• Hiroshi Nagai Exhibition SUMMER MADNESS

    2013. 8. 07 Wed. - 2013. 8. 27 Tue.

    Time of about 30 years, but left flow,If you stand in the pool with this familiar, it remains that when you stopped. Wind blowing from the sea also remains of that day.
    Takashi MatsumotoSummer MadnessHiroshi Nagai Exhibition Summer Madness
    2013.8.7wed.-27tue.DMOARTS / digmeout ART & DINER (held simultaneously)

    Monumental work of Japanese City Pop Long Vacation The north and the exhibition is an overview past and present Nagai Hiroshi famous artworkI held simultaneously in the south.
    Original works of masterpiece of the past, of course, junkNewest work with, including the artwork of Fujiyama an exhibition.
    The SoulDJ party talks and events of Nagai's famous as a collector and planning.Kansai.
    Of course fans of yesteryear, but also for young people of Nagai Hiroshi first experience,There is no doubt be a summer to remember.
    Please stay tuned.
    Opening Reception(Sat) 16:00 ~ 18:00 DMOARTS 10 August

    I can join by anyone.
    Talk & DJ party(Sat) 20:00 ~ 26:30 digmeout ART & DINER 10 August
    Cast = Nagai Hiroshi Matsuda Ggakuji, Hibiki TokiwaCharge = 1,500 yen (Plus one drink)

    HIROSHI NAGAI : Born in Tokushima 1947 year of graphic designer
    On a freelance illustrator from 1978 through.
    Illustrations and clear tropicalRation, used a number of ads, posters, the CD jacket or recordEvaluation is very high.
    Album jacket A LONG VACATION of Eiichi Otaki,NIAGARA SONG BOOK, AOR compilation CD breeze seriesIncluding the jacket illustration of such, design, music critic, in FMI develop personality, such as a DJ, a wide range of activities.
    As publications,Picture book A LONG VACATION, HALATION (CBS Sony publication), NIAGARASome SONG BOOK (Shogakukan), art book Time goesby ... (the BUNKASHA).