• chiaki kohara “Kakumei Exhibition” -Be the time.-

    2013. 12. 18 Wed. - 2014. 1. 07 Tue.

    The more I check the past, the more uncertain it becomes, and the pure present, which disappears without mercy.
    I started showing my works in exhibitions in 2008, and through my paintings, I have met many people and have been encouraged by many words to move forward in the shimmering and shimmering.
    Dazzling, fragile, and sparkling things. All of it.
    I, chiaki kohara, embracing all of them, want to "wake up Kakumei.
    With the art I create, I want to go to a world "beyond" that even I have never imagined.
    I would like to make it a "kakumei" that takes the people who support me to places they have never seen before, rather than a "kakumei" that I alone create.
    What we will do will be announced at the exhibition.
    Everyone, please lend me your power.
    Let's fly higher and higher together, carrying the "past" that we have encountered and the "future" that is surely beyond our control.
    Now is the time.
    chiaki kohara
    Chiaki Kohara, who has been actively participating in art fairs in Japan and abroad, including Art Fair Tokyo, Art Osaka, and Art Taipei in 2013, will hold his first solo exhibition in a year and a half.
    As the title suggests, Chiaki Kohara says, "I want to make kakumei happen with art." He is currently working on his dream project, which is scheduled for completion in the spring of next year.
    This is a unique attempt to show the progress of the project in an exhibition format.
    At the venue, we will be recruiting members who want to "wake up Kakumei with art" together with Chiaki Kohara.
    An exhibition to share never-before-seen excitement and sparkle.
    Chiacchi, I'm thinking of something great!
  • NekoshowguN exhibition Appetite for Madness

    2013. 11. 27 Wed. - 2013. 12. 17 Tue.

    Opening Party will be held on 30th of Nov (Sat) 18:00-20:00
    Everyone will be welcomed for freeIt has been a year since Nekoshogugun had last exbition in our gallery.
    This time of Nekoshowgun's solo exbition,she has focused on human portrait even she always used animals or insects as artwork model. She drew new portraitsfor this exbition, Appetite for Madness.
    She also will perform live painting for 3 days so, plaese don't miss it!

    The dates for live painting performance will be
    30th, Nov (Sat)13:00-18:00
    8th, Dec (Sun)13:00-18:00
    14th, Dec (Sat)13:00-18:00

    The profile of Nekoshogun -
    Since she started to post her live painting performance on video sharingn website, she gained popularity all over Japanand also in Western countries.
    Her artworks solds out in every exbitions.
    In September, 2012, Nekoshogun been usedfor Kyosuke Komuro's new single CD jacket's artwork and music video.
    This work attracted lot of people. -She belongs to dig me out as an official artist -
    BIRTH : 1982 -
    TOOLS : pencil, charcoals, ink, Mac, Photoshop CS4 -

    2012-・ Wariorrs , Kyosuke Komuro's CD jacket, production of CM animation (Warner Music Japan)・ Book cover design for Dead Man written by Kanji Kawai (Kadokawa Shoten)・ Book cover design for Darkwoods Circus written by Machigerita (PHP lab.)
    2011-・ Animation character and weapon design for LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW (Kadokawa games, grasshopper manifacture)・ Opening illustration for Bowling Revolution P★LEAGUE (BS Nippon Television Network Corporation)

    2011 Solo Exbition Nekoia at Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, DMO ARTS
    2011 Solo Exbition Beats at DMO ARTS
    2009 Solo Exbition DELISIOUS at digmeoutART&DINER
    2008 Solo Dxbition at acrymony(LA)
    2006 Solo Exbition at digmeoutCAFE
  • Nakamura mucho Yoshiteru exhibition「ZOO MATCH」

    2013. 11. 06 Wed. - 2013. 11. 26 Tue.

