• Chiaki Kohara solo exhibition – “Grimoire”

    2018. 8. 10 Fri. - 2018. 9. 06 Thu.

    closing at 18:00 at the final day

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce to have the solo exhibition of Chiaki Kohara from August 10th to September 6th at DMOARTS gallery. This solo exhibition entitled “Grimoire”, a book of magic and spells in English, will be filled with fantasy with a bit spice of black magic that Kohara draws. The tiny antique shop like atmosphere will be represented. She will exhibit variety of her works from figures to line drawings in addition to new works for the exhibition. Let’s find out whether the spell on destruction of the world or tips to be happy is being drawn.

    Venue: DMOARTS
    Dates: Friday August 10th to Thursday September 6th
    Time: 10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)

    Reception Party Saturday August 11th during 18:00-21:00 (No reservation is required)
    Kohara appears in the gallery, please feel free to come and enjoy.

    Chiaki Kohara, has very a distinctive style when it comes to painting, one example being her collection of large-eared, stretchy limbed girls accompanied by amusing animals. These pieces are created with variety of materials including acrylic gouache, button, lace, and snacks packages. Her work takes you into a wonderland where every girl has once dreamed of going. She has been awarded on numerous occasions, including having won the Yayoi Kusama choice UNIQLO Creative Award in 2007, and having had her art adorned on the SONY Building in Ginza for the “Canvas @ SONY” Art Wall Exhibition in 2012. She is currently holding exhibitions throughout japan and even overseas, making fans of people from all over the world. Recently, she challenges to performances with fusion of technology and arts.


  • KIWI Exhibition & Limited shop “Renew your eyes -Bathroom-“

    2018. 7. 27 Fri. - 2018. 8. 09 Thu.

    2018.7.27 Fri.-8.9 Thu.
    OPEN 10:00-21:00 (Until 16:00 on the last day only)

    Kyoto fashion brand KIWI and students of Kyoto University of Art and Design's Department of Spatial Design will hold an exhibition and product sales this year again.

    This year's theme, now in its sixth year, is "Bathroom.
    Original products featuring motifs of items found in bathrooms, such as soap, bathrobes, shampoo hats, and faucets, will be on display. The 25 students who created these accessories and other miscellaneous items will be on display.
    In addition, students are responsible for the planning of each product, packaging, display, and all other aspects of the production and sales process.

    A young art student's idea of how to enjoy the present with what we have. We hope you enjoy the "renewal of the senses".

    Renew your eyes
    / Fashion
    / Jewelry
    / Art work
    / Zakka
    / Graphic

    KIWI seminar(Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Spatial Design, 3rd year student)


    2018. 6. 08 Fri. - 2018. 7. 04 Wed.

    2018.6.8 fri. - 7.4 wed. (Until 6:00 p.m. on the last day only)
    Reception Party 6.8 Fri. 18:00-21:00

    This is the fourth consecutive year of a solo exhibition by illustrator YUGO.
    The theme of this exhibition is "Internet and Reality". We will create works of art with a positive and dark approach to our daily lives and values that are dependent on the Internet. Original goods will be sold at the venue along with the original artwork. Following last year, this year's exhibition will travel to three venues in Osaka, Tokyo, and Fukuoka. Some of the exhibited works will be different at each venue. We hope you will enjoy the space at each venue.

    Produced by DMOARTS

    Illustrator and digmeout artist. Currently active in a variety of artwork centered on music and fashion, including providing designs for rock bands/musicians, art production for apparel brands and music events, and illustrations for fashion magazines.

    2018.6.8fri. - 7.4wed.
    Business hours: 10:00-21:00 (until 18:00 on the last day only)
    530-8558 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City LUCUA11007F

    Open 11:00-20:00, closed Thursdays(Until 6:00 p.m. on the last day only)
    150-0001 3F BEAMS Harajuku, 3-24-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Business hours 7:00-20:00
    810-0003 Space Cube 1F, 1-7-11 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

  • Original Drawings Exhibition of “Thank You, Mr. Chikyu”

    2018. 7. 20 Fri. - 2018. 7. 26 Thu.

    2018.7/20 Fri. - 7/26 Thu.
    OPEN 10:00-21:00 (Closes at 6:00 p.m. on the last day only)

    Reception Party 7/20 Fri. 18:00-21:00

    DMOARTS will hold an exhibition of original drawings of the picture book "Thank You, Mr. Chikyu" by Koji Toyoda (Palm Graphics), a well-known artist at DMOARTS. Thank You, Mr. Chikyu" started from the idea of making children, who will be responsible for the future of Japan, more familiar with the importance of protecting the natural environment through the characters (Ecomon) of the earth, sun, moon, stars, air, water, soil, plants, and so on.
    During the exhibition, in addition to the display and sale of Mr. Toyoda's original paintings, picture books and goods will be on sale, and workshops will be held. We look forward to seeing you there.

