• Mic*Itaya exhibiiton twinkle

    2012. 12. 12 Wed. - 2012. 12. 25 Tue.

    It is a gift.
    Small and cute things.
    Even if it is not a jewel, it is sparkling and shining.
    Beautiful things.
    Cool stuff.
    Those who can feel that it is precious.
    Everyone is delighted with the gift, the people, the people who watch it, and the people who watch over it.
    Around the circle like Rondo, a new imagination is born.
    A testimony that leads to happy.
    What you want to hug.
    The theme of this exhibition is twinkle.

    It is sometimes wrapped in and carried by those embracing the sparkle of the moment and the warmth of eternity, aware of the feelings that connect people and the small sign that feels in the heart.
    It is a beautiful and charming world of angels and goddesses over the witness of peace and love to the future or from the future.