• NekoshowguN solo exhibition: Beasts

    2011. 6. 15 Wed. - 2011. 6. 28 Tue.

    at DMO ARTSGot her fame on a Japanese video sharing website, NekoshowguN has been popular both in Japan and Western countries today.
    After an interval of 2 years, she holds a solo exhibition in which she shows her original artwork as well as conducting live painting in the gallery.
    My First ART series and original pants, in collaboration with GUNZE, are also available.
    DMO ARTS will be filled with bizarre atmosphere of NekoshowguN's art for 2 weeks.NekoshowguN: Born in 1982, currently living in Wakayama, Japan.
    Influenced by M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali, she developed her high drawing skill.
    She was one of the selected artists in FM802 Art Audition in 2004.

    [Solo Exhibitions]
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