• NekoshowguN exhibition Appetite for Madness

    2013. 11. 27 Wed. - 2013. 12. 17 Tue.

    Opening Party will be held on 30th of Nov (Sat) 18:00-20:00
    Everyone will be welcomed for freeIt has been a year since Nekoshogugun had last exbition in our gallery.
    This time of Nekoshowgun's solo exbition,she has focused on human portrait even she always used animals or insects as artwork model. She drew new portraitsfor this exbition, Appetite for Madness.
    She also will perform live painting for 3 days so, plaese don't miss it!

    The dates for live painting performance will be
    30th, Nov (Sat)13:00-18:00
    8th, Dec (Sun)13:00-18:00
    14th, Dec (Sat)13:00-18:00

    The profile of Nekoshogun -
    Since she started to post her live painting performance on video sharingn website, she gained popularity all over Japanand also in Western countries.
    Her artworks solds out in every exbitions.
    In September, 2012, Nekoshogun been usedfor Kyosuke Komuro's new single CD jacket's artwork and music video.
    This work attracted lot of people. -She belongs to dig me out as an official artist -
    BIRTH : 1982 -
    TOOLS : pencil, charcoals, ink, Mac, Photoshop CS4 -

    2012-・ Wariorrs , Kyosuke Komuro's CD jacket, production of CM animation (Warner Music Japan)・ Book cover design for Dead Man written by Kanji Kawai (Kadokawa Shoten)・ Book cover design for Darkwoods Circus written by Machigerita (PHP lab.)
    2011-・ Animation character and weapon design for LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW (Kadokawa games, grasshopper manifacture)・ Opening illustration for Bowling Revolution P★LEAGUE (BS Nippon Television Network Corporation)

    2011 Solo Exbition Nekoia at Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, DMO ARTS
    2011 Solo Exbition Beats at DMO ARTS
    2009 Solo Exbition DELISIOUS at digmeoutART&DINER
    2008 Solo Dxbition at acrymony(LA)
    2006 Solo Exbition at digmeoutCAFE