• Nakamura mucho Yoshiteru exhibition「ZOO MATCH」

    2013. 11. 06 Wed. - 2013. 11. 26 Tue.

    Colorful little animals created by collaging matchboxes.
    More than 150 works of various animals with somewhat friendly and lovable expressions.
    The walls of DMOARTS will be filled with new works by digmeout artist Yoshiteru Nakamura Mucho.
    It is like a small zoo.
    The matchboxes are from old coffee shops, restaurants, snack bars, foreign pubs, and motels, all of which are rarely seen today.
    The retro match labels, each with its own design, are fun!
    All of the collages are one-of-a-kind and will be on display and for sale. Please find your favorite animal and bring it back to your room.
    Nakamura mucho Yoshiteru
    Born in 1978. She creates illustrations and collages on craft paper using pens, colored pencils, crayons, and other materials.
    His works are made from everyday objects such as guitars, cars, straw bags, postage stamps, and milk bottle caps, and they are both thoughtful and heartwarming.
    They are full of joy, as if the curiosity of a young boy who collects his favorite toys has been transformed into a painting.
    Chikuzen Sato "cross your fingers vo.2" CD jacket
    SUPER J-HITS RADIO web illustration (2007)
    Hong Kong shopping mall "APM" calendar illustration
    SAZABY Press "carrying your life vol.4
    KIRIN "Hyoketsu" nylon bag (2008)
    T-shirts on line store "ARTEE" Original T-shirts
    MSPC(master piece) messenger bag (2009)
    GUNZE "BODY WILD" artist collaboration pants
    LOTTE bottle gum "XYITOL"(2010)
    FM802/digmeout calendar(2012)
    <Solo exhibition>「PEN FRIEND」DMOARTS .osakla(2012)
    「FACE」 Cafe nino,osaka? (2009)
    「NISSAN WINGROAD X digmeout JAPAN TOUR 07」contemporary space CERO hiroshima (2007)
    「BED ROOM」 galeria CERO osaka (2007)
    「COLLECT ISSUE」 galeria CERO osaka (2006)
    「at SAATCHI 」( 3 month ) cafe SAATCHI ,kobe (2005)
    「FAB MOOD」 galeriaCERO osaka? (2005)
    「MINIMUMS」 cafe SAATCHI ,kobe (2004)
    「ART SCHOOL」 galeria CERO osaka (2004)
    「BIG HITS」 ( OIL PAINT ) galeria CERO osaka (2003)
    <Group exhibition>「THE BEST OF DMOARTS」DMOARTS (2012)
    「ARTEE SHOW 09」 digmeout ART&DINER (2009)
    「ARTIST EXHIBITION」 galeria CERO / UI atelier? (2008)
    「Xmas ART FAIR」  digmeout ART&DINER osaka (2007)
    「OSAKA INNOCENT BALLADE」Kazuya Taoka x digmeout all stars.digmeoutART&DINER.osaka (2007)
    「COLLECT ISSUE」 galeria CERO osaka (2006)
    「digmeout EXHIBITION 06」 minascapes osaka (2006)