• THE POP UP STORE: heteroqrom × YUGO FUJITA

    2013. 9. 18 Wed. - 2013. 10. 01 Tue.

    Reception Party 9.21sat 18:00-20:00

    New brand designer ex. MAISON KITSUNE, Shotaro Aoyama launched a heteroqrom, and the art directorFujita Yugo, will open the POP UP SOTRE.
    Creators of two people will design a novel spatial keyword from the brand of heteroqrom and special sales of collection items such as T-shirts and original work.
    heteroqromBrand name is derived means Eye Color is different in the left and right things like David Bowie heterochromia.
    Heteroqrom the right eye to express the creation of fashion, the left eye is different, such as video and music is, in Tokyo and ParisIn addition to the collection, as well as video and sound track to production every season, designer himself has worked.

    Yogo FujitaBorn in 1985.
    Osaka resident.
    The Designing concerning club events, including art direction of the rock band SISTER JET I deal with a wide range beyond Nwaku, such as genre.
    The solo exhibition at digmeoutART & DINER 2008 and 2009.http://heteroqrom.jp/