• EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) Hideo ANZE EXHIBITION

    2013. 6. 12 Wed. - 2013. 6. 25 Tue.

    Two years since the first solo exhibition.
    Have received high praise at the domestic and foreign art fair, please see his latest photo series which increased depth further.

    Opening / Reception June 15 (Sat) 18: 00-20: 00 Anyone can join

    2013. 5. 29 Wed. - 2013. 6. 11 Tue.

    Printing techniques have been reworked, and letterpress printing is reheating again.

    "A TWO PIPE PROBLEM LETTER PRESS" is a letter press studio presided over by Stephen Kenny who uses vintage wood type and press machine that is the origin and produces high artistic work.
    Numerous wood types owned are mixed, a lot of works produced with good balance and good sense of words selection.
    The unusual unique style is highly appreciated around Europe, mainly in the UK, the home base.
    This time "A TWO PIPE PROBLEM LETTER PRESS" I will hold the first solo exhibition in Japan entitled "OLD LETTERS FROM LONDON" in Tokyo and Osaka.
    It will be a work exhibition with many highlights, such as collaboration work with Japanese artists and Paul Smith, and workshop by Stephen Kenny to Japan's event planning.
  • Kenji Kubo Photo exhibition Wrong or Right, It’s Alright.

    2013. 5. 15 Wed. - 2013. 5. 28 Tue.

    This photo exhibition is a rock documentary by Kenji Kubo, aka Kuboken, a photographer, writer, and club organizer with a tremendous following, who lived and photographed with the artists.
    Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Kurt Cobain....
    From the heyday of New Wave and the dawn of Madchester to the present day, this is a valuable record of rock history that could only have been made by Kenji Kubo, who experienced the real scene from 1981 to 1985, when he was in the UK.
    A total of more than 50 rare photos will be exhibited at two venues: DMOARTS at JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan and digmeoutART&DINER in Amerikamura.
    All photos will be sold in limited quantities.
    Talk events and DJ parties by Kenji Kubo himself will also be held during the period.
    FM802 and FM COCOLO will also feature this exhibition.
    This is a must-see exhibition for the rock kids of today, as well as for the adults who once wore anoraks and were thrilled by the Manchester sound.
    Kenji Kubo
    Born in Osaka in 1964.
    Photographer, writer, and organizer.
    Moved to England in 1981 when he was 17 years old.
    He started his career as a rock photographer by submitting his work to "NME," one of the leading music newspapers in the UK.
    Since then, he has worked for British music magazines such as "NME" and "Melody Maker" as well as Japanese music magazines such as "Rockin' On," "Crossbeat," and "Music Magazine.
    In addition, he also works as a music journalist with his own pen.
    He is the author of "WRONG OR RIGHT, IT'S ALRIGHT -Kenji Kubo Works 1984-1997" (U.S. Music Books), "BLANKEY JET CITY SWEET DAYS" (photo book), "God of Rock" (essay book), "The Stone Roses" (co-author), "Dance, Drag, Rock & Roll" (co-author), "The Stone Roses. Drug Rock 'n' Roll" (co-authored).
    Since 1993, he has also been active as a club organizer.
    He has contributed to the development of the current club scene in Japan by inviting artists and DJs from Japan and abroad and presiding over "CLUB VENUS.
    Talk Event "BEHIND THE SCENE" & DJ Party
    May 18 (Sat) 21:00~ Americamura digmeout ART&DINER
    Featuring: Kenji Kubo + Yoshihiro Hoshina (Rock Critic)
    Artists scheduled to exhibit
    Bjork Blur The CureDinosaur Jr.Echo and the BunnymenElliot SmithThe HorrorsThe Jesus and Mary ChainThe LibertinesManic Street PreachersMy Bloddy ValentineNirvanaOasisPavementPrimal ScreamRadioheadJonathan RichmanSonic YouthThe Stone RosesThe SmithsJonny ThundersThe Verveand more...

    2013. 5. 01 Wed. - 2013. 5. 14 Tue.

    Commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the opening of JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan.
    The OSAKA DREAMS," a gathering of contemporary art galleries in Osaka, was held in May 2011 to celebrate the grand opening of the JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan.
    Following last year's and the year before, we will hold the third installment of this event.
    Galleries with a connection to Osaka will gather at this art spot in the center of Osaka, which is booming with the rush of urban development.
    JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan is also celebrating the second anniversary of its opening, and the Umeda area of Osaka will become even more exciting.
    The 6th floor Art Liberation Zone and the 3rd floor DMO ARTS art spaces in the store and OSAKA ART COMPLEX (Tezukayama Gallery, Tenjensha, YOD Gallery, Yoshimi Arts), a group of galleries leading the Osaka art scene, will collaborate to present a selection of their best artists. The selection of the best artists from each of these galleries will be presented.
    The artists will perform together with rich individuality across genres.
    From Osaka to the world.
    JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, as the hub of Osaka's contemporary art scene, will introduce the latest "OSAKAN ART" to a variety of customers. Please look forward to it.
    <Participating Artists>
    ■Hana Inoue | Yoshimi Arts selection
    1982 Born in Hiroshima Lives and works in Tokyo
    2006 Taikiyo Sato Public Art Exhibition (Fukuchiyama City Taikiyo Sato Memorial Art Museum/Kyoto)
    2008 Hiroshima City University Graduate School of Art, M.F.A., Prix la Jeunesse Prize Geibikai Exhibition (Fukuya Hacchobori/Hiroshima)
    2009 Solo exhibition "Ca la fu le zu" (Yoshimi Gallery/Osaka) KOBE ART MARCHE-Yoshimi Gallery (Crowne Plaza Kobe/Kobe) Hana Inoue and Shiho Yamamoto two persons exhibition (Daimaru Tokyo Store Art Gallery/Tokyo)
    2010 BODAIJU FESTA-Yoshimi Arts (Ramada Hotel Osaka/Osaka) KOBE ART MARCHE-Yoshimi Arts (Kobe Portopia Hotel/Kobe) Yoshimi Arts opening exhibition "0 +" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
    2011 Solo exhibition "Monogatari" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) Hana Inoue and Shiho Yamamoto two person exhibition (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) Garyu-Zakura Japanese Painting Grand Prize Exhibition (Hida-Izan Cultural Exchange Center, Gifu Prefectural Museum of Art/Gifu) Insight Repetition/ Repetition II (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
    ■Kotatsu Iwata | TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY selection
    1974 Born in Osaka
    2005 NYCoo Prize, NYCoo Gallery, New York
    2006 "The Jean Gates Award", New York
    2007 Solo exhibition "Bring It on Home to Me" at ISE CULTURAL FOUNDATION/New York, Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2007 at Tokyo Bijutsu Club, Tokyo, "Spirit Award" at NYCoo Gallery/New York
    2008 Solo exhibition "Can't Find The Way" at 680 Fifth Ave/New York
    2009 Solo exhibition "GET WHAT YOU NEED" at TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY/Osaka, Korea International Art Fair 2009, COEX, Korea
    2010 GALLERY'S RECOMMENDED YOUNG ARTISTS (TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY/Osaka) Korea International Art Fair 2010 (COEX/Korea)
    2011 The NY Coo Cllection vol.0 (NYCoo Gallery/New York)
    2012 Solo exhibition "What a cool ! (TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY/Osaka) 2012 Solo exhibition "What a cool !" (TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY/Osaka) "Utsukushikimono: Charm of Miniatures" (JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan/Osaka) Art Show Busan 2012 (BEXCO Exhibition Hall/Korea)
    ■Nobuyuki Ogawa | YOD Gallery selection
