• Mayumi Terada ‘A Love Letter’

    2015. 2. 25 Wed. - 2015. 3. 10 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, A love letter by Mayumi Terada from 25th of February (Tue) to 10th of March (Tue), 2015.

    Mayumi Terada is an illustrator who works and lives in Osaka.
    She has graduated from Konan University, the department of English language and literature.
    She has passed the digmeout audition in 2006 and started a carrier as an illustrator in earnest since then.
    In 2014, Terada was in charge of a big project by digmeout to decorate a train that loops all around Osaka.
    She designed one of the railway vehicle.
    Nowadays, the communication tool has become simpler and easier compare to the old days.
    The social network services replace the tool to tell somebody love, appreciation and apology.
    Although, a letter was the only tool to tell feeling toward somebody in the old days.
    In this time of exhibition,Terada aims at expressing a feeling of love for a person and shape of love in the letter with an adorable and humorous images.
    It is her pleasure to grin and feel warm by her works from the viewer.
  • Nakamura Mucho Yoshiteru ‘VERY MATCH’

    2015. 2. 04 Wed. - 2015. 2. 24 Tue.

    2015. 2.4 wed.-24tue. DMOARTS
    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, ‘VERY MUTCH’ by Nakamura Mucho Yoshiteru.
    Nakamura is an artist who is enthusiastic about collecting things like stamps, top of a milk bottle and an empty box of the match and so on.
    At this time of the exhibition, he used the match collections as a material of the artworks.
    He also uses vintage T-shirt as a background of the work and he makes collage of animals with those materials.
    He is going to display-sale latest 150 artworks, new designed iPhone case and My First Art Series.
    This exhibition will be impressive and people cannot miss it!
    Please visit us and find your favorite artwork.

    CD cover design for Chikuzen Sato, ‘cross your fingers vo.2’, web illustration of WINGROADXdigmeout JAPAN TOUR, SUPER J-HITS RADIO. (2007)
    A calendar illustration for Hong Kong shopping mall, ‘APM’, SAZABY press, ‘carrying your life vol4’(2004)
    T-shirt design for ‘ARTEE’, a messenger bag design for MSPC (master piece) (2009)
    An undershirt design for GUNZE ‘BODY WILD’ (2010)
  • Kazumi Ozaki, ‘Sprouting’

    2015. 2. 04 Wed. - 2015. 2. 24 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, ‘Sprouting’ by Kazumi Ozaki from 4th of February (Wed) -10th of February (Tue) 2014 on the wall space of DMO ARTS.
    It will open until 10am-8pm on week days, 10am-9pm on Friday and Saturday and on the last day, it closes at 5pm.

    Ozaki was born in Oita prefecture and lives in Osaka.
    She passed the digmeout audition in 2005.
    She participated in a group show in Portland in 2006.
    She actively works as illustrator mainly in Osaka.
    The striking feature of her artwork is to use pretty yet mysterious girl as a main character.
    The girl patronages to create innocent atmosphere in the artwork.
    She used watercolors and mimeograph printing when she debut, but now she uses xylography to creat a deeper worldview of her work.
    She is going to display-sale the latest woodcut printing, please enjoy the early announcement of fresh and green season along the filter of Kazumi Ozaki.
  • eimi exhibition LONELY PLANET

    2015. 1. 21 Wed. - 2015. 2. 03 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, “LONELY PLANET” by eimi from 21st of January to 3rd of February.
    eimi was born in Niigata prefecture and lives in Tokyo.
    She graduated from Tokyo Design Academy, graphic design department.
    She started a carrier as an art supplies salesperson later she became an illustrator.
    She belongs to digmeout and SHIBUYA GIRLS POP.
    She constantly participates in exhibitions, designing advertisement of magazines and make collaboration goods.
    has been used in various fashion magazines such as Zipper, PHP special and Figue.
    The striking features of her artwork is to use pop and colourful colours and use lovable yet pathetic girl who tries to be more mature than what she really is.
    Her artwork gained popularity among young women and they sympathized her life-sized illustration.
    In this time of the exhibition, she represents the dreamland which a girl or young woman has in their heart with full of hope.
    She will display-sale her latest artwork and limited goods such as a postcard, ZINE, iPhone cases and My First Art series.

    We look forward your visit, please enjoy the show.
  • Tomohiro Shimizu EXHIBITION Periodic reports from planet ‘Q’.

    2015. 1. 07 Wed. - 2015. 1. 20 Tue.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, “Periodic reports from planet ‘Q’” by Tomohiro Shimizu from 7th of January to 20th of January 2015.
    Tomohiro Shimizu was born in Iwate prefecture and works in Tokyo.
    He started a carrier as a contemporary oil painter after he graduated from Tokyo University of Arts in 2008.
    The notable features of his artworks is to draw a human with a flatten face and the various scenes of scenery in the background.
    Also, the human in his artwork could be seen as wooden stares and apathy, yet they seems like they are sorrowful and smiling as you keep watching them.
    He is going to exhibit at DMO ARTS after an interval of 3 years of exhibition “murmur zone”.
    This is the valuable opportunity to see his latest painting in Osaka, so please do not miss it.
    As the theme of the painting for me, is to imagine the world view behind the main point of focus while drawing.
    I sometimes screw up and cannot think in my head while producing artworks, but the sight appears when the stain of the paint drooped accidentally.
    After all, I am not the one who creates the artworks, it is may originally brought from white blank canvas.
    Drawing for me is to revive what I seen and came up from the white canvas and I would like you to enjoy my observation report.