue for another 25 years until she becomes 50 years old.

    [Profile of Hikari Yamazaki]
    She was born in Kanagawa prefecture on 1988.
    She majored design course and graduated from Women's College Of Fine Arts on 2010.
    She started her carrier as an artist as she passed a young artist excavation project, auditioned by digmeout.
    She uses acrylic paints, a color pen and color spray.
    She draws erotic, cute and mysterious girl as a character.
    As for drawing, it is not only like a girly style but also powerful like a street art.
    We would be appreciated if you feel her strong power.
    We look forward your visit!
    Thank you.
  • Memory Yumiko Kanda Exhibition

    2014. 3. 26 Wed. - 2014. 4. 08 Tue.

    Opening Reception will be on Sat/29th/March 6pm~
    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, Memory by Yumiko Kanda from 26th March to 8th April 2014.
    This will be her solo exhibition in two years.
    Kanda was born in 1980.
    She graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar.
    She rediscovers of beauty of familiar 'thing' in daily life and she expresses the pleasure as an illustration.
    Therefore, when you look at her paintings, they will revives past various momentary memories.
    She mainly uses acrylic gouache and canvas boards for the art supplies.
    In 2010, she participated in the art project, 'Canvas@Sony' represented by SONY and digmeout.
    She won the grand prize and she produced 38 meters of large wall painting for three times in Ginza Sony Building.
    In 2011, she won Jo Masayoshi Prize by HB gallery competition.