    1963 Born in Kyoto
    1989 Selected for the Kyoto Exhibition and the All Kansai Art Exhibition? 1989 Selected, Kyoto Exhibition, All Kansai Art Exhibition
    1993 Selected, Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition
    1994 Selected, Kyoto Craft Biennale
    1996 Selected, Sogetsu Flower Vessels Biennial Exhibition, Mashiko Ceramic Art Exhibition, Kyoto Art Craft Exhibition
    1997 Selected, Saga Goryu Flower Pottery Exhibition
    2000 Minister of International Trade and Industry Award, Kiyomizuyaki Ceramic Ware Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
    2002 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki Pottery Exhibition
    2003 Faenza International Ceramic Art Exhibition, Faenza, Italy, Silver Plate Prize / Ravenna Prize, Solo Exhibition? Flowers in Heaven, Earth, Earth and its Space
    2005 Faenza International Ceramic Art Exhibition, Faenza, Italy, Gold Plate Prize /President's Award of Rotary Club, solo exhibition "Mostra Personale di Ceramica".
    2006 Museum of Ceramics, Sevres, France
    2008 Solo Exhibition "Vessels of Aloofness" at the Museum of Ceramics, Sevres, France.
    ■Takeshi Kajimoto | DMOARTS selection
    1974 Born in Osaka
    1997 Selected for the 2nd Sam Hall Grand Prize
    1998 Solo Exhibition "Takeshi Kajimoto Exhibition" at Gallery Kuruse
    2000 Solo Exhibition "Takeshi Kajimoto Exhibition" (City Gallery) Group Exhibition "Thinking VII" (City Gallery)
    2001 Group Exhibition "Thinking VIII①" (City Gallery) "Thinking VIII②" (City Gallery) Group Exhibition "Vibrating Plane" (City Gallery) "LIFE" (City Gallery)
    2002 "Takeshi Kajimoto Exhibition" (City Gallery)
    2003 GEISAI#3 (Pacifico Yokohama/Yokohama) GEISAI MUSEUM (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower/Tokyo)
    2008 GEISAI MUSEUM 2 (Tokyo Big Sight/Tokyo)
    2009 OTHER PAINTING IV (Pepper's Gallery/Tokyo)
    2010 Solo exhibition "Takeshi Kajimoto cutting life" (Standing Drinking Gallery Newspaper Woman/Osaka)
    2011 Solo exhibition "Takeshi Kajimoto exhibition World is Kaleidoscope" (iTohen gallery/Osaka) Art Stream 2011 in DAIMARU SHINSAIBASHI FM802 Prize (Daimaru Shinsaibashi/Osaka)
    2012 Group exhibition "Atarashii riddle ga kita" (Kadoma Shimin Bunka Kaikan Lumiere Hall/Osaka)
    ■Nina Kawamata | YOD Gallery selection
    1987 Born in Ibaraki, Japan
    2011 Gombessa proposal ep1 "I am Japanese" (BAMI gallery/Kyoto) ELEVEN Girls Art Collection (Matsuya Ginza/Tokyo) ZOU - Japanese Painting or Not - (Kaigan-dori Gallery CASO/Osaka) Sanja Sanba (YOD Gallery/Osaka) 2012? (YOD Gallery/Osaka) 2012? Newly Born Form (JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan/Osaka) Two Artists Exhibition (Ginza Mitsukoshi/Tokyo) Kyoto Nanasei (Gallery I/Kyoto) SPURT Exhibition (Kyoto University of Art and Design Galerie/Ove) Glamorization (Waka no Ura Art Cube D1/Wakayama) Group Exhibition (Takamatsu Tenmanya/Kagawa)
    2013 Completed graduate course in Art Expression, Kyoto University of Art and Design
    ■Miki Kitamura | DMOARTS selection
    1990 Born in Kyoto
    2010 Selected for the 9th TIS Open Call "My One Picture" Selected by Izuru Aminaka, Exhibition of works by 6 Kyoto art universities "Itohen Exhibition" (Kirakuto Plaza - Kyoto Industrial Hall/Kyoto) Group Exhibition "pi2 Exhibition" (Kyoto)
    2011 The 12th Note Exhibition, juror's prize, Ryoji Arai, The 176th The Choice, runner-up
    2012 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Design, Department of Visual Design, Illustration Course
    ■Takahide Komatsu | TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY selection
    1979 Born in Miyazaki, Japan
    2006 ART SHANGHAI 2006 (Shanghai Mart/Shanghai) Solo exhibition "Japanese Ecosystem" (Gallery Celeste/Fukuoka)
    2008 Solo exhibition "Coexistence" at TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY (Osaka), Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2008 (Tokyo Bijutsu Club/Tokyo)
