• mocchi mocchi exhibition SILK SCREEN PRINTING WORKS

    2012. 9. 12 Wed. - 2012. 9. 25 Tue.

    Reception September 15th (Sat) 18: 00-20: 00

    It is a very pleasant event for me to be able to hold a work exhibition of Osaka, mocchi mocchi, that creates a beautiful silkscreen with rare techniques.
    I ordered them to print animals, plants, winds and light as well, casually original prints that pops casually over ridiculous loneliness.
    The person who saw it is sure to have all the lovely works that you would like to take home with you. Please expect it.
    Taniguchi Yoshihiro

    Silk screen printing is a technique of extruding and printing ink with a spatula called a squeegee from between the silk eye (now chemical fiber).
    We have been producing works with this technique.
    Normally, this technique is said to be suitable for flat expressions, but we feel interesting in creating finely complex expressions with silkscreen prints in recent years and incorporating them into the work.
    In order to produce them, after drawing expression on the uneven film with the drawing material called Solid ink, we follow the process of adjusting the time of the photosensitive work to burn the plate.
    We feel the unique charm of prints on the expressions of lines and faces produced through the work.
    This time, we will develop works with the theme of "fascination with complexity and simplicity coexisting" theme.

    Mocchi mocchi
    Mochizuki Sachiko / Junko sisters work on creation.
    Both graduated from Masa Mode Academy of Art.
    We also produce and sell works with silk screen prints, as well as design activities in the field of cloth and interior.
    As recent work, poster design to PYRAMID INTERNATIONAL (UK), rug design to ANGELO TRADING Co (Belgium), wallpaper design to Asahi Corporation, etc.
    We are developing activities both domestically and internationally.