    Colorful little animals created by collaging matchboxes.
    More than 150 works of various animals with somewhat friendly and lovable expressions.
    The walls of DMOARTS will be filled with new works by digmeout artist Yoshiteru Nakamura Mucho.
    It is like a small zoo.
    The matchboxes are from old coffee shops, restaurants, snack bars, foreign pubs, and motels, all of which are rarely seen today.
    The retro match labels, each with its own design, are fun!
    All of the collages are one-of-a-kind and will be on display and for sale. Please find your favorite animal and bring it back to your room.
    Nakamura mucho Yoshiteru
    Born in 1978. She creates illustrations and collages on craft paper using pens, colored pencils, crayons, and other materials.
    His works are made from everyday objects such as guitars, cars, straw bags, postage stamps, and milk bottle caps, and they are both thoughtful and heartwarming.
    They are full of joy, as if the curiosity of a young boy who collects his favorite toys has been transformed into a painting.
    Chikuzen Sato "cross your fingers vo.2" CD jacket
    SUPER J-HITS RADIO web illustration (2007)
    Hong Kong shopping mall "APM" calendar illustration
    SAZABY Press "carrying your life vol.4
    KIRIN "Hyoketsu" nylon bag (2008)
    T-shirts on line store "ARTEE" Original T-shirts
    MSPC(master piece) messenger bag (2009)
    GUNZE "BODY WILD" artist collaboration pants
    LOTTE bottle gum "XYITOL"(2010)
    FM802/digmeout calendar(2012)
    <Solo exhibition>「PEN FRIEND」DMOARTS .osakla(2012)
    「FACE」 Cafe nino,osaka? (2009)
    「NISSAN WINGROAD X digmeout JAPAN TOUR 07」contemporary space CERO hiroshima (2007)
    「BED ROOM」 galeria CERO osaka (2007)
    「COLLECT ISSUE」 galeria CERO osaka (2006)
    「at SAATCHI 」( 3 month ) cafe SAATCHI ,kobe (2005)
    「FAB MOOD」 galeriaCERO osaka? (2005)
    「MINIMUMS」 cafe SAATCHI ,kobe (2004)
    「ART SCHOOL」 galeria CERO osaka (2004)
    「BIG HITS」 ( OIL PAINT ) galeria CERO osaka (2003)
    <Group exhibition>「THE BEST OF DMOARTS」DMOARTS (2012)
    「ARTEE SHOW 09」 digmeout ART&DINER (2009)
    「ARTIST EXHIBITION」 galeria CERO / UI atelier? (2008)
    「Xmas ART FAIR」  digmeout ART&DINER osaka (2007)
    「OSAKA INNOCENT BALLADE」Kazuya Taoka x digmeout all stars.digmeoutART&DINER.osaka (2007)
    「COLLECT ISSUE」 galeria CERO osaka (2006)
    「digmeout EXHIBITION 06」 minascapes osaka (2006)
  • Amane Murakami Exhibition HOP OVER

    2013. 10. 02 Wed. - 2013. 10. 22 Tue.

    [opening party 10.5 sat. 18:00-20:00]

    DMOARTS will be holding an exhibition of Murakami.
    Is the artist, art director, and director of the product brand amabro Review the creatures various stands and is known, Murakami will sublimate in the style of modern jumped over the genre and era.
    In this exhibition, including a new art of his concept of the ART OF LIFE is also pleased to announce the new and classic products of amabro is produced.
    In addition, the more conceptual, personality of the artist appeared stronglyIt also display and sale of one-off items of brand new MURASAKI.

    Amane Murakami
    Born in 1975.
    He encounter a silk screen in Kobe Design University.
    He studied illustration, graphic design while in school.
    After graduation, as an art director of AMDR, in addition to the design of fashion catalog and CD cover, he also deals supervision original brand of amabro while including creative activities.
    He also announced a new product brand MURASAKI in 2012.
    Murakami Art Co., Ltd. President and CEO

    http://www.murakamiart.jp http://www.amabro.com http://www.amabro.com/murasaki
  • riya exhibition 「TRICK STER」

    2013. 10. 23 Wed. - 2013. 11. 05 Tue.

    opening party 10.26 sat.18 :00-20: 00(Riya will make a production demonstration at the venue all day)

    In the mythology, defeating the natural order and God,That of the organism to be drawn as mischievous to tear apart the story.
    Feature is that with good and evil, destruction and regeneration,such as fools and wise men, the two sides completely different.
    TRICK STER brings the fire in the world to steal fire in mischief,and be fooled or tricked, or antics, such as a child you do not hate.
    To spirit fictitious coyote and raven, from rabbit,It is possible to find by changing the figure in the mythology of the world.
    whirled around Through the story With the help of eye crow What do you wonder if you look except glance.

    riya : born in Chicago 1985
    In the method of paper-cutting, and side-by-side icon human and animal, wave, cloud,flame, star, such as eyes,It is the artist creating works magical, ethnic.In her solo exhibition “TRICK STER” and cutout characters of the world of mythProduction methods.
    The new work or My First ART series affordable addition to theoriginal work Original goods also sell. Please look forward to the work of riya thatspun the story freely to the beholder.
  • THE POP UP STORE: heteroqrom × YUGO FUJITA

    2013. 9. 18 Wed. - 2013. 10. 01 Tue.

    Reception Party 9.21sat 18:00-20:00

    New brand designer ex. MAISON KITSUNE, Shotaro Aoyama launched a heteroqrom, and the art directorFujita Yugo, will open the POP UP SOTRE.
    Creators of two people will design a novel spatial keyword from the brand of heteroqrom and special sales of collection items such as T-shirts and original work.
    heteroqromBrand name is derived means Eye Color is different in the left and right things like David Bowie heterochromia.
    Heteroqrom the right eye to express the creation of fashion, the left eye is different, such as video and music is, in Tokyo and ParisIn addition to the collection, as well as video and sound track to production every season, designer himself has worked.

