• Hikari Shimoda solo exhibition: Lonely Hero

    2011. 8. 10 Wed. - 2011. 8. 23 Tue.

    Hikari ShimodaBorn in 1984 in Nagano, Japan.
    After graduating from a 2-year collage, Shimoda studied illustration for 2 years at Aoyama-juku to be a professional illustrator.
    She started her career in 2008 as a contemporary artist.
    Through depicting children, Shimoda reveals the problems inside the people in the society today.
    Based on illustration style which is typical in the Japanese art world, Shimoda's artwork shows the world where cuteness and horror coexist.
    Since she has been active on internet and has created illustrations for book covers, her fans, mainly teenagers and 20s, are all over the world.
    She has held many solo and group exhibitions mainly in Tokyo.
    In April 2011, Shimoda had a solo exhibition at Foley Gallery, New York and had a favorable review.