• eimi exhibition [-utopia-]

    2016. 7. 06 Wed. - 2016. 7. 19 Tue.

    7/6 (Wed) - 7/19 (Tue)
    ※Doors close on the last day at 6:00pm.
    Reception Party: 7/9 (Sat) 6:00pm
    Please feel free to join us.

    eimi draws young girls in popart style using vivid colors.
    Her illustrations follow the theme “Utopia”.
    Her work centers around the story of a group of girls dreaming of the nostalgic.
    eimi plans to have T-shirts, art books, and more on display.

    A non-existent perfect world has been hiding for awhile. Within the girls, the colors, and summer, please look for the small details that conceal an imaginary world.
    - eimi

    Born in 1986, eimi grew up in Niigata Prefecture and currently resides in Tokyo.
    After graduating from design school, she increased gained experience working as a designer and is currently a free illustrator.
    Women in their teens and 20s have gathered to support these unforgettable and slightly malicious pop-art images of young girls.
    Alongside her work with magazines, books, events, and illustrations for television, eimi has a diverse portfolio which also includes illustrated advertisements and merchandise with Shibuya 109, PARCO, and others.
    Outside of Japan, eimi has exhibited galleries and gathered attention with exhibits in Los Angeles in 2010 as well as in New York, Spain, England, and Hong Kong.
  • Tantan Presents: Shin

    2016. 6. 22 Wed. - 2016. 7. 05 Tue.

    6/22 (Wed) - 7/5 (Tue) ※Doors close on the last day at 6:00pm.
    Reception Party: 7/1 (Fri) 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    Please feel free to join us.

    This is Tantan’s first exhibit held in the Kansai area, called Shin. Tantan is an artist specializing in modern art based in Tokyo.
    Having sold all of her works during last year’s exhibition, she has also gained attention by having special features published in fine art magazines.
    Tantan’s work features rhythmical abstract expression; her paintings will be put on display at the exhibit in Osaka.

    Truth 真, Heart 心, Deep 深, Core 芯, Belief 信, New 新, Progress 進…
    all of these ideas are pronounced ‘Shin’...
    I suppose I am trying to live my life keeping “Shin” in mind.
    My art is a record of the conversations between these concepts and my everyday life.

    Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1977, currently living in Tokyo.
    She started presentations in 1995.
    After working as a Victor Promotional Artist, Tantan studied abroad for a short time in New York and gained experience as a “Geijutsu-ka” or Fine Artist.
    Currently, her pieces center around abstract art including models, literature, music and a variety of other fields.

    2016. 6. 08 Wed. - 2016. 6. 21 Tue.

    6/8 wed.-6/21 tue. (Last day only open until 6:00PM)
    Reception Party: 6/11 sat. 6:00PM

    YUGO is an illustrator well known for his artwork for musicians an in fashion.
    Continuing from last year, he’s holding personal exhibits in Osaka and Tokyo.

    This time, YUGO is using “Music” as a theme.
    The inside of the gallery looks like a live house/record shop, and he will be drawing the story of the youth who gather there.
    Additionally, he will be exhibiting work based off of music from his fans in the music industry.
    Various original goods from his collective works (excluding one part) will be on sale at his personal exhibition.
    Works on display at his two shows in Osaka and Tokyo are also slightly different.
    Please come and enjoy this event filled with music truly beloved by YUGO.

    [Tokyo Exhibit]
    When: 7/18 mon.-7/24 sun. 12:00PM-8:00PM
    Where: kit gallery
    Houei Bldg 2F-A, 2-31-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Illustrator, digmeout artist. Designer for rock bands and musicians.
    Alongside art production for apparel and music events, YUGO also creates illustration for fashion magazines and exhibits a variety of work for the fashion and music world.
  • Mameikeda solo exhibition “Taste of Life”

    2016. 6. 02 Thu. - 2016. 6. 15 Wed.

    We are pleased to announce a solo exhibition by illustrator Mamey Keda at the DMOARTS wall space.
    Mame Ikeda is known for her sizzling food style.
    In this exhibition, the main motif of the works will be familiar landscapes in order to show a new side of the artist.
    We hope you will enjoy Mameykeda's "tasteful" landscapes.
    Illustrator, born in Shimane, Japan
    Completed the 12th Illustration Course at Ekwa Juku
    HB File Competition 2015
    Takayuki Soeda Special Prize
  • Masako Nakahira, solo Exhibition “Piece of Presence”

    2016. 5. 25 Wed. - 2016. 6. 07 Tue.