    Yogo FujitaBorn in 1985.
    Osaka resident.
    The Designing concerning club events, including art direction of the rock band SISTER JET I deal with a wide range beyond Nwaku, such as genre.
    The solo exhibition at digmeoutART & DINER 2008 and 2009.http://heteroqrom.jp/
  • buggy exhibition VELVET CODE

    2013. 8. 28 Wed. - 2013. 9. 17 Tue.

    DMOARTS hold a solo exhibition of the artist buggy active in Osaka.
    Mainly illustrations of women's fashion magazine, a CDDesign of T-shirt and jacket, live paintingSuch as, the scene of pop culture and fashion alwaysBuggy that I am active in, collect the topic.
    Charisma to beat fast nowMaterial in the super model and designer, and wit of its ownArtwork you make fashion Addict manyIt captured the hearts of people, fans there are many across the country already.
    In addition to solo Osaka and Tokyo, and Marc Jacobs last yearArtwork and, in the party of Stella McCartneyThe artwork of his live painting appeared, in various places OsakaHotels and shops that you have a motif and to openBuggy to expand the scope of activities further.
    Theme he choseSTUDIO 54.
    The sudden appearance in New York 1970s,Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Liza Minnelli,Famous Yves Saint Laurent, and Michael Jackson Celebrities are engaged in a nightly feast, new music and artThe Potore stylish, disco legend was bornI expressed in artwork plus and irony intended.

    August 31, 18:00-20:00
  • Hiroshi Nagai Exhibition SUMMER MADNESS

    2013. 8. 07 Wed. - 2013. 8. 27 Tue.

    Time of about 30 years, but left flow,If you stand in the pool with this familiar, it remains that when you stopped. Wind blowing from the sea also remains of that day.
    Takashi MatsumotoSummer MadnessHiroshi Nagai Exhibition Summer Madness
    2013.8.7wed.-27tue.DMOARTS / digmeout ART & DINER (held simultaneously)

    Monumental work of Japanese City Pop Long Vacation The north and the exhibition is an overview past and present Nagai Hiroshi famous artworkI held simultaneously in the south.
    Original works of masterpiece of the past, of course, junkNewest work with, including the artwork of Fujiyama an exhibition.
    The SoulDJ party talks and events of Nagai's famous as a collector and planning.Kansai.
    Of course fans of yesteryear, but also for young people of Nagai Hiroshi first experience,There is no doubt be a summer to remember.
    Please stay tuned.
    Opening Reception(Sat) 16:00 ~ 18:00 DMOARTS 10 August

    I can join by anyone.
    Talk & DJ party(Sat) 20:00 ~ 26:30 digmeout ART & DINER 10 August
    Cast = Nagai Hiroshi Matsuda Ggakuji, Hibiki TokiwaCharge = 1,500 yen (Plus one drink)

    HIROSHI NAGAI : Born in Tokushima 1947 year of graphic designer
    On a freelance illustrator from 1978 through.
    Illustrations and clear tropicalRation, used a number of ads, posters, the CD jacket or recordEvaluation is very high.
    Album jacket A LONG VACATION of Eiichi Otaki,NIAGARA SONG BOOK, AOR compilation CD breeze seriesIncluding the jacket illustration of such, design, music critic, in FMI develop personality, such as a DJ, a wide range of activities.
    As publications,Picture book A LONG VACATION, HALATION (CBS Sony publication), NIAGARASome SONG BOOK (Shogakukan), art book Time goesby ... (the BUNKASHA).
  • Kana Otsuki Exhbition Minna Kara No Naka ( Everyone Among the shell))

    2013. 7. 17 Wed. - 2013. 8. 06 Tue.

    Otsuki Kana illustrator / painter, the troubled timesContinued to draw as a life to live stretch of the girl, feminine and barrel hiddenI am put in the motif of a girl and motherhood.
    The present exhibition, held in the neutron tokyo (2012) last yearAs a traveling exhibition of from among the people, it is done sprinkled a new product.
    Work and messages that originate through the SNS is from a wide range of generationOtsuki Kana to resonate, please look forward to the exhibition in Osaka after a long time.

    Opening Reception(Sat) 18:00-20:00 DMOARTS 20 JulyYou can participate freely anyone.

    Swallow paper + 2013
    Acrylic, spray on canvas 910 × 910mm
  • Hikari Shimoda Exhibition

    2013. 6. 26 Wed. - 2017. 7. 16 Sun.

    Known for her grotesque yet fantastical portraits of children, Japanese artist Hikari Shimoda will debut a solo show at DMO ARTS in Osaka on June 26.
    For this new series of paintings and collages, Shimoda focuses on childrens’ idealism and desire to save the world.

    “In recent work, Hero or Magical girl is painted as the main motif. It is the metaphor of the Savior for the present young people,” said Shimoda.

    “The horns of the child having in works express their feelings cannot be into words.”
    Take a look at some of Shimoda’s works for the show, , and see the exhibition June 26 through July 16.
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