• chiaki kohara “Kakumei Exhibition” -Be the time.-

    2013. 12. 18 Wed. - 2014. 1. 07 Tue.

    The more I check the past, the more uncertain it becomes, and the pure present, which disappears without mercy.
    I started showing my works in exhibitions in 2008, and through my paintings, I have met many people and have been encouraged by many words to move forward in the shimmering and shimmering.
    Dazzling, fragile, and sparkling things. All of it.
    I, chiaki kohara, embracing all of them, want to "wake up Kakumei.
    With the art I create, I want to go to a world "beyond" that even I have never imagined.
    I would like to make it a "kakumei" that takes the people who support me to places they have never seen before, rather than a "kakumei" that I alone create.
    What we will do will be announced at the exhibition.
    Everyone, please lend me your power.
    Let's fly higher and higher together, carrying the "past" that we have encountered and the "future" that is surely beyond our control.
    Now is the time.
    chiaki kohara
    Chiaki Kohara, who has been actively participating in art fairs in Japan and abroad, including Art Fair Tokyo, Art Osaka, and Art Taipei in 2013, will hold his first solo exhibition in a year and a half.
    As the title suggests, Chiaki Kohara says, "I want to make kakumei happen with art." He is currently working on his dream project, which is scheduled for completion in the spring of next year.
    This is a unique attempt to show the progress of the project in an exhibition format.
    At the venue, we will be recruiting members who want to "wake up Kakumei with art" together with Chiaki Kohara.
    An exhibition to share never-before-seen excitement and sparkle.
    Chiacchi, I'm thinking of something great!