    Reception Party: 5/28 sat. 6:00PM-
    Masako Nakahira will be presenter her solo exhibition, “Piece of Presence”.
    Masako continues to present her work which uses oil paints as a base to depict various scenery.
    Her first show at DMOARTS in almost two years, she will be exhibiting pieces from her two series, called “Mado” (Window) .
    At this exhibit, Masako will display works from two series, “On the way home” and “Transparent room”.
    The common theme for both of these series is “Windows”. However.
    even though they contain the same windows, there is a big difference between these two works.
    In “On the way home”, the series tears out the existence of only those who live within the windows, and the “Transparent room” series shows the space around and outside of them.

    Windows create a connecting boundary between what is inside and what is outside, and using only these rectangular cutouts, distance and space is created.
    It also feels like the canvas shares the same properties with the world.
    For us, packed tightly in these cramped plots of land, we are able to live completely different lives in these many cut off spaces without interfering with each other.
    However, it could be said that we are doing it together as one singular happiness.
    What I drew was not a dramatic scene or place, and with nothing but scenery around me, that scenery is seen from opposing rectangles, and I feel this picture is something that permeates though everyone’s memories.
    Masako Nakahira
  • buggy’s art show

    2016. 5. 11 Wed. - 2016. 5. 24 Tue.

    5/11 wed.-5/24 tue. (Open until 6PM on the last day)
    Reception Party: 5/14 sat. 6:00PM.
    Please attend.

    Focusing on illustrations for women’s fashion magazines, designs of CD cases and t-shirts, and live painting, buggy has become a hot topic at the center of the fashion and pop culture scene.
    buggy has used his wit to capture onlookers with his rich, unique artwork, creating depictions of fashion designers and supermodels with running bloody noses.
    His first exhibition with DMOARTS in over a year and a half, buggy’s latest work centers around an arrangement of neon tubes.
    We’d like to take a moment to introduce his recent work.

    [PROFILE] buggy
    buggy started his work in magazine advertisement in 2006.
    Alongside creating a facade for “ASOKO” and managing the complete visuals for the “Rock Star Hotel” conceptual hotel, he also participated in group and individual exhibits.
  • 5th Anniversary Exhibition The BEST of DMOARTS 2016

    2016. 4. 20 Wed. - 2016. 5. 10 Tue.

    Reception Party: Thursday, May 5th, 3:00PM to 6:00PM
    Exhibiting Artists:
    Kana Otsuki, Yumiko Kaneda, chiaki kohara, Masako Nakahira, nakamura mucho yoshiteru, Neko Shogun, Mio Matsumoto, Aki Miyajima

    Since its opening in May 2011, DMOARTS have held over 120 exhibitions over the course of five years.
    We are continuing to showcase young artists from Osaka to the world, along with project exhibitions in our gallery, and presenting art fairs in Japan and abroad.
    For our 5th year anniversary, we have selected eight of the most popular artists to present in this season’s pick-up omnibus event.
    In addition to new works on display, we are holding a product exhibition and other events.
    We always appreciate your support!

    Kana Otsuki
    Born in 1984, an author of fine art books and living in Kyoto.
    Presented a personal exhibition three times at DMOARTS, and also participated in art fairs in Japan and internationally.
    She presents works showing modern society, using a statue of a young girl wearing a sailor’s uniform as a motif. She also manages her illustration career, publishing work in “ILLUSTRATION 2016”.
    Presenting work at various exhibits around the world, this fine art author has collected many fans.

    July 2013, “Minna kara no naka+” (From Inside Everyone)
    Oct 2014, “Ribon Tokeru” (Untying Ribbon)
    Aug 2015, “Sora no Kara” (The Sky’s Shell”)

    Yumiko Kaneda
    Born in 1980.
    Graduated from Setsu Modo Seminar in 2007.
    Ms. Kaneda presents objects that everyone knows.
    Stationary, household articles, kitchen tools, food, etc.
    Combining those motifs together, the realistic expressions show the beauty of everyday “things”.
    As an illustrator, she also continues working in books, magazines, and advertisements.

