• Extract Me!! Mitsuru Saigusa Exhibition

    2013. 3. 20 Wed. - 2013. 4. 02 Tue.

    Mollusc-like body, tentacle-like eyelashes.
    Artist Mitsuru Saegusa depicts women with supple lines and psychedelic colors.
    Enjoy the stylish artwork created by multiple layers.
    Mitsuru Saigusa
    Passed digmeout audition in 2005.
    Participated in art books and exhibitions in Hong Kong such as "sticker graphics2", "CREAM#5 "MAYTHEFORCEBEWITHYOU" and "Hello Kitty Secret House".
    He has attracted attention in the Asian region.
    2007 "digmeout EXHIBITION" COMPUND GALLERY, Portland
    "SAY NO LIMITS! exhibition", Beijing
    Solo Exhibition "GUM" OFFICE, Tokyo
    2008 "COMPOUND+Grafuck EXHIBITION "Neulovers""
    Solo Exhibition "Chewing Me!" digmeout ART&DINER, Osaka