• Yogoto Yoriko Youda exhibition

    2012. 12. 26 Wed. - 2013. 1. 15 Tue.

    Language is a word to celebrate.
    Power lives in words, blessing words bring happiness.
    A good word enters from the eyes, arrives at the lips, and can be launched, from which prayers can be put in one stroke so that a gorgeous year can be opened.
    Continuing from last year, DMOARTS 's New Year's Holiday will hold a work exhibition by Yoriko Youda . Prior to this exhibition, as last year, she dedicated Yoriko Youda to Sumiyoshi Taisha.
    Please enjoy lucky works with auspicious words, calling luck just by decorating them.

    ■ Opening Party December 29 (Sat) 18: 00-20: 00 DMOARTS Anyone can participate