• DMO wonder echoes Vol.1

    2013. 1. 30 Wed. - 2013. 2. 19 Tue.

    Art is a rich and great waste, a play that stimulates the imagination, and a universal means of communication.
    There is a door of wonder on every person's side, and when you open it, you will find a world that is a little more delightful than today.
    In a public place, we set up something special every day as if it were a festival.
    The wall there is always something fun, and when you go there, you can meet someone, feel happy, be a little bit moved, and touch something unique.
    The only thing you can get is to involve and connect with artists and many people.
    We open numerous doors.
    DMOARTS will hold an exhibition of new "three-dimensional" works in the space of My First ART, hoping that something will remain in each of them for a long time, just like reverberations. Original goods for each artist are also in the works.
    Come and discover these up-and-coming young artists.
    ■Participating Artists
    Takahiro Ikeda
    Born in Shiga in 1983, Ikeda graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 2007.
    Ikeda uses decorative abstract imagery to express the allure of sweet and bitter chocolate.
    By using cocoa powder as pigment to bring the texture and color closer to the real thing, he creates delicious works that evoke memories of when anyone has tasted chocolate.
    2011 "choco color" [2kw gallery, Osaka]
    choco taste", [Hyogo/GALLREY 301due].
    Kazuya Kitaura
    Born in Osaka in 1983.
    Completed the three-dimensional sculpture course in the design art major at Osaka University of Arts Junior College of Arts in 2005.
    In 2010, he demolished his atelier "Miyanomae 24," which he had spent four years building on a mountain in Toyonou, Osaka, and relocated to Nishinakajima, Osaka.
    Currently working at the atelier "24 Nakajima".
    He creates kibori works with pop colors and kitschy motifs that coexist with the ruggedness of the wooden carving marks, and that cannot help but make the viewer smile.
    2012 "Sculpture in a clothing store" [BRU NA BOINNE TOKYO, Tokyo
    2011 "Sculpture in a Curry Shop" [Curry&chai little GANESH, Hyogo, Japan 
    Kibori Exhibition, Ban Gallery, Osaka, Japan
    Yoshihiro Sagawa
    1983 Born in Osaka.
    2005 Graduated from Osaka College of Art, Department of Design and Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture.
    He is a literate physical artist who deconstructs letters and words and transforms them into three-dimensional works with great physical seriousness.
    His works stimulate the hot and sad part of everyone's heart.
    2009 "After School After School Exhibition" [Former Rissei Elementary School/Kyoto] Solo exhibition "Motion and Trouble Why" [GALLERY Hane Usagi/Kyoto
    2012 Solo exhibition "orz" [GALLERY wks. / Osaka)
    Naoto Kita
    Born in Kyoto in 1985.
    Graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 2010 with a Master's degree in Metal Crafts.
    He creates three-dimensional works using metal as his main material with a human motif.
    His works are somewhat sad and melodious, and show the hard material of metal in an organic way.
    2009 "KITA NAOTO METAL EXHIBITION" [Gallery Maronie, Kyoto]
    2012 "Adventurers of Beauty" [Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan] "Kizugawa Art" [Kyoto].
     Kazuya Kitaura's Kibori Workshop
    2013.2.11 Monday 13:00-18:00