• Yumiko Kanda solo exhibition: Presence

    2011. 11. 30 Wed. - 2011. 12. 13 Tue.

    November 30 (Wed) - December 13 (Tue), 2011 at DMO ARTSTechnique agreed with strong confidence.
    The beautiful artwork is based on Kanda's careful selection of motifs and depiction of their details.
    I am amazed. - Masayoshi NakajoAccepting the beauty of things in front of me and depicting it.
    Staying in the same atmosphere.
    This solo exhibition is of Yumiko Kanda who skilfully portrays the beauty and the joy of ordinary things in everyday life.
    Envelopes, coins and wood scraps - please rediscover and enjoy the presence of things in your life.

    Yumiko Kanda
    Born in 1980, graduated from the Setsu Mode Seminar.
    Kanda expresses the joy of rediscovering the beauty of ordinary things in everyday life.
    She utilizes gouache and canvas boards.
    She was selected for the art project Canvas@Sony in 2010 and created a 38-meter mural for three times.
    In 2011, she received the Masayoshi Nakajo Award in the HB Gallery Competition.