    2009 Solo exhibition "moment-" (Gallery PLOT/Tokyo) YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2009 (Taipei) Solo exhibition "-coexistence-" (Gallery Forty-Seven/London)
    2010 "Rain Poem", solo exhibition at Art Fair Tokyo 2010 (Tokyo International Forum/Tokyo) (KOMINJYA Gyararyi HANA-Usagi/Fukuoka)
    2011 Solo exhibition "Ephemeralness" at TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka, Japan Art Fair Tokyo 2011, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan Solo exhibition "Kyosei" at Artelier, Fukuoka, Japan ART TAIPEI 2011, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan Fine Art Asia 2011 (Hong Kong Convention Center/Hong Kong)
    2012 Takahide Komatsu Solo Exhibition (CORNER/Miyazaki)
    ■Naoto Tabata | art liberation zone selection
    1969 Born in Mie Prefecture
    1992 Graduated from Meiji University, Faculty of Law
    2004 Studied under Jun Mukoshi of Kutani
    2005 Selected for the Ishikawa Traditional Crafts Exhibition Selected for the Traditional Kutani Yaki Exhibition
    2011 Awarded the Technique Prize at the Traditional Kutaniyaki Exhibition, solo exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Crafts Salon/Tokyo)
    2012 Exhibition of Ceramic Boxes (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Craft Salon/Tokyo)
    ■momo irone | Tengensha selection
    2008 Group Exhibition "Color Drop" (Coastal Gallery CASO/Osaka) Group Exhibition "New Genre Art by girls" (Gallery Tenjensha/Osaka)
    2009 Solo exhibition "Sugar Salt" (Bodaiju Cafe'/Osaka) Solo exhibition "Kioku no Kakurega" (Tenjensha/Osaka) Bodaiju Art Market (Bodaiju Cafe'/Osaka) REAL OSAKA (Bunkamura (Bunkamura Gallery/Tokyo) ART OSAKA-SENGENSHA- (Dojima Hotel/Osaka)
    2010 YOUNG ART taipei 2010 (Sunworld Dynasty Hotel/Taipei)ART OSAKA-Exhibition House- (Dojima Hotel/Osaka)Sakura Exhibition 2010 (AG Gallery/New York)
    2011 HOPE WORK2011 (Kaigan-dori Gallery CASO/Osaka) Solo Exhibition "momo no Sekku" (Exhibition House/Osaka) THE OSAKAN DREAMS (JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan/Osaka) Art Fair Kyoto (Hotel Monterey Kyoto/Kyoto)
    2012 Miniature Art Exhibition (JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan/Osaka)
    ■Haruka Yamagishi | DMOARTS selection
    1989 Born in Kyoto
    2013 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Design, Department of Visual Design, Illustration Course
    ■Shiho Yamamoto | Yoshimi Arts selection
    1982 Born in Gifu
    2004 "HOPES2005", Selected Graduation Works Exhibition of Hiroshima and Okayama Prefectural Universities (Fukuyama Museum of Art/Hiroshima)
    2008 Hiroshima City University Graduate School of Art and Design, Completion of Painting Course, Geibikai Exhibition (Fukuya Hacchobori/Hiroshima), Galleria Reino Grand Prize Exhibition (Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of Art, Kenmin Gallery/Hiroshima)
    2009 Solo Exhibition "Shiho Yamamoto Japanese Painting Exhibition? Heartbeat? (Daimaru Kobe Art Gallery/Kobe) KOBE ART MARCHE-Yoshimi Gallery (Crowne Plaza Kobe/Kobe) Spring Inten Exhibition (Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Honten/Tokyo) Hana Inoue and Shiho Yamamoto two person exhibition (Daimaru Tokyo Art Gallery/Tokyo)
    2010 Solo exhibition "Shiho Yamamoto - Shin-On -" (Yoshimi Gallery/Osaka) KOBE ART MARCHE - Yoshimi Arts (Kobe Portopia Hotel/Kobe) Yoshimi Arts opening exhibition "0+" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
    2011 Hana Inoue and Shiho Yamamoto two persons exhibition at Yoshimi Arts/Osaka.
    2012 Solo exhibition "Shiho Yamamoto -Sanzo-" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) Insight5 Re-recognition-landscape (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
  • GOOD THINGS from HIGHTIDE ~100 tote bags & more products~