    Nov 2011, “Sonzai” (Existence)
    March 2014, “Kioku” (Memories)

    chiaki kohara
    Born July 7th, 1986.
    chiaki kohara participated in DMOARTS first ever exhibition.
    She has received praise for her highly popular pieces on display at personal exhibitions.
    Using acrylic gesso, buttons and lace, candy packaging and others, she uninhibitedly creates figures of girls with outstretched arms and animals.
    This richly colored view of the world attracts young girls to wonderland.
    She has added her work in a personal exhibit at DMOARTS four times, participated in various domestic and international art fairs, and brings forth fans from all walks of life.

    May 2011, “Gimme a Hug”
    July 2012, “Mammy!”
    Dec 2013, “Kakumei ten” -Things from that time-
    Apr 2015, “Kimi ga, tsuki.”

    Nakahira Masako
    Presenting at this year’s DMOARTS exhibit, and planning to show work at other art fairs.
    Using people and scenery as motifs for her work, even if you can’t clearly see that they are there, Masako paints oil paintings of scenes that easy change and fade in an instant.
    Separated into different series and created from a different themes, her works present themselves in a way that consistently allow the viewer to recall the image and its contents.
    She’s currently presenting her work for a limited time in the heart of Kansai.

    July 2014, “border”

    nakamura mucho yoshiteru
    An artist living in Osaka.
    He creates collages from everyday things used as raw materials.
    Nakamura has given birth to friendly characters using old clothes, matchboxes, and air-mail envelopes.
    His last personal exhibit “VERY MATCH” contained more than 120 pieces of work.
    He is currently focusing his efforts on advertising and exhibitions.

    Feb 2012, “Pen Friend”
    Nov 2013, “ZOO MATCH”
    Feb 2015, “VERY MATCH”

    Using pens and colored pencils, Neko Shogun continues to draw intense animals and insects.
    Gaining popularity from online video sites, she is now on the rise not only in Japan, but in Europe and America as well.
    At her DMOARTS personal exhibition, she presented his entire collection and gained widespread appeal.
    In Sept 2012, she did artwork for Kyosuke Himuro’s new single, and has become a hot topic with her own videos.
    In 2014, she published “ILLUSTRATION MAKING & VISUAL BOOK 猫将軍”, a collection of many of her illustrated works.

    June 2011, “Beasts”
    May 2012, “Nekoixa”
    Nov 2013, “Appetite for Madness”
    Apr 2015, “SHOW AT HIVE”

    Mio Matsumoto
    From Kobe, went to Britain at the age of 20.
    Majored in Communication Art and Design from the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2003.
    While studying, she used everyday observations as her base to develop a sleek and smooth drawing style.
    Working as an illustrator in and out of Japan, she has presented her work at exhibits in both Tokyo and Osaka.
    From her feminine viewpoint, Mio’s stylish and simple expression is her specialty.
    For the group showing this time, she is planning on presenting a painting made from crayon, which is a first for Kansai.

    Feb 2013, “Aphrodite ~spring mischief~”
    Apr 2014 “Nature”

    Aki Miyajima
    Born in Shiga Prefecture, currently living in Tokyo.
    Aki is an illustrator who has experience with advertisements, album covers, book illustrations, and apparel.
    She is a multi-talented female artist who focuses mainly on illustration and drawings.
    Adding to the two personal exhibitions she has shown at DMOARTS, she is also developing for My First ART and other promotional items.

    June 2012, “colorless”
    Oct 2014, “Kioku wo tadoru hodo aimaina,” (As Vague as a Memory on the Way)
  • asianeye presented by UNKNOWN ASIA 2016

    2016. 4. 06 Wed. - 2016. 4. 19 Tue.

