• MADBUNNY EXHIBITION – BYSDNTCRY. sexual after school

    2011. 6. 01 Wed. - 2011. 6. 14 Tue.

    With the sense of speed, MADBUNNY expresses life and death in his photography and drawing which contain both warmness and coldness.
    He mixes mass production techniques, such as screen printing and stencil, into one and only techniques such as sketches and spray painting.
    He is currently living and working in Berlin and London where his artist label BYS DNT CRY. is based in.
    In 2010, he had the world premiere of his art book BYS DNT CRY. at a contemporary art gallery in London.
    He painted over the gallery walls with baby pink and drew a huge vibrator in order to depict the history of Berlin as well as having a photo installation about sex.
    Hundreds of audiences crowded into the gallery in Notting Hill and applauded his artwork.BYS DNT CRY.
    BYS DNT CRY. is the private label of the artist MADBUNNY for publishing his art book and products.
    Items with kitschy taste are produced from his 20 years of experience in graphic and apparel design.
    Every element of each product, from specifications or threads, is original. Each product perfectly fits the body shape of the Japanese.
    Items are on sale only at the shops and galleries in Berlin, London, and Paris (in Japan, they are available only on the official website).
    Most of his exhibitions are held overseas, such as London, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, and so on.
    DMO ARTS will hold an exhibition featuring graphics, photography, and apparel of MADBUNNY whose works are continuously sold out.
    Exclusive products and new items of BYS DNT CRY. will be available at DMO ARTS during the exhibition.
    Don't miss it!