• Kunie Kanbara solo exhibition: Imaukiyoe

    2011. 11. 02 Wed. - 2011. 11. 15 Tue.

    November 2 (Wed) - 15 (Tue), 2011/11/01The world created by a painter, a carver, and a printer: ukiyoe.
    In the past, everyone was familiar with this Japanese art and its quality surprised the world.
    A painter, a carver, and a printer silently took turns and did our own best. I created artwork remembering women today, living more freely than the ones in the past.
    I hope my ukiyoe reaches to many people. - Kunie Kanbara

    The popular illustrator Kunie Kanbara, basing in Kyoto, has created ukiyoe in collaboration with Takezasado, a woodcut studio which has 120 years of tradition. This collaboration project has its first exhibition at DMO ARTS.
    The illustrations Kunie Kanbara created for this project has been completed as ukiyoe and Kyo-hanga.
    Please enjoy their unique and tastes and features of her artowork.
    We accept pre-order of artwork (each work is edition of 300. 31500 JPY per sheet without frame).
    During the exhibition, My First ART series (giclee print of Kanbara's works, 9800 JPY each) and GUNZE BODYWILD pants are available.

    Kunie Kanbara
    Born in Kyoto.
    As her artwork was featured in a campaign visual of FM802 in 1999, Kanbara started her career as an illustrator.
    She has been creating artwork for book covers, CD jackets, concerts, magazines, department stores, electrical appliances, cosmetic products and apparel brands.
    As she has also been working as a designer at fashion brands, her works are used in various kinds of fields such as fashion, music, and advertisement industries.TakezasadoThe woodcut studio established in 1891.
    Besides producing traditional woodcuts, it creates original products using its woodcut technique.
    It is famous for creating works of Jan Svankmajer. The studio has been holding workshops at museums both in Japan and overseas.
    The works from this Kunie Kanbara project would be timelessly loved Bijinga like the ones of Utamaro Kitagawa or Yumeji Takehisa.

    Artist Talk: What Is Woodcut?Date: Saturday, November 5, 2011 4pm
    Location: Community Salon on the 2nd basement floor, JR Osaka Mitsukoshi IsetanSpeakers: Kunie Kanbara, Kenji Takenaka (Takezasado), Yoshihiro Taniguchi (DMO ARTS)

    Date: Saturday, November 5, 2011 6-8pmEveryone is welcome.