2014. 11. 19 Wed. - 2014. 12. 02 Tue.

    19th of November (Wed)-2nd of December (Tue)
    [PLACE] gallery DMO ARTS at Hankyu Umeda SOUQ, 10F

    The letterpress printing had been popularized all over Europe since the middle of 15th century by the invention of Johannes Gutenberg.
    Since then, the letter press printing was prevailed in E.U especially U.K, Germany and Italy and the district were dotted with many printing ateliers.
    In that particularly, U.K accomplished great development in printing technique over the Industrial Revolution.
    In the latest letterpress printing, this skill became one of the representation of art not only as a tool in media.
    There are lot of artists who create artistic printing while following tradition.
    When you look at the pieces of work, you could feel the warmth from hand press and the work entertains you with the unique arrangement of the alphabets, artistic typography and the strong message, all of them are charm of the letterpress and it is guaranteed that the works draw all eyes.
    In this time of exhibition, six talented letterpress artists living in London will participate to display-sale their masterpiece and also the answer-work of ‘What does London mean to you.
    In this theme, we requested to use only four coloures which are Union Jack colour red, blue, white, and black.
    These artists will express the present style of letterpress.
    We are sure that you will be attracted by fascinating works, so please stop by and enjoy!