    2013. 4. 03 Wed. - 2013. 4. 16 Tue.

    From Wednesday, April 3, 2013 to Tuesday, 16th, 2013 DMOARTS

    We will hold a planning exhibition that produces the stationery brand "HIGHTIDE" based in Fukuoka.
    Please enjoy creative creativity from Fukuoka to the world at DMOARTS.

    2013. 4. 17 Wed. - 2013. 4. 30 Tue.

    BAKIBAKI pattern is not a painting, it is just a sign.
    These are not the artist's own words, but I think we can get closer to the essence of his work if we see it that way.
    A signature is the simplest form of self-expression. 
    From signing a contract to writing a signature on a piece of colored paper or tagging a wall of a building. 
    Unlike the previous two, the third is intentional logging.
    It may be the same as marking an animal, but it takes on a different meaning when we look back on it later.
    --It may be a footprint of human history, or it may be a message to future generations.
    What will the BAKIBAKI log become over time? 
    It will be left everywhere with the artist who travels around the country.
    The sequence is like a never-ending Kintaro candy.
    (Text: Kawako Hasegawa)
    We will exhibit and sell collaborative works by BAKIBAKI, a street artist known for his activities with the live painting unit DOPPEL, and Masahiro Inoue, a Kyoto-style tableware craftsman.
    The works blend casually with people, objects, and spaces, and yet make a strong statement.
    Please enjoy the fusion of the latest street art and tradition in contemporary Japan.
    BAKIBAKI/Kohei Yamao
    Born in Osaka in 1978 and currently lives in Tokyo.
    Artist and director of Arahabaki.
    In 2001, formed the live painting duo "DOPPEL" in Kyoto, collaborating with various companies from the underground club scene.
    In 2007, he began his career as a solo artist with a solo exhibition, and has since released beautiful paintings featuring idols and character cards with the motif of "Desire Kamasoku".
    He has been trying to express himself from various angles with his unique viewpoint based on the source of Japanese popular culture.
    His representative works, which could be called aesthetics of repetition, commonly known as "Baki Baki," his lifework, are interpreted as "Japanese" or "modern," and are shown in live performances. He has been involved in traditional folding screens, murals inside and outside stores, public art, and bookbinding for musicians, mainly through live painting.
    Born and currently resides in Kyoto. He is a first-class master of Hotezo-gyoji.
    He has been engaged in new and restoration of mounting for shrines and temples, as well as for axes, frames, and folding screens related to Japanese paintings and calligraphy.
    He has also produced many works that incorporate new art and design by utilizing the traditional materials and techniques used in Kyo-motogu as an approach to modern architectural styles, including works by Japanese painters and calligraphers, and works that fuse modern art and Kyo-motogu.
    Through Kyo-motogu, he is committed to the transmission and dissemination of traditional techniques.
    Kyowatch Inoue Kouyado http://www.miyabi-ex.jp/
    OPENING RECEPTIONSaturday, April 20, 2013, 18:00?20:00 DMOARTS Everyone is free to attend.
  • Extract Me!! Mitsuru Saigusa Exhibition

    2013. 3. 20 Wed. - 2013. 4. 02 Tue.

    Mollusc-like body, tentacle-like eyelashes.
    Artist Mitsuru Saegusa depicts women with supple lines and psychedelic colors.
    Enjoy the stylish artwork created by multiple layers.
    Mitsuru Saigusa
    Passed digmeout audition in 2005.
    Participated in art books and exhibitions in Hong Kong such as "sticker graphics2", "CREAM#5 "MAYTHEFORCEBEWITHYOU" and "Hello Kitty Secret House".
    He has attracted attention in the Asian region.
    2007 "digmeout EXHIBITION" COMPUND GALLERY, Portland
    "SAY NO LIMITS! exhibition", Beijing
    Solo Exhibition "GUM" OFFICE, Tokyo
    2008 "COMPOUND+Grafuck EXHIBITION "Neulovers""
    Solo Exhibition "Chewing Me!" digmeout ART&DINER, Osaka
  • Takashi Saito “Portrait of nobody”

    2013. 2. 27 Wed. - 2013. 3. 19 Tue.

    The solo exhibition “Portrait of nobody” by Tokyo based artist, Takashi Saito will be held at the art gallery and shop DMO ARTS.
    He create works based on massive expression, also use his original style like simplified form, blurring of contours.
    “I’m interested in the way how can I draw a portfolio not drawing specific someone” by Takashi Saito.
    In this exhibition, we can see his original expression that he create some variations from one portrait.
    Takashi Saito “Portrait of nobody”

    Date: February 27th - March 19th, 2013
    Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00Opening reception: March 2nd, 18:00 - 20:00
  • Mio Matsumoto Exhibition Aphrodite ~spring mischief~

    2013. 2. 06 Wed. - 2013. 2. 26 Tue.

    Opening reception On Saturday, 9th February 18: 00-20: 00 Everyone can participate.

    Mio Matsumoto Profile
    Born in 1976.
    Mio grew up in Kobe, Japan.
    At the age of 20, Mio decided to study in United Kingdomand therefore moved there.
    Mio graduated from Kingston University with a 1st-class degree inIllustration and graduated from the Royal College of Art with a MA in communication art and design.
    During her study, Mio built up her drawing style based on the observation of things around her.
    Using smooth pen work, she draws portraits of everyday life and ordinary people.
    She enjoys working in various fields such as advertising, editorial and fashion.
    Her work can be seen inmagazines like ELLE Japon, Ginger Numero Tokyo, and Vogue Japan.
    She had illustrated over 6 yearsfor a weekly fashion column in Stella magazine by The Sunday Telegraph.
    Her advertising clients include Jigsaw, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Miller Harris, Nissan, RioBlush and SpaceNK.
    In addition to her published work “My Diary”, her first publication in 2008 from Jonathan Cape publisher,United Kingdom, Mio has created a memorable love filled flick book “Kiss”.
    Mio is currently living and working in Tokyo.
    Last year, she created a main visual image for Horse Racing in Japan.
    Also released original productsthough Jed Root x Francfran collection by Francfranc.
  • DMO wonder echoes Vol.1

    2013. 1. 30 Wed. - 2013. 2. 19 Tue.

    Art is a rich and great waste, a play that stimulates the imagination, and a universal means of communication.
    There is a door of wonder on every person's side, and when you open it, you will find a world that is a little more delightful than today.
    In a public place, we set up something special every day as if it were a festival.
    The wall there is always something fun, and when you go there, you can meet someone, feel happy, be a little bit moved, and touch something unique.
    The only thing you can get is to involve and connect with artists and many people.
    We open numerous doors.
    DMOARTS will hold an exhibition of new "three-dimensional" works in the space of My First ART, hoping that something will remain in each of them for a long time, just like reverberations. Original goods for each artist are also in the works.
    Come and discover these up-and-coming young artists.
    ■Participating Artists
    Takahiro Ikeda
    Born in Shiga in 1983, Ikeda graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 2007.
    Ikeda uses decorative abstract imagery to express the allure of sweet and bitter chocolate.
    By using cocoa powder as pigment to bring the texture and color closer to the real thing, he creates delicious works that evoke memories of when anyone has tasted chocolate.
    2011 "choco color" [2kw gallery, Osaka]
    choco taste", [Hyogo/GALLREY 301due].
    Kazuya Kitaura
    Born in Osaka in 1983.
    Completed the three-dimensional sculpture course in the design art major at Osaka University of Arts Junior College of Arts in 2005.
    In 2010, he demolished his atelier "Miyanomae 24," which he had spent four years building on a mountain in Toyonou, Osaka, and relocated to Nishinakajima, Osaka.
    Currently working at the atelier "24 Nakajima".
    He creates kibori works with pop colors and kitschy motifs that coexist with the ruggedness of the wooden carving marks, and that cannot help but make the viewer smile.
    2012 "Sculpture in a clothing store" [BRU NA BOINNE TOKYO, Tokyo
    2011 "Sculpture in a Curry Shop" [Curry&chai little GANESH, Hyogo, Japan 
    Kibori Exhibition, Ban Gallery, Osaka, Japan
    Yoshihiro Sagawa
    1983 Born in Osaka.
    2005 Graduated from Osaka College of Art, Department of Design and Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture.
    He is a literate physical artist who deconstructs letters and words and transforms them into three-dimensional works with great physical seriousness.
    His works stimulate the hot and sad part of everyone's heart.
    2009 "After School After School Exhibition" [Former Rissei Elementary School/Kyoto] Solo exhibition "Motion and Trouble Why" [GALLERY Hane Usagi/Kyoto
    2012 Solo exhibition "orz" [GALLERY wks. / Osaka)
    Naoto Kita
    Born in Kyoto in 1985.
    Graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 2010 with a Master's degree in Metal Crafts.
    He creates three-dimensional works using metal as his main material with a human motif.
    His works are somewhat sad and melodious, and show the hard material of metal in an organic way.
    2009 "KITA NAOTO METAL EXHIBITION" [Gallery Maronie, Kyoto]
    2012 "Adventurers of Beauty" [Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan] "Kizugawa Art" [Kyoto].
     Kazuya Kitaura's Kibori Workshop
    2013.2.11 Monday 13:00-18:00