    *Workshop applications will be accepted until June 25th, see the link below for more details.

  • Konatsu Tani solo exhibition – “ie”

    2018. 7. 05 Thu. - 2018. 7. 19 Thu.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce to have the solo exhibition of Konatsu Tani from July 5th. This is the 1st exhibition at DMOARTS for Tani, the Osaka and Kyoto based illustrator who is active as a professional illustrator.

    Venue: DMOARTS
    Dates: Thursday July 5th to Thursday July 19th
    Time: 10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)

    Reception Party Saturday July 7th 18:00-21:00 (No reservation is required)
    Tani appears in the gallery, please feel free to come and enjoy.

    “ie” is the Esperanto language means “somewhere”.
    And “ie” sounds in Japanese means “home”.
    What she draws by color pencils are all about “some family in somewhere” with no region and era. A story of anonymous and fantastical family in somewhere.

    Konatsu Tani was born in Osaka in 1993. After graduating from Kyoto Seika University, she has been working as an illustrators for both of commission and her own works.


    2018. 7. 06 Fri. - 2018. 7. 08 Sun.

    Preview: 7. 06 Fri.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce to participate ART OSAKA 2018, the biggest art fair focusing on contemporary art gathering 54 galleries over the countries. This year, DMOARTS exhibits 7 young talented artists in 2 rooms.

    Yuma Yamashiro (ROOM 6227)
    Saki Matsumura (ROOM 6217)
    Kenryou Gu (ROOM 6217)
    Ryoki Kurasaki (ROOM 6217)
    Taisuke Kondouh (ROOM 6217)
    Kaya Morishita (ROOM 6217)
    Masaya Daito (ROOM 6217)
    English / Japanese interpretation at the booth of DMOARTS is available.

    Venue: HOTEL GRANVIA OSAKA 26th floor www.granvia-osaka.jp
    Dates: Saturday July 7th – Sunday July 8th
    Time: 11:00 – 20:00 (closing at 19:00 at the final day)
    Admission: 1,500 Yen for 1 day pass
    For more information www.artosaka.jp

  • Atsushi Toyama solo exhibition “An art exhibition in silence”

    2018. 5. 25 Fri. - 2018. 6. 07 Thu.

    DMO ARTS is pleased to announce to have the solo exhibition of Atsushi Toyama solo exhibition from May 27th. This is the 1st exhibition at DMOARTS during his 20 years career as an artist. Toyama is the illustrator based in Tokyo and Kobe who is in active works in books and textile designs. Birds, flowers and plants….. Toyama draws ordinal objects surrounding us with his relaxed touch. Nearly 20 works including new drawing for this exhibition will be exhibited.

    Venue: DMOARTS
    Dates: Friday May 25 to Thursday June 7.
    Time: 10:00 – 21:00 (closing at 18:00 at the final day)

    Reception Party 5/26 Sat. 18:00-21:00 (non reservation)
    Toyama appears in the gallery, please come and enjoy.

    Profile: Atsushi Toyama, the illustrator based in Kobe and Tokyo, have worked for “Birdbook” and “Colored Birdbook”, and other books, posters, CD sleeves, textile designs, window designs and picture books. Besides his commission works, he often produces workshop for kids. He keens in football and his favorite place is Panasonic Stadium Suita.

  • Ai Nagano GLASS Exhibition

    2018. 5. 11 Fri. - 2018. 5. 31 Thu.

    2018.5/11 Fri. - 5/31 Thu.
    OPEN 10:00-21:00 (Closes at 6:00 p.m. on the last day only)

    Writers in the Gallery Day
    5/11 Fri. - 5/13 Sun.

    Glass is blown using a method called "air-blowing," which does not use molds.

    My favorite color, my favorite shape, an accidental shade, an accidental shape.
    Depending on the mood of the moment.
    With the feelings of the moment.
    We are making it.

    Feel free to
    How to use each of them.
    I hope you enjoy it.

    Ai Nagai

    1983 Born in Ibaraki
    2003 Graduate School of Culture and Fashion, Department of Fashion
    2009~gla_gla(Lake Toya, Hokkaido, Glass Studio)become a staff member.

    2012 Daimaru Sapporo Store solo exhibition「What happened today.」
    2014  Daimaru Sapporo Store solo exhibition「parade」
    2015  Daimaru Sapporo Store solo exhibition「magic」
    2015  Daimaru Sapporo Store Participation in Creator's Selection
    2016  Daimaru Sapporo Store solo exhibition「Various colors.」
    2017  Daimaru Sapporo Store solo exhibition「Various things.」

  • Saki Matsumura solo exhibition “SEEING THINGS”

    2018. 5. 11 Fri. - 2018. 5. 24 Thu.

    2018.5/11 Fri. - 5/24 Thu.
    OPEN 10:00-21:00 (Closes at 6:00 p.m. on the last day only)

    Reception Party 5/12 Sat. 18:00-21:00

    We are pleased to present a solo exhibition of Sakiki Matsumura, a young artist living in Kyoto.
    Matsumura is a graduate of Kyoto University of Art and Design, Master of Fine Arts, Painting Area, and has won awards such as "Turner Acrylic Gouache Biennale 2017" and "Tokyo Wonder Seed 2017", and has also participated in "ART OSAKA 2017", which was exhibited from DMOARTS, " ART FAIR SAPPORO 2017", and exhibited at "ART AWARD TOKYO MARUNOUCHI" and "ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO", she is an artist whose activities are attracting increasing attention.

    Matsumura's works are created using painting, silkscreen, and stencil techniques. The graphical composition of the screen, which combines irregular lines and figures, is distinctive and gives a solid impression. By layering several different layers of iconography on the screen, the work intentionally creates a sense of visual distortion. An illusion that harmonizes within the painting, we invite you to view this work.

    Saki Matsumura

    1993 Born in Nagano Prefecture
    2017 M.F.A. in Painting, Kyoto University of Art and Design

    [Main Exhibitions]
    Stars Rising Out of Chaos 2015(Spiral Garden, Tokyo)
    Tourbillon XIII(O Gallery Eyes, Osaka)
    National Taipei University of the Arts x Kyoto University of Art and Design Exchange Exhibition(National Taipei University of the Arts, Taipei)
    Kyoto Zokei University Graduate School Pr.PROJECTS x Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School First Research Laboratory Exchange Exhibition(Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno Campus, Tokyo, Japan)

    Hongik University 70th Anniversary International Exchange Exhibition(Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul)

    Turner Acrylic Gouache Biennial Selected and Awarded Works Exhibition(Turner Gallery, Tokyo)
    Wonder Seed Exhibition(Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo)
    Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduation Exhibition(Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto)
    ART OSAKA 2017(Hotel Granvia Osaka, Osaka)
    Over and over again solo exhibition(SUNDAYCAFE, Tokyo)
    Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi(Marunouchi Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery, Tokyo)
    DEP/ART kyoto Fujii Daimaru show window(Fujii Daimaru, Kyoto)
    Art Fair Sapporo 2017(Cross Hotel Sapporo, Hokkaido)

    ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO(The Museum of Kyoto Annex, Kyoto)

    Encouragement Prize, Graduation Exhibition, Kyoto University of Art and Design, 2014
    Honorable Mention, Turner Acrylic Gouache Biennial
    Wonder Seed, Honorable Mention

  • Lulu Kono solo exhibition「LULU」

    2018. 4. 27 Fri. - 2018. 5. 10 Thu.

    4.27 Fri. - 5.10 Thu.
    (Closes at 6:00 p.m. on the last day only)

    reception party
    5.5 Sat. 18:00-21:00
    The artist will also be at the gallery. Please feel free to visit.

    DMOARTS is pleased to present "LULU", the first solo exhibition of Lulu Kono at DMOARTS.
    Last year, he exhibited at "UNKNOWN ASIA 2017," an international art fair organized and managed by digmeout, and became the first Japanese artist to win the Grand Prix. He is a promising artist who will be active from Osaka to the world.
    This ambitious solo exhibition is named after the artist himself. The gallery will be decorated with colorful artworks in the season of fresh greenery.

    Lulu Kouno

    UNKNOWN ASIA 2017 Grand Prix Award

    Lives in Nagoya, Japan; quit his job in 2015 to travel for an extended period of time.
    After traveling around, I arrived in Mexico and realized that I had spent most of the money in my account.
    There, he negotiated with the hotel owner to see if he could stay for free in exchange for painting on the walls of the inn.
    When I finished painting, I moved on to the next inn, and as I painted on various walls
    He enjoyed it so much that he returned to Japan about a year later, wanting to make painting his career.
    He began his artist career in the spring of 2016.

    Most of my paintings are one-shot drawings without drafts, and I draw them in the hope that they will brighten the viewer's day.
    His goal is to paint in orphanages and institutions for handicapped children around the world and bring joy to the children there.