    Reception : 9th Apr (Sat) 18:00, please feel free to join us.
    Close 18:00 on 16th Apr.
    Artist for exhibition : Aiwei Foo/act/Enna Yamashiro/Hozuki Kato/Haruna Deguchi/Miyazaki/Rukkit

    Last year Oct, new type art fair “UNKNOWN ASIA” was cooperated to organize by digmeout & ASIAN CREATIVE NETWORK(ACN) at OSAKA CITY PUBLIC HALL in Nakanoshima, 120 units of artists participated from Japan and Asian countries, as record of 6,488 visitors, the event was full of excitement.
    On this year 2016, UNKNOWN ASIA will be organized again application for participants will be started soon.
    For this omnibus exhibition, 6 units of domestic & oversea artists from UNKNOWN ASIA 2015 exhibit their artwork.
    Art unit “act_” are formed by Koji Shiroshita & TACO.

    Miyazaki’s presentation is simple shape and curved line, Spotlights are shinned on Hozuki Kato reviewer prize from Taiwan gallery at UNKNOWN ASIA 2015, although she just graduated university.
    Enna Yamashiro is performing wide range from art design to illustration, Haruna Deguch cherish the warmth of copper-plate etching, her original designed cushions are featured for sales due to winning of UNKNOWN ASIA 2015 DPI prize.
    praised as street artist Rukkit is performing based on Thailand, Bangkok, and Aiwei as image artist of UNKNOWN ASIA 2016 launch her first artworks in Japan.
  • Keta Minami solo exhibition「(e)scapeland」

    2016. 3. 23 Wed. - 2016. 4. 05 Tue.

    We are pleased to announce Keita Minami's solo exhibition "(e)scapeland".
    Keita Minami's diverse artistic activities include original oil pastel drawings of people, animals, and landscapes, as well as digital collages of his own work.
    This is the first solo exhibition in Osaka by the artist who won the Taniguchi Sumihiro Prize at last year's UNKNOWN ASIA.
    Scapeland is a term coined by swapping the before and after of landscape.
    Scape" means ~ landscape, and "land" means land or country.
    Scapeland is a place where strange landscapes come together.
    It is also an "escape land," a land where those who have escaped from somewhere live.
    Keita Minami
    Born in Tokyo in 1981.
    Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar and MJ Illustrations.
    Using mainly oil pastels, she paints a colorful and slightly mysterious world where pop, surrealism, and darkness coexist.
    She also creates digital works by collaging her own drawings on a PC.
    She has created illustrations for magazines, picture books, restaurant menu books, theater flyers, and more. He has had many solo and group exhibitions.
    In 2014, won the Grand Prize at the 15th Note Exhibition and the Silver Prize at the 12th TIS Open Call.
    2015 UNKNOWN ASIA, Juror, Taniguchi Sumihiro Prize; 197th The Choice, Selected; 12th Graphic 1_WALL, Selected, etc.
  • Chika Tanigawa solo exhibition “Winter melting point”

    2016. 3. 09 Wed. - 2016. 3. 22 Tue.

    We are pleased to announce "Winter Melting Point," a solo exhibition by Chika Tanigawa, an artist/illustrator based in the Kansai region.
    In her second solo exhibition at DMOARTS, she depicts a girl with a lonely appearance.
    In her recent works, she has continued to exhibit both in Japan and abroad, broadening her range of expression to include graphical works and works that use more scenic depictions.
    This exhibition focuses on new works that evoke the transition from winter to spring.
    An event will also be held during the exhibition period.
    Please come and see the exhibition as well. [Statement
    "The Melting Point of Winter."
    Things are constantly changing, repeating morning and night without any connection.
    Under the cold night sky, lights are quietly lit.
    Light and shadows sway ambiguously in the field of vision.
    The trees that have not yet blossomed are still preparing their buds.
    Waiting for the snow to melt, I think of the spring that will soon come.
    Chika Tanigawa
    Chika Tanigawa
    Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1986 and currently lives in Osaka Prefecture.
    Graduated from Kobe University, Faculty of Developmental Sciences in 2010.
    In addition to continuing to showcase his work in Japan and abroad, he is active as a freelance artist/illustrator in a wide range of fields, including book illustrations for Shinzo Mitsuda's "Dokono Ie ni Mamono Haibutsu mono iru" (Chuokoron Shinsha) and Luka Inui's "Kiki-en Nankei" (Kobunsha) as well as CD covers for Foxtails Brigade. 
    Recent major solo exhibitions include "Yakusoku" (2015, Osaka, ONDO / Tokyo, GALLERY SPEAK FOR) and "colorful" (2015, Tokyo, POPOTUM).