• Madoka Kinoshita solo exhibition: Ignore the Example You Just Saw

    2011. 7. 27 Wed. - 2017. 8. 09 Wed.

    Madoka Kinoshita solo exhibition: Ignore the Example You Just SawJuly 27 (Wed)-August 9 (Tue), 2011 at DMO ARTS
    Since 2003 and 2010, Madoka Kinoshita will have her 3rd solo exhibition at DMO ARTS.

    Since she started painting in acrylics in 2009, her works have been getting attention in Japan and overseas.
    She has made commissions for Hello Kitty and Tezuka Productions.
    In this exhibition at DMO ARTS, Kinoshita's original painting and drawing, as well as GUNZE BODYWILD pants designed by her will be available.
    When she is present at DMO ARTS, she may draw sketches on your personal belongings.

    Madoka KinoshitaBorn in 1980, Kinoshita is an illustrator who depicts girls with big impressive eyes.
    Her works were featured in the art book digmeout04. She was selected for the art project of Keihan group MOVING! KYOBASHI! to create a 40-meter long mural.
    As designing a character for the 10th anniversary of the Kansai Walker magazine or an ATM card for the Resona Bank's art project RESONART, Kinoshita's works have been selected for visual marketing of many companies.
    Since 2009, in addition to her previous style of digital drawing, Kinoshita started to paint in acrylics.
    In the 35th anniversary event of Hello Kitty Three Apples Exhibition held in LA, Kinoshita's works were sold out.
    She also participated in YOUNG ARTISTS JAPAN vol.2 (Ginza, Tokyo) and YOUNG ART TAIPEI (Taiwan), and Art Fair Kyoto 2011 